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C2 Chapter 2

White Lake High is a savage school. Its the place you go if you want to be glared at every step you make, laughed at for the steps you do not make and bullied for being yourself. This school was created for stereotypes by stereotypes. You had the jocks, the cheerleaders, the nerds, the popular kids (who insisted that everyone called them 'the golden ones'), the bad boys, the film geeks, you name it they were all here.

I see all that from just walking to my locker. As I open it I come face to face with a locker full of....... emptiness, you see every since freshman year when someone stole my homework I have never use this locker. I close it and start making my way to my class.

Which happen to be English with Mr Crews, and no its not Terry Crews brother though I wish it was. Seriously its like the guy purposely hates me, its like this he never comes to class and when he does he always have a pop quiz up his sleeve and who always fail me, its like he doesn't want me to a straight A student.

Even though I am just scoring B's at the moment.

"Who do you think you are texting my future boyfriend like that," I hear a high pitch, very annoying, voice yell from down the corridor, where a small crowd was starting to form.

As I walk closer I realized that the person who said that was Angela Roberts, queen bee of White Lake High School. She was Barbie's twin sister if you know what I mean. Though she was more like Barbie's evil, stupid twin. Ever since the mysterious guy appeared she has been calling him her future boyfriend. She was arguing with Melanie Green, head cheerleader of the cheerleading team, who was currently dating the golden boy, Kyle Summers.

"Um, I don't see your name written on him," Melanie replied sneakily.

I watch amusingly as Angela lunge at Melanie and goes straight for her hair. Everyone pulls out their phone and start videoing the two girls who are currently pulling each other's hair out. Within moments I find my self laughing my head off until I hear someone clear their throat.

As I turn around I realize that everyone is staring at me. The principal looks at me skeptically and glanced at the dean who is glaring at me from her position beside him.

"Detention," she yelled pointing an accusing finger at me. And did I mention everyone was filming this it was so going to go viral but with not as much likes as the mystery guy I have grown to hate.

I open my mouth to defend myself but she raised a hand, silencing me. I closed my mouth and look to the principal who was swatting at something over his head he suddenly stopped and ran to his office.

I didn't even know why I was even looking towards him for help when he was the one who needed help.

The dean suddenly rushed towards the two girls rubbing their backs soothingly and leading them to her office. Wow, she gives the girls who were fighting back rubs and me detention for laughing at too bimbos who were fighting over a guy who they didn't even know it was just so unfair.

I huffed angrily and pushed my way through the crowd making my way to my class.

Whoever that guy in the video was, I was going to find him and beat him sense less for making my life this difficult.


"The water boy is sick so you will be filling in for him," said the coach throwing a towel at me.

Today was the big soccer game of my school against their rival. The water dragons were going up against the fire drakons, cliché right, I know. Turns out my detention is to hand water out to the guys on the soccer team which wasn't a problem because they never drink the water provided for them. So it wasn't all that bad but the thing was tonight. I had planned to just Netflix and chill with a bowl of chips and my pillow. But no I had to go to this silly game. I didn't even like soccer, it required too much energy.

I stare at the towel in my hand confused. "For the fire drakons," the coach continued before walking into the locker room. I turned around shocked ready to object but was stopped as a door was slammed in my face.

It's like all these people hated me for reasons that were beyond me and they also never ever give me the chance to defend myself.

Frustrated I threw the towel to the floor and walk out of the room and towards the field. It was a full house tonight, both sides were full.

Then again who could blame them this was the game of the season. As I walked out of the coach's office and glance up at the stands behind me I saw a uniform layer of blue and white. It was the colour of my school. The crowd was chattering among themselves excitedly. I shook my head looked straight ahead. The colour of the fire drakons were black and red. The students of Black Pond High School held posters and wore printed shirts with their players head on it with red jackets on.

As I walked across the field towards them I was so happy I decided to wear a plain white t shirt and black ripped jeans instead of my school shirt like my mom wanted me to. Some of the students turned to look at the girl who was walking from the side of the enemy.

I inhaled deeply and walked towards an empty bench reserved for the players. I was 5 feet away from it when a brunette suddenly appeared in front of me.

"Who are you and what are you doing on our side of the field," she said coldly staring at me with dark eyes.

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