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I walk to my room and lay on my bed. I stare at the ceiling and thinking. I’m thinking about what happened between me and Lena today, Lena called me her wife. I smile as I’m closing my eyes. Nothing can describe how happy I am right now. Someone’s coming, the bell rings… I walk downstairs and open the door. Ben comes and he suddenly kisses me, I push him away from me “What’s matter with you?” I say as I highly raise my voice. “What? Am I do something wrong?” Ben says. I inhale deeply and walk towards the living room as Ben walks behind me.

Ben hugs me from the back “Hey…” He says as he put his chin on my shoulder. “I missed you” Ben says as he runs his hand to my chest. “Gosh… Stop” I say. Ben keeps running his hand to my chest as he hugs me from the back “I haven’t touched you for a month, I miss you so much” Ben says. I push him away in anger and tell nothing. “What?” Ben says with a slight of anger in his voice. “This is not okay” I say as I lowering my voice. Ben heavily sighs as he raises an eyebrow “Arghhh… I know… It’s all about her right?” He says.

I inhale deeply as I put my hand on my head. “Do you love her?” Ben says as he raises his voice. “It’s complicated” I say in a low voice. Ben heavily sighs and stares at me “Do you love her?” He says. I inhale deeply and point my eyes to him “Yes…” I say in a low voice. Ben leaves me and walks away. I walk towards the door and close the door. I walk to my room and I lay on my bed “Ughhhh… Shit” I mumble. Rosa comes to my room “Hey…you okay?” She says. “I’m good” I say. Rosa sits on my bed, next to me. “Where’s Ali?” I say. “She’s sleeping” Rosa says.

I put my hand on my head and staring at the ceiling “Do I hurt him?” I say. Rosa stares at me “No, you’re not” She says. “I really like Lena” I say in a low voice. “You know…The difference between like, love, and in love is the same difference between for now, for a while, and forever” Rosa says as she stroke my hair gently. Tears come through of my face as I thought about everything in my life, I inhale deeply and try to not cry. Rosa smile as she stares at me “Just do what you think right and what brought you happiness, okay?” Rosa says.

I smile as I stare at Rosa with tears in my eyes “Okay…” I say in a low voice. Rosa leaves my room and walks towards her room. “Arghhhh…” I groan. I distract myself by scrolling Twitter and try to forget everything, it’s almost 12 AM. My eyes are about to close and I accidentally fall asleep with phone in my hand. The sun is rising and I woke up, I clean myself and prepare myself to work. Rosa and little Ali wait for me downstairs. I walk downstairs and grab my coffee. “Hey… baby bear” I say as I walk closer to little Ali and kiss her pumpkin cheeks.

Ali giggles and smiling as she knows me for a long time ago. “Here the milk, diapers and all things you need for her” Rosa says. “Seriously…? It’s too much” I say. Rosa gives me a huge bag and she puts little Ali in the stroller. “Let’s go… I drive you work” Rosa says. We on our way, little Ali is napping in the back seat. I’m scrolling Twitter and Rosa keeps her eyes focus on the road. “So how’s you and Ben?” Rosa says. “I’ll think about it later” I say. We sit in silence for a moment. “I like Lena, she seems good for you” Rosa says.

I stare at Rosa in silence as I raise an eyebrow. We arrive at the office and Rosa gives Ali’s bag to me. “Bye… honey, be good okay… mommy loves you” Rosa says as she kisses Ali’s cheek and then she leaves. I walk in rush to my workplace with a baby stroller and huge bag on my left shoulder, all eyes are on me. “Jeez Christ” I mumble. I put the bag on the desk and lean to the seat. Alison still naps on the stroller. I inhale deeply and close my eyes for a moment. Lena comes and walks towards me “Hey chup chup the models came” Lena says.

I open my eyes in dismay “What the fuck it’s just 9 AM, the photoshoot at 12 PM” I say in whispers. “They change the schedule because the magazine published soon” Lena says. “Holy fucking shit…” I mumble as I put my hand on my head. “How’s Ali?” I say in whispers. “Wait a min… I’ll call my assistant” Lena says as she calls her assistant. I walk to Riley and Alaia’s desk but I see nobody. “Where’s Riley and Alaia?” I say. “They work at field” Lena says as she calling her assistant in dismay. “Jeez…” I mumble and Ali woke up and crying.

