When Love Meets War/C8 Chapter 8
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When Love Meets War/C8 Chapter 8
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C8 Chapter 8

Andrews POV

Both Christiana and I turned to look at the door. While Christiana had a bland expression on, I was pissed. Before I could ask who it was, my mother spoke from outside. "Why is the door locked!" She exclaimed. "Anyways Andrew, the guests have arrived, come down quickly!" My mother said.

"On it, Mom," I shouted back. I turned to look at a Christiana who showed a sign of worry on her face. She folded her arms across her chest before urging me to go downstairs. "Go down, while i shower... again," she said. Her words didn't sit well with me so I decided to cheer her up.

"Should I join you?" I smirked, silently wishing within me she'd say yes. She smiled then she frowned, then she huffed, "Wouldn't want your mom throwing curses my way, would we?" She chuckled.

My mom hasn't been the nicest to Christiana and that pisses me off. She kept looking for ways to belittle and mock her. She complained constantly, saying Christiana doesn't belong in our family. Comparing her background with other prominent ladies I knew and no matter how much I've cautioned her about it, she doesn't accept.

When I got to the garden, all four of my grandparents were seated. Around them were my five uncles and six aunts with their respective spouses, my fifteen cousins- basically, every relative was seated. We were a very big family.

My family is an extended family making me have so many relatives all across different countries. My mom is from a prominent family, her dad Damien Fernandes is a well known business tycoon in Mexico. Her mother comes from a very wealthy family in Mexico too. Her siblings were all well off people with prestige in the society.

My father's family all migrated from Italy to America, well known for their interest in technology, transportation especially in the sea aspect and fashion.

After the hugs and greetings, I took my seat, patiently waiting for Christiana. While I waited, Rachael introduced her boyfriend to me. He was a year older than her, tall, and was from an average family just like Christiana. The main reason my mom didn't approve of him.

For my mom, she has this belief in her that the rich were meant for the rich so as to contribute to the growth of each party. Her belief was that the poor would go to any means to attain a position beside the prominent ones therefore she hated them and believed their presence was a nuisance.

She muttered her dislike for him and everyone tried acting as if they didn't hear her so as not to make the guy look uncomfortable.

My mother isn't one that hides her dislike for anyone. She was the type to tell you as it is without minding how the feelings of whoever she hurt with her word.

Not too long after, Christiana made her way to the garden. She looked ravishing as usual wearing a halter neck gown with her hair down. My eyes blinked as I stared at her, almost forgetting I was in the midst of everyone as I admired my woman.

Times without number, she captivates my heart as if it's the first time I'm seeing her. Her curly hair bounced as she moved closer and my heart beat rapidly as I stared at her.

She didn't need to do much to get the attention of everyone in the crowd, her aura was everything to me. I stood up and walked to her to bring her close. I held her hands in mine and pecked the back of her hands, not missing the pink that formed on her cheek.

She smelled nice and warm.

When I tried introducing Christiana to the family, my mom interrupted, earning a pissed look from me, my dad, and Rachael. Although we all gave her a warning look, she just couldn't know when to say and not to say words so she muttered and used side remarks at Christiana.

I noticed Christiana tensed from the cold reaction of my mother and I squeezed her hands lightly comforting her. I pulled back a chair for her to sit and as soon as she was seated, u sat down too.

"She looks lovely, is she yours Andrew?" My aunt Emilia asked. She is my mother's younger sister.

The frown on my mother's face did not go unnoticed by me. I rolled my eyes before turning to my aunt with a smile on my face.

"Yes she's mine, my love. The woman of my future children." My mother cleared her throat attempting to cut the conversation short but I was quick to stop her.

"Aunt Emilia, what do you think of her?" I asked my aunt and she smiled.

"She's beautiful. Welcome to the family my dear. What's her name?" My aunt asked.

Christiana smiled, "My name is Christiana. Christiana Bernardo," Christiana replied.

Soon we all began to eat and engage in light conversation. The night was going well as Christiana was starting to fit in slowly.

"Sorry I'm late," a feminine voice said after some time getting the attention of everyone sitting down on the table. I turned my attention to the new speaker who turned out to be Vanessa. I never expected her to come but Vanessa was aware of almost everything that happened in this family.

She greeted the entire family, they knew her since her family and ours were close friends. She came to me and kissed me on the cheek which I wasn't comfortable with and I could see Christiana was uncomfortable with it too. I leaned closer to Christiana and I entwined our fingers to assure her. Christiana rolled her eyes at me and I knew if not that she was in the midst of people, she would have shoved Vanessa off.

When we started talking about the family business, Estella asked for Christiana's opinion. Christiana was about to speak when my mom cut her off.

"She wouldn't know about anything like that, after all, what was your father's work again?" She feigned ignorance.

"... Ah, gardener right?" My mom said sarcastically. She knew that was not it but she wanted to ridicule her. I was about to speak but she cut me off, "Vanessa is going to model for a new brand, right Nessa?" She asked, smiling.

If it's one thing I hate about my mother, it's when she was trying to be shady. I gently stand up making Christiana stand up too. "We would like to be excused now," I told them and walked away before they could speak.

As soon as we were out of sight, Christiana wouldn't even spare me a glance as she walked ahead. I tried getting her to walk slower and talk to me but she wouldn't, she was pissed.

I ran up to her, grabbing her wrist stopping her from walking any further. "Would you please slow down!"

She remained silent, trying to get away from my hold. "I'm sorry, I wasn't planning this night this way okay!" I tried explaining but I couldn't find the perfect word.

"And what do you want me to say?" She huffed. "You lied to me and here I am trying to ignore it all and move forward but it isn't working for me! If only, you didn't hide your identity and revealed your damn self from the start, I would have known what I was in for?!" She exclaimed.

"Do you know what I'm feeling? What I'm going through? Do you know how much it hurts to know that the mother of the man you love doesn't like you? Do you?!" She questioned exasperatedly.

I was speechless, the fact was I didn't know what she was going through and I never really asked. I saw how my mother was and I never did anything.

"I'm sorry!" I whispered. I was hurt seeing her hurt. It bothered me that I couldn't do anything and the fact I saw tears threatening to roll down her cheek churned my stomach.

She scoffed, folding her arms across her chest and looked away. I couldn't help but feel bad. I wanted to speak but she spoke before I could and I listened.

"You know what Andrew, you should have been honest from the start, maybe then... maybe then I'd be prepared. I thought you were like every other man and now it looks as if I am a gold digger after your money!" She spat out.

We both stood opposite each other, none of us attempting to say anything until she excused herself, walked back to the mansion as I stood there watching her retreating steps. We haven't had arguments about family before, but I guess we will now. I heaved a sigh, silently following behind.

The night was ruined, the night I thought was going to be a new start for us. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep properly knowing that she was angry with me.

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