When Love Meets War/C9 Chapter 9
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When Love Meets War/C9 Chapter 9
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C9 Chapter 9

Christiana's POV

It hurts so much to come into a foreign land and feel like the foreigner you are. It hurts to not be accepted by people you expect to make you feel warm. It hurts to feel like you are not worthy, admit hurts so much to be reminded of your background in a way you know it is not.

I feel so hurt, it's ached so much in my heart and my stomach churned. The other problem is Vanessa's presence and how she fits in so quickly. I suddenly wanted to go back home, to be in the arms of my father and forget the pain I felt.

Andrew came into the room, even in the dark I could see his facial expression. He wasn't happy, he opened his mouth to speak but closed it back. He stood by the door, his heads facing the floor while I curled myself. Tears threatened to roll down my cheek but I fought hard against it.

I sniffed a little before laying on the bed, avoiding anymore conversation with him. It hurts so much and I wish this was all a dream.

Four days have passed since Rachael's birthday party, and two days after Andrew began to work in his father's company. The house has been very lonely for me.

Andy explained the reason for his hidden identity and how he wanted to be like an average man struggling for the best. He didn't want the fame given to him, he wanted to earn it. And dating me was that achievement. I swear, it took just a few words from him and I melted under his charms like a candle. Everything was new to me and I found it hard to adjust. I had no idea what it was like dating a rich man and it bothered me more that his mother did not like me.

Andrew in Switzerland seemed different from Andrew in America. I felt a part of him was gone, the Andrew I knew was no longer the same. He joked less, always had a business oriented facial expression on.

Lately we've not been doing much and I felt neglected but shrugged off the feeling so as not to come out as a nagging girlfriend.

But trust me when I say these past few days have not been good to me. Emerald was always trying to make me feel more uncomfortable than I already am. She kept threatening me to leave her son soon or else I won't like the consequences. To be honest, I was scared. She didn't seem like someone to give empty threats.

I didn't tell Andy because I didn't want to cause an argument between his mother and him. So I've been avoiding his mother. I made sure that the only time I got to see her was when we had breakfast together; lunch and dinner were optional.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen to get myself something to drink. I've been bored all day and going over the events from yesterday, we had toured around New York.

It was an amazing tour and sightseeing; living in New York has always been a dream of mine, and to see it with your boyfriend makes it more exciting.

The cups were too high for my 5'3 self to reach. I stretched my legs to get a glass cup from the cupboard but when I grabbed it, the cup slipped.

"Omg!" I panicked.

"What the hell are you doing in my kitchen?!" A voice spoke from behind. Knowing who it was, I slowly turned to face her.

Emerald folded her arms and sneered.

"I wanted to get something to drink," I tell her, trying to keep my cool.

"And you think, this is your ordinary kitchen where you can just come and do as you please?" She questioned obnoxiously. The way she spoke made me so mad. What have I done for her to treat me this way?

"It's a kitchen, isn't it?" I asked playfully.

"A kitchen I'm sure is bigger than your entire house back in...," She trailed. "Switzerland, was it?" She added with a smug grin.

This is the farthest she has gone. If she wasn't Andy's mother, I would have walked out. I couldn't even find the right words because at any minute I would cry, I was such a cry baby!

"I guess you're right," I told her and walked away before she could mock me again.

I wanted to call Andrew but I wouldn't want to disturb him since he hasn't called all day which means he's busy; I want to walk around but I'm not really familiar with New York.

An hour has passed now and there was no one around. This was the disadvantage of staying in a big mansion. It's like an eerie graveyard.

I heard my phone ringing and hurriedly picked it up from the nightstand believing it was Andy; I didn't look at the caller ID.


"Christiana Rose Bernardo! Guess who's in America?!" A familiar voice spoke.

It wasn't Andy.

"Hey John," I greeted dryly.

"What's wrong, you don't seem happy? Don't tell me Andy hurt you? Or were you expecting his call instead of mine?" He teased.

"Sorta... wait really!" It occurred to me he said America. "You're in America! Seriously? Where are you now?" I was amazed that he came. John and I have been childhood friends. He was like a brother to me.

"I just arrived at the airport and I need someone to pick me up, your crazy boyfriend said he'd pick me up but I can't find him. So I decided to call you to see if you were with him," he explains.

"Andy knows you are in America?" I asked.

"He didn't tell you?" He questioned back.

"No, is there something I should know?" I asked him.

"He offered me a job in his father's company and a place to stay," he explained.

So this means John knew Andy's real identity and kept it all from me.

I assured John, I would let Andy know he was around but firstly he should order an Uber and go to Andy's Father's company first.

After a long conversation with him, I walked downstairs to find Rachael in the sitting room typing something on her phone.

"Hey," I greeted.

"Hey," she greeted back smiling.

Rachael was indeed a beautiful girl. She had welcomed me with open arms, unlike her mother. In less than the week I've known her, she's been nothing but free and open about herself. I was about to ask her how she was doing when I was interrupted.

We engaged in random talks and I got to know we had the same interest in tv series and dramas too. "You love k dramas?" I asked her.

"I love them a lot. I follow almost all their celebrities on social media. I love Ji chang wook, Lee min ho, park min young and Gianna him," Crystal said.

"They are my favs too but I also love park shin hye, you know her?" I asked her.

She nodded her head, "Of course. The actress of pinocchio syndrome, heart string and the heirs."

"You want c dramas too?" I asked her.

"I literally watch almost all asian dramas. I literally watch anything interesting," she said and we both laughed at the comment.

"Do you follow legacies?" I asked her.

"Yes I do and all america."

"We have so much in common. I want to start watching power but I've not been too chanced lately. You know you brother was never a fan of TV series except action movies, so one day I made him watch an episode of all American and he fell in love with it."

"My brother is so sweet. I'm surprised you were able to convince him. Once Andrew set his mind to something, it's hard to convince him." She said.

Our little chat was interrupted by the presence of Emerald. My mood got ruined instantly knowing she was just going to say mean words to me and make me feel irrelevant.

"What do you say about these photos Rachie? Don't Andrew and Nessa look so good together?" Emerald asked Rachael as she passed her the magazine.

I took a look at the image on the front and was really pissed off. Was this the reason he didn't chat me up? Was this the reason he didn't call?

He was shirtless, wearing only his pants and flaunting his hard chest. While Vanessa's arms were around him... she was in a bra and shorts. Do you know how much it hurts to see your boyfriend with his first love and ex in a magazine? My chest tightened while Emerald had a knowing smile on. She definitely did this on purpose.

"Where did they do this and what is the purpose of the photoshoot?" Rachael asked her mother.

I didn't want to hear her excuse so I just stormed off.

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