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C4 Chapter 4

I wonder if he has a girlfriend. No, dummy, he is a player. Players don't have girlfriends but he is hot. I bet he has all the girls at his school blushing and wearing super short skirts just to get his attention. Then when they do, he plays with them like a cat plays with their food and then he uses them and throws them out like garbage.

"Ay, dios mio, I need friends," I said coming to a conclusion that I was in my head too much.

I sighed and rollover in my bed and stare at the clock. 1:30am, in three hours Raphael was going to knock on my door and drag me out of my bed to go running with him. The only problem was I'm sure he will be the one running from me when I start moving like the walking dead.

I grab my phone from the nightstand. I furrowed my brows when I realized that I had no notification. I looked at the back of the phone and saw a unicorn sticker on the back. Wrong phone, OK. I turn and reach a hand under my pillow and pulled out my other phone. The one with the red rose.

I laid on my back, scrolling through my Instagram notifications. I was scrolling through them when a particular one caught my eye.

ANGELROBHEART55- started following you.

ANGELROBHEART55- liked your photo.

Photo, more like photos. Do I have a stalker or something. Another notification pops up. Did someone just message me this early in the morning. One look at the message caused me to erupt in laughter. It was from Angela Roberts, Queen Bee of White Lake High. OMG, this is unbelievable. I sat up straight in my bed and glanced at the carpet. My eyes met the familiar feline ones of my cat, Gucci.

"Gucci, listen this: hi, I'm Angela Roberts. I don't know if you've heard of me I'm kinda like your biggest fan. I was just wondering if you could like follow me back but like only if you want to. Please," I read aloud to my cat doing my best impression of Angela. I chuckled when I saw Gucci blinked at me then went back to sleep.

"Oh my God, I'm so going crazy but this so damn funny. Gucci, wake up and talk to me," I said laughing like hyena. I wonder what Angela would do if texted back lol, she'd probably die. I peaked over the edge of the bed and glanced at my cat who was laying in a ball on the floor.

"I should send her a laughing cat," I whispered quietly, my eyes turn towards the door to see Kat standing in the doorway, staring at me like I'm a mad woman.

"Oh, hey Kat," I greeted with a grin, leaning my head on my hand. She blinked at me cautiously then slowly entered the room.

"Why were laughing like a hyena," she asked climbing into my Queen size bed and getting under the covers.

"First of all, rude and I wasn't laughing like a hyena. Do you even know what a hyena sounds? They sound like a wicked witch, you know the ones who fly on broomsticks and are like hehehe when they steal little children who are roaming the hallways at night," I replied raising my voice slightly.

Kat was about to object when two short figures dashed into the room and under the covers. I giggled at my younger cousins and pulled the covers off them. Justin and Kyle could easily be twins. They had the same nose, face, hair. The only thing that was different about them were their eyes. Justin had brown eyes while Kyle had his grandmother's blue eyes.

"We don't want to be stolen by witches," they both yelled simultaneously. Gosh, they even act like twins.

Kat and I shushed them and Justin whispered it softly this time. Kyle hit him above the head and you would never guess what happened, the started fighting. I rolled my eyes and walked towards the door. I closed it softly and glanced at the kids. I narrowed my eyes at Kat who had my phone in her hand.

She better not reply to that text.

"I think I should go open the window so the witch can have an escape route for when she kidnaps you two for fighting," I started, pointing at the two boys who had stopped hitting each other to listen to me.

"And you for going through my phone," I said taking my phone from Kat's hands. She shrugged.

"Witches aren't real," she said crossing her arms. The boys eyes widened as she said the word. I turned to her and gave her my thinking face.

"Hmm, I'll guess you'll be the first to find out," I said cryptically.

I glanced at my phone and my eyes widened.

"Are these people for real just because I didn't send some thirsty comment about this stupid video, I'm a hypocrite," I yell at my phone reading a comment some puta said about me. Ugh, so not only is he ruining my sad boring life, he is also ruining my happy famous life.

Since you’re probably wondering, yes, I was living a double life. In the mundane world, I was Kelly McHale: loser/ girl that everyone hates but in the social world, I was Isabella McHale: popular, rich, classy, has a fashion sense, and well everything that’s boujee. Everyone knows my name but no one knows it’s me. Because I’m a nobody by day and a celebrity by night. That used to be loved by everybody but that’s changing isn’t.

I clenched my jaw and slammed my head onto my pillow. I screamed into it frustrated.

"Are you OK," Kat asked skeptically poking my shoulder, when I didn't answer she took the boys back to their rooms and went to bed. I sighed at the silence and succumbed to the darkness.

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