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C5 Chapter 5

I hate high school. I hate people. Yeah, I know hate is a strong word and that I have been using it a lot lately but right now I feel like I could breathe fire if I really wanted to. Yes, you've probably guessed it but your girl, yours truly, was not having a good day nor was I having a bad day either. No, it was a freaking horror show and I was the dude with the chainsaw. I was sick and tired of being blamed for stuff that I didn't do.

Suddenly my right shoulder is being forcefully pushed back. I bring my right foot back to steady myself and glare at the person who just walked right into me.

"Watch it punk," the stupid guy said eyeing my oversized hoodie and skinny jeans.

I clenched my jaw and glance at his phone which he was USING when HE bumped into me. On his screen was a video of 'DIMPLES' with 1 million views. I don't even know what came over me but the next thing I know I'm grabbing the guys phone and slamming it on the pavement. I froze as I stared at the shattered phone.


My legs got the information before my mind did. Behind me I could hear the guy yelling incoherent words that I wasn't really paying attention to. After a few minutes of running the yelling stopped and I dashed into a diner. I pause at the door suddenly getting a few odd looks. I unzipped my hoodie and tied it around my waist exposing a gray off the shoulder crop top. I fluffed my dark curly hair and found an empty booth near the back of the diner.

I should really stop letting that 'Dimples' guy get to me. I didn't even know what caused me to smash that guy's phone in the first place. For all I know he could have just been scrolling through Instagram like anybody else. Ugh.

"Dios mio," I moaned, massaging my head.

"Ugh, can I get you anything," a smooth voice asked.

"Vodka would be nice," I answered slowly raising my head, my curls blocking my vision. I brushed them aside and froze when I saw who was standing in front of me.

"I didn't know that Jason Momoa had a son," the words flew from my mouth before I could swallow them.

The gentleman with the beautiful eyes chuckled and shook his head.

"I didn't either. Aren't you a little too young to be drinking," he asked crossing his arms causing them to look bigger. The corners of his lip twitched.

"Aren't you a little too old to be flirting with a teenager," I retorted staring at him. Who am I?

A deep chuckle left his lips and he straightened. "OK, fair enough, now would you like to order something," he said a little serious this time.

"Aye, cap," I replied as I picked up the menu and pretended to go through it. I hummed softly then smiled.

"I would like a milkshake de chocolate, mmm fries and a beer," I order with a cheeky smile.

The hot waiter shook his head and walked away. Don't you dare look at that ass, Bella. I sighed and glanced at the empty seat in front of me. Maybe I'm bipolar, nope, not likely I'm still pissed. Now that I actually think about it I've been pissed a lot lately. I should ask Aunty, she is a therapist. Imma ask her.

"Hi,” a voice said and Frost appeared in front of me. An arm suddenly appeared around my shoulder. I glance at the owner and my eyes met the green ones of a guy that I had pushed to the back of my mind because I was afraid that I might stalk him on Instagram.

"I didn't know you visited this part of town," she said staring at me confused. I froze and glance around for a minute. Did I run to Black Pond from White Lake? OMG, Raphael is going to freak when I tell him about this.

"I needed a change of scenery, I think," I replied just as confused as her.

My waiter came back and placed my chocolate milkshake and fries in front of me. He glanced at the green eyed beauty beside me and then at Frost and her dark skin friend who I didn't notice from before. They all stared, I mean glared at each other while I took a sip of my chocolate milkshake and giggled softly.

Frost's brother glanced at me confused. The waiter bit his pink lips, trying to hide his smile. The motherchucker put the vodka in the milkshake. Oh My Lord, I didn't think he'd take me seriously. He cleared his throat and turned to the others.

"Your usual," he asked in his serious tone. Frost was about to say something but her brother spoke before her.

"No we're fine," he said tensely, his thick arms tightened around my shoulders. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach and I giggled again.

My hot waiter nodded and turned to leave.

"Bye Jason," I called after him. My eyes trailing down his muscular back and to his sexy ass. Suddenly a hand appears in front of my face and my head snaps to the owner of the hand.

"Hey," I protested.

"Don't hey me, at the rate you were shamelessly staring at his ass, I could have sworn grandma over there was going to call the cops," he scold. I rolled my eyes.

"The only reason she would call the cops is because she wanted a piece of that ass," I muttered to myself playing with the straw in my milkshake.

"As adorable watching you to bicker is, we need to get down to business," Frost said. I hummed in response, taking a sip of my drink.

"Henry here, is throwing a party tomorrow and we want you to come," she said, pointing towards the guy who was sitting beside her.

I slapped her brother on the hand when he tries to touch one of my curls. I don't even know his name and he is this clingy. Was Frost sure he was a player? He raised a brow at me then ate one of my fries. Let it go, Bella.

"Kelly," Frost called, I snapped my head in her direction.

"I'll have to ask my mom first," I replied instantly.

"Why do you want me at your party anyways," I asked curiously and yes I was perfectly aware of the saying but I wasn't Kat.

"Well because you helped out Frost and your words actually worked, you calmed her down," Henry answered this time. He smiled, showing the most adorable thing ever, dimples. Note the sarcasm. I glanced at Frost to see her staring at me with a genuine and grateful smile. I blinked and turned to her brother who suddenly placed his head on my shoulder.

"Please," he begged. I chuckled softly, shaking my head. Why were these people talking to me?!

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