“Gosh….” I mumble as I take her out from the stroller and I calm her down but she’s still crying. “Hey little bear I’m here” I say as I carry little Ali. Lena walk towards me “She’s at the field too” Lena says. “Oh gosh…” I say. “Alright… calm down” Lena says as she reaches over my hand. Lena takes Ali’s bag and stroller with her, meanwhile I’m carrying little Ali. We walk to the photo session section and Ali finally stops crying causes I give her milk. “Hey… you here” A woman just hugs Lena. “Hey” Lena says. “Gosh you married?” The woman says.

Lena is about to answer but she cuts Lena's sentence “Tic Toc… hurry” The woman says as she points her watch. “Goshhh” Lena mumbles as she pulls me and we run to the fitting room. “Who’s that” I say. “She’s the company’s CEO” Lena says. “Holly shit… I never see her” I say in whispers. “Yeah… She works overseas just got here this morning” Lena says. I’m busy giving models the instructions and Lena busy with the photo session. We leave Ali sleeping at backstage. A model walks towards me and says “Hey… your baby crying at backstage”.

“Gosh… thank you” I say and I run full speed to backstage. “Hey… honey you hungry?” I say as I take Ali out from the stroller and give her milk. She refuses the milk and keeps crying “Shit… I’m losing my mind” I say I a low voice. Lena comes as she stares at me “What happened?” Lena says. “I don’t know, she’s crying” I say. “She probably bored” Lena says. Lena takes Ali from me and brought her to the stage. “Hey…what are you doing? The CEO will fire me if you take her to the stage” I say. “Ahh… no worry, she likes kid” Lena chuckles.

“Jeez…” I mumble as I follow Lena to the stage. “Hey… pumpkin” The models come closer to Ali and Lena. They stroking Ali’s cheeks and kiss her. “Hey models…back to work” The CEO says. The models back to the stage and do the photo session, I run full speed to the stage and do my job. Lena carries little Ali and talks with the CEO next to the stage. I’m so fucking worried. They brought Ali to the stage and change her clothes. I’m shocked and I pull Lena to backstage “What are you fucking doing?” I say in whispers as I stare at little Ali from backstage.

“The CEO asks Ali to join the photo session, I can’t refuse her” Lena says in whispers. “Gosh… Rosa will kill me! Don’t tell anything to her” I say as I put my hand on my head and inhale deeply. We back to the stage and I see Ali giggle on the stage, she's wearing a cute yellow gown with a crown on her head. I’m smiling as I looking at her. The CEO comes and says “Hope your wife doesn’t kill you” The CEO obviously teasing Lena and leave. I stare at Ali on the stage, she smiles and giggles at the camera as the models holding her.

I smile because she’s so cute, with her blue eyes, wavy blonde hair and she’s holding a tiny elephant doll. Lena and I do our job while little Ali does the photoshoot with the models. All went well and we finish our job. I change Ali's clothes in the makeup room and play with her. I feed Ali and she’s napping. Lena comes and checking on Ali “Hey…” Lena says. “Shh… She’s sleeping” I say. “Ahh… sorry” Lena says in whispers. Lena sits next to me and she stares at me. “What?” I say. “You did great today” Lena says. “Thanks” I say.

“I’ll be right back… The CEO asked me to come to her office” Lena says and she leaves. I prepare myself to back home, It’s 6 PM now. Ali naps on the stroller, I walk towards my workplace with a bag on my left shoulder and stroller. I tidy up my work desk occasionally looking at little Ali on her stroller. Lena walks towards me in rush “You won’t believe it” Lena says. “What?” I say in confusion. “They like Ali’s pictures” Lena says. “Gosh…I’m happy for this” I say. Lena stares and kisses me. I smile as I look into her eyes.

“It’s time to go home now” Lena says. “Alright” I say. We walk to the parking lot together, somebody coming to us. That Lena’s ex. “Wow… mommy and mama walk together” She says as she stares at me with a smirk. “What do you want” Lena says. “Chill…” She says. I leave them and I put Ali to the baby car seat inside the car, and I back to Lena. The girl stares at me “Your baby won’t hear anything” She says. “Shut up” Lena says. The girl comes closer to me and pushes me “You bitch!” She says. Lena pushes her away from me “How dare you!” Lena says.

Tears began to roll down my face. The girl pointing me with her index finger “I’ll kill you” She says. Then she left in anger. “Oh my god… she scared me” I say as I lean to the car’s door. Lena hugs me and calms me down. “I won’t let her hurt you, I promise” Lena says. “I’m not afraid of her, I’m afraid if she does something bad to Ali” I say as I hug Lena. She strokes my hair gently and calms me “No… I won’t let that happen” Lena says. We both standing at the parking lot and hugging and the temperature are getting cold.

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