When Lu Mubai spoke, she really didn't dare to move.

However ?

"Mr Lu, let go of me ?"

She felt very uncomfortable.

"What's wrong?" The man looked up slightly, his tone slightly sexy and lazy, "I can't even hug you?"

"No ?"

But, that was strange.

Jian Xin didn't dare to complain, so she could only sit there obediently. The man's breath flowed into her cochlea unintentionally, causing her face to turn completely red.

She was small to begin with, and now that she was half paralyzed in Lu Mubai's arms, she looked like a little kitten that followed his fur.

Lu Mubai pursed his lips, a lot of evil thoughts appearing in his half-drunk eyes.

He picked up the girl and she hugged him in fear. Her large, timid and docile eyes glistened with tears.

Damn it!

Without much time to react, he flipped over and threw the girl into the bed!

Jane blinked her eyes in shock. "Mister Lu!"

"Don't move, sleep."

The man hugged her with his eyes closed. His breathing was calm and disorderly. Jane Xin struggled a few times, but fell deeper and deeper into his embrace.

"I'm tired. I feel dizzy from drinking, so don't make a fuss."


Jane Xin pushed a few more times, but Lu Mubai grabbed her hands and stopped her.

"Little girl, if you don't behave, you will be kicked out, do you understand?"

His tone was warning and extremely displeased.

Jane dared not move, "Mister Lu, I will behave."

She could not be thrown out. She had nowhere else to go, so she could only borrow a place to stay for the time being and work hard to find a good job after graduation.

She had no right to be willful.

But the man's breath was on her head, and she wanted to run.

But she was in his arms, her hands in his palms.

Jane could only convince herself that he was just too drunk and wanted to rest.

After countless times of self-hypnosis, she had unknowingly fallen asleep.

The man opened his eyes and looked at the well-behaved girl in his embrace. Then, he turned off the lamp with a raise of his hand.

Under the dim light, the girl's bright face glowed slightly. He lowered his head and approached ?

A kiss on her lips.

Really ? Delicious.

When Jane woke up, there was no one by her side.

After washing his face and rinsing his mouth, he went downstairs. Lu Mubai still hadn't gone to the company yet. He was currently reading a newspaper and had changed into a smoke-colored casual home attire. He looked refreshed.

"Mister Lu." Jane whispered.

Then, with a blush on his face, he passed by him from behind, intending to eat breakfast. Lu Mubai placed the newspaper down, "Come, I have something to say."

Jane stopped and turned to move in front of him.

The man naturally noticed her distance and frowned slightly. "Stand closer."

She took another half step.

Mr Lu, what business do you have with me? "

Lu Mubai's eyes remained cold, "How have you been recently?"

"It's pretty good."


Jane could not understand what he wanted to ask. She simply nodded and said, "It's pretty good."

"Is that so?" The man's eyes were squinted, making it difficult to guess.

Even Jane herself could not confirm it, "Yes ?"

The man didn't say anything else. He got up and was about to leave when Jane Xin suddenly remembered something she wanted to mention. She hurriedly followed him and said, "Mr Lu, I want to stay in school!"

Hearing this, the man suddenly stopped.

After a while, his voice became extremely cold, "Residence?"

"En!" Jane explained, "College self-study late at night, I think it would be more convenient to stay."

However, she didn't have any money, and she needed his help with the cost of living and food.


Unexpectedly, the man coldly said two words and left in a fit of rage.

Jian Xin was stupefied.

Did she say something wrong?

Or did he do something to make him unhappy?

But clearly ? The situation was so strange last night, she was still very obedient.

It was a real pain in the ass.

"Uncle Lu, has Mister Lu always been like this?" As she ate her breakfast, she complained, "Her temper is weird and scary."

Old Lu sighed, looked at the girl's face, and said nothing more.

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