Having not slept well last night, Jane Xin went to school early in the morning with a panda eye.

Huo Jingtian rushed over and asked, "Where have you been these past few days?"

Jane was very sleepy as she leaned against the table. "What does that have to do with you?"

"Do you know that I was worried about you? I almost went to your house to find you!"

Jian Xin covered her ears as she didn't want to hear his words. Huo Jingtian sat down beside her and stared at her face, "Why are you so haggard? "I heard that someone from class five bullied you. Is that true?"

Jane sighed and begged, "Can you let me lie down for a while? I'm really sleepy. "

"Good, good, good."

Huo Jingtian supported himself with his chin as he accompanied her. The girl looked so cute even when she was sleeping. She was truly beautiful.

At the end of the class, the classroom was in an uproar.

Huo Jingtian was enraged, "What are you arguing about!? I didn't see Jane Xin sleeping! "

After roaring, he immediately covered his mouth and shushed himself before obediently sitting down to guard by the side.

Soon, it was the next class, the homeroom teacher's language class.

When Wang Cheng came in, the class was eerily quiet. He saw that Jane Xin was sleeping soundly on the table, and the seat beside her was occupied by Huo Jingtian.

Wang Cheng was exasperated.

It had been hard to get Huo Jingtian to do anything, but now there was a simple explanation. It just so happened that these two people were a little tricky.

He couldn't afford to offend any of them.

In a single lesson, Zhang Xuan ended the lesson resentfully.

During the morning class, Jane Xin happily fell asleep ?

At noon, she woke up.

Rubbing his eyes, Huo Jingtian pushed a bowl of nutritious food in front of her. His face rippled as he said, "You must be hungry. Hurry and eat."

When Jane saw the time, she was so shocked that her jaw dropped.

Why didn't anyone call her?

Needless to say, it must have been Huo Jingtian's doing again!

All of this didn't count. In less than two days, Jane had heard that Huo Jingtian had done something big!

He taught those girls in class five a lesson.

When this happened, there were even more rumors and rumors about Jane.

Wherever she went, people would point at her.

Jane Xin was very afraid that the homeroom teacher would look for her again. Facing Huo Jingtian's enthusiasm, she had had enough, "Please don't do those unnecessary things! Do you know that this will make it difficult for me? "

Huo Jingtian looked confused, "You're not happy that I helped you teach them a lesson?"

"I'm not happy!"

Jane was so angry that her eyes were blurry. She finally got back to school, what if she made Mr. Lu angry again?

As he thought about it, he felt extremely wronged. Carrying his backpack, he hurried towards the main entrance.

Huo Jingtian saw her tears and felt upset. He followed her in a hurry, "What happened?"

Jane stopped abruptly, her eyes red as she said, "A young master like you who doesn't need to eat and drink will never understand! "You don't understand my situation at all. You only care about your own happiness and don't consider my feelings at all!"

"I ?"

Huo Jingtian didn't know what to say.

Looking at the girl's aggrieved back, he swallowed his saliva, feeling that he was in a terrible situation.

From that day onwards, it was as if Huo Jingtian had become a completely different person.

He began to love learning.

His brain was really good. There were several times when Jane was troubled by math problems, but he was actually able to easily answer them.

Jian Xin could not believe it, "Huo Jingtian, how are you so amazing?"

"About this." Huo Jingtian poked his head with a pen, "You don't even know how to do that? Why are you so stupid?"

"You're the fool!"

Jane discovered that Huo Jingtian didn't seem to be a useless playboy. When he became serious, it was as if he knew everything.

The interaction between the two gradually became harmonious.

Finally, he attracted wild envy.

In the school, news began to spread that Jane had slept with Huo Jingtian many times.

When the news came out, Jane became the target of public criticism.

Although she didn't have any friends in school, the feeling of being viciously attacked wasn't pleasant. She was a well-behaved girl, so she naturally cared about her reputation.

It was a lie to say that his heart wasn't in pain.

For several days, she avoided Huo Jingtian.

She had inadvertently overheard that these rumors were spread by Gao Weiwei, causing Jane Xin to lose her cool.

She was at the same table as Gao Weiwei. Although they usually didn't talk much, they never had any enmity with each other. Why would she slander him?

Jane Xin rushed into her class and asked her, "Did you spread those words?"

Gao Weiwei stubbornly said, "I don't know what you're talking about. How can you blame others for what you've done yourself?"

"I didn't do anything, you're the one spreading the rumors!"

"You said you didn't do it, then you didn't do it?"

Gao Weiwei sneered and looked at her with disdain. "Everyone has their eyes on you. Being so close to Huo Jingtian every day, I can't wait for others to know what you guys have done."

"You're lying!"

"Everyone knows whether or not I'm spouting nonsense."

As Gao Weiwei spoke, her side was filled with echoing voices. By herself, it was hard for Jian Xin to explain herself.

Moreover, she was not good at quarreling. She was anxious, angry, embarrassed, and annoyed. She turned around and ran out of the classroom.

She didn't even attend her evening study before she went home.

He locked himself in his room and didn't even eat nor speak a single word.

She felt that she was so useless that she couldn't even protect herself. She couldn't argue with others, she couldn't fight with others.

Learning was not the best.

She also said that she would have to rely on herself in the future. Without her parents, she would be a flower in a greenhouse, a Dou that she couldn't support.


When Lu Mubai returned, Old Lu explained the situation.

Lu Mubai went upstairs and knocked on the door.

There was no response.

He said in a low voice, "Open the door."

After a while, Jane opened the door. Her eyes were red and swollen like she had been crying before, "Mr Lu."

Lu Mubai frowned slightly, "What happened?"

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