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C3 Chapter 3

I should probably leave town and move to a new country because this place literally hates me. Everyday is a bad day, every moment is just hell, every good thing is somehow turned into a bad thing. Ugh, I hate people. More specifically I hate DIMPLES. I don't even know why I'm here since tomorrow I'm probably going to get another detention again. This was beyond infuriating.

I glanced at the cheerleader in front of me, I bet she has the perfect life, perfect boyfriend, perfect house, popularity, everything. Why am I even mad at her, its not like she hates me for no reason.

"Your school's waterboy is sick so I'm here to fill in for him," I replied softly to her question.

She stares at me with a hard stare for a while, she snaps her fingers and turned to her minions.

"Boujee," I whisper softly under my breath.

I glance behind me to see my school's cheerleading team warming up opposite of where I was standing. They were deliberately leaning over and flashing their underwear to the crowd. Attention seeking hoes, I thought to my self. Ugh, they were the reason why I am never going to be allowed to go to any stupid school party. Fake bitches.

"Harsh," an amused voice brought my out of my thoughts. I flinched when I realized that I said that out loud then shrugged.

"They don't exactly like me, so," I said glancing at the cheerleader.

"Anyways since you apparently don't need me, I'm just going to go listen some music somewhere until all this is over, Chao," I said walking in the direction of the exit.

"I didn't say that we didn't need you, we're just not letting you near the cooler," she called after me, I paused.

"OK," I replied walking to a bench far away from the cooler. I sat down and sighed, slipping my earphones into my ears.

The sound of Bebe Rexha_No Broken Hearts starts playing. Why do I do this to myself? Complete one set of detention only to have another set thrown at me. Now that I think about coming here today makes no sense. I'm just going to get another one tomorrow and the day after that and it goes on, an endless cycle. I wonder if I disappeared for a week they'd realized. Hmm, I could say that I'm on a vacation but instead I'd be in my room watching Riverdale and eating chocolate. A smile formed on my face. Or I could just pretend to be sick, nah that wouldn't work, mom would never let me stay at home.

My smile dropped and I sighed as the soccer players ran unto the field. The fire drakons were definitely going to win. They had the body and the gracefulness, did I mention the body. I would love to meet their trainer. I straightened my back as looked for the fire drakons captain, I hope he is hotter than my celebrity crush. I caught a glimpse of green but a red and black skirt suddenly blocked my vision. I took out my earphones.

"She is such a bitch," the cheerleader from before said angrily. She slammed her ass onto the bench beside me and my eyes widened. Calm down, Kelly, she is not about to turn into an actual phoenix and burst into flames and take you with her.

"I mean all I did was say that I liked her hair and she snapped at me," she said frustrated and staring at me in the eye.

My body tense and stared back at her. I have never been in this kind of situation before.

"Ugh, I've had people say mean things to me for no reason before," I said hesitantly to her.

"Really," she said calmly, too calmly.

"Yes," I replied cautiously, watching her carefully. She hummed and then smiled.

"I'm Frost," she said gleefully, extending a long tan arm towards me.

She must be on her period, I could relate. I've had my own moody episodes as well. I shake her hand and give her a small smile.

"Kelly," I replied releasing her hand.

"So Kelly, why are sitting behind enemy lines," she asked watching the soccer game that had already began.

"Detention," I replied lazily.

"What did you do, study too hard," she teased. I rolled my eyes and glance at the bleachers. I was about to answer when she suddenly jumped to her feet.

"GO FIRE DRAKONS," she yelled causing me to flinch.

"Warn me next time," I said to her as she sat back down. She giggled.

"I laughed at two girls who were fighting each other over a boy they don't know," I said softly to her. Her head snapped in my direction and she stared at me with wide eyes. She probably thinks I'm a freak now.

"For laughing, that's absurd, has Angela finally managed to brainwash everyone," Frost said shaking her head.

"You have no idea," I muttered in response.

The sound of a whistle was heard signaling the end of the first half of the match. Just because I didn't like it, didn't mean that I didn't watch it with my hyperactive uncle in law. My attention turned towards the field just in time to see a lean figure dressed in red and black walking towards me. To say he was hot would be an understatement this chico was smoking and was about to erupt in flames. Somebody call the fire station or better yet give me the fire extinguisher and I'll blow him out. BELLA, get your head out of the gutter.

A deep chuckle left his lips and my heart jumped a hurdle. He sat on the bench beside Frost, who seemed to be unaffected by his presents.

"Sis, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend," his deep voice was so intoxicating.

My hungry eyes watched him as he took a sip of his Gatorade and his Adam's apple bobbed. OK, don't think about it, Bella.

"No, the last friend I introduced you to, you told her she looked like a carrot, right after you slept with her," she said accusingly, she clenched her jaw and glared at him.

How could she glare at such a hot mess?

"It was the truth," was all he said before our eyes met.

Unlike his sister who had dark brown eyes, he had the most gorgeous emerald eyes, I'd ever seen. He tapped his sister on the shoulder then went back to the field. Wrong move, don't look at his ass, Bella but I was already staring at it. I gulped and glanced at Frost, who was staring at me with a knowing look. Shit, did I mention he had a green ban around his thick biceps. Definitely hotter than my celebrity crush. Dios Mio.

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