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07:30 AM

[5 missed calls Ben]

[10 missed calls Alaia]

[2 messages from Lena]

“Damn, what time is it” I say as I turn off the alarm. I woke up from the bed and reach over my phone at the bedside, I unlock my phone and staring at the top of the phone screen.

“Good morning Maia, have a nice day! Last night was amazing! X Lena”

“Jeez…” I mumble as I stare at the phone screen.

When I’m about to get up from the bed and start my day, Alaia calls me. “Where are you? I don’t even could call you last night, where have you been?” She says through the phone.


*Lena apartment after back from the coffee shop last night*

“Lena....” I Moaned.

“Shhh... Show don’t tell” Lena said as she licked mine.

“Hey, Alaia! I’m so sorry I sleepover at my friend’s apartment last night and I don’t bring my charger” I say as I gulped my own saliva.

“You have friends, besides me?” Alaia says as she raises her voice.

“Never mind, so what's up?” I say in a low voice.

“Today is my two years anniversary with my boyfriend Brian! How could you forget about that? You never missed that Maia, what's wrong with you?” Alaia says with a slight of grief in her voice.

“I’m sorry Alaia, I was having bad days” I say as I inhale deeply.

“Come to coffee shop at 2 PM, ask Ben to come too” Alaia says.

“Alright see you there...” I say and I hang up the phone.

“Holly shit! What did I done last night. That was embarrassing” I say as I stare at the phone screen and sigh.

It’s almost 02:00 PM Alaia and Brian are waiting for us to come. Ben isn’t the one-time man, he picks me up at 02:10 PM and we arrive at 02:30 PM. I don’t know if today is my lucky day or my damned day, I see Lena and her friends at the coffee shop. I couldn’t even forget about what happened between us last night. That’s still in my brain, haunted me.

“So Maia, where are you last night?” Alaia says as she shocked me with that question.

“I...I slept in my friend’s apartment” I say in stutters as I scratch my fingers in dismay.

“Who is she?” Ben says as he points his eyes to mine.

“I just met her, nothing to be worried about” I say as I chew the strawberry cake and act like nothing happen.

In front of our table, Lena keeps looking at me with her sexy eyes at the corner table as she wants to tell something to me. I occasionally stare at her.

“Would you sleep in my apartment tonight babe?” Ben says as he sips the coffee and stares at me.

“Sure, but I need to take my things in my apartment...” I say.

Ben kisses me and I could see Lena’s gloomy face when she saw us. I’m sad too honestly… She stares at me and removes her sight from me. Ben and I leave the coffee shop, we come to my apartment and take my things then we drive to Ben’s apartment then arrive. I could feel my phone vibrate inside my bag, I reach over my phone and checking at the messages... “Shit” I mumble as I see Lena’s name on the messages.

“Can we meet tomorrow at my apartment or yours? X Lena”

Ben kisses me as my eyes point at the phone screen “Hang on babe, I’m on my phone” I say as I close the messages and I drop my phone to the couch.

“Ah come on, let’s put this magic stick on you” He says as he hugs me from the back and kisses my neck.

“Wait babe...patient...” I say as I heavily sigh and turn around.

“I’m not that patient” He says as he kisses my neck and chuckle.

Ben and I had a moment but I felt different, why I’m not happy like I was with Lena? What happened to me? Do I like her? But Ben is my boyfriend? A lot of questions on my mind right now, Ben and I watched our favorite series, he ordered pizza and we enjoyed our night together.

*Lena sent you messages*

“Hey! R u there???”

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