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The alarm woke me up and It’s 6:30 AM. My eyes slowly start to open, I turn on the light and the light is about to blind me, I rub my eyes and get ready for work. I jump up and quickly get dressed. I stare at the phone screen. “Shit! It’s 7 AM” I mumble. “I supposed to be there in 07:15” I say. I run downstairs and booked the Uber. I walk through my workplace knowing that I’m late and I see Alaia sit at the lobby.

“Hey, Maia..” Alaia says as she waves her hand. I walk through her in rush “Hey…” I say. “Lena asks me to wait here” Alaia says. “She’s here?” I say. “Yes in hours…I guess” Alaia says. “Fuck…fuck…I’m late!” I mumble as I hug Alaia and run to my workplace. I lean on my seat and turn on the computer. Lena and Alaia walk through the workplace “Attention please…” Lena stands in front of the employees and introducing Alaia as the new employee.

“Here’s Ms. Alaia Smith. She’s your work partner, please be cooperative and have a good day” Lena says as she stares at me. “And you Ms. La Luna please come to my office right now” Lena says as she leaves the room. La luna is my last name, I got that name from my grandma. I walk through Lena’s office as I holding the papers. I open the door and come to her office. “Please…Have a sit...” Lena says.

”You late” Lena says as she leans onto the office seat. “I’m so sorry… I’m so tired last night, I couldn’t even hear the alarm” I say in dismay. “Hahahaha…” Lena laughs loudly as she points her eyes to mine. “What?” I say as I highly raise an eyebrow. “I just want to see you” Lena says as she gets closer to me, her face is about 5 cm from mine. “Damn…come on… you fucking scared me” I say as I inhale deeply.

”No worries… Ms. La Luna…I’m here to save you” Lena says as she raises an eyebrow and gives me a dirty look. “Wanna go out for lunch today?” Lena says. “Sure… but if you don’t mind, can I ask Riley and Alaia to join us?” I say as I purse my lips. “Sure” Lena says. “Alright then” I say and I leave Lena’s office. “What’s wrong?” Riley asks me. “Mmmm…nothing, Lena asks me to go out for lunch but I told her that you both join us” I say.

“What the fuck…” Riley says as she rests her hand on her head and leans on the seat. “What?” I say. Riley stares at me and continues her work. I lean on the seat, closing my eyes and sigh. I point my gaze to Alaia’s desk and she focused on her job. Meanwhile, I haven’t done my job yet. I’m about to write the new article, I turn on the computer and type what’s on my mind. I wrote ‘Is it fair to cheat on your partner?’ I finished the article and send Lena the soft copy.

Lena approved the article and the article will be on the site today. Something bothering my mind, I keep thinking about Ben. I’m not answering his calls or messages. I don’t want to answer him because I need time to figure it out. Lena text me and asks me to out for lunch. I brought Alaia and Riley with me and we walk together. The restaurant is only 3 minutes from the office, we get into the restaurant and sit at the corner table.

“So, what would you like to eat and drink?” Lena says as she opens the menu. I order chicken fettuccine, Lena order salad, Riley and Alaia order beef spaghetti. “Are you a sheep?” I chuckle. Lena raises an eyebrow as she stares at me “I’m on my diet program” Lena says. “What! You look great like this” I say. Lena chuckles as she stares at me. We eat our food and enjoy the lunch “Thank you so much for the opportunity Lena” Alaia says.

“Ahhhh… That’s okay. You deserve the best” Lena says. “Anything you’ve heard about me at the workplace, all lies” Lena says as she chews the food. Riley choked by her own food “Hukk… hukk” Riley stares at me as she drinks the lemon tea “I’m sorry guys” Riley says. I chuckle as I stare at Riley. “We heard a lot Lena” I say. “Yeah a lot… I couldn’t believe that you are the same person as I heard” Riley says.

“I’m not the same as what people thought” Lena laughs. My phone is ringing, Ben calls me again. I silent my phone and I drink my orange juice, I act like nothing happen. We finish our lunch and back to the office. My phone rings once more “Fuck” I mumble as I answer the call. “Hello” I say. “I saw your article, are you cheated on me?” Ben says as he highly raises his voice. “What do you mean?” I say.

“You cheat on me right?” Ben says in anger. “Hey, relax!” Before I finish my sentence Ben hangs up the phone. I put my phone on the desk and inhale deeply, I clear my mind as I continue my paperwork and finish my job. Time to go home, Alaia drive me home. I haven’t see Lena since we had lunch today. My finances were unstable, I have no enough money to pay the rent. I’m about to find a roommate as soon as possible.

I arrive and I clean myself, I tried to sleep but I can’t sleep… I’m waiting for Lena to text or call me. I’m about to text her then change my mind. My bell rings I walk downstairs and open the door. My sister, Rosa came with bruises on her face and holds her 5 months infant. I let her in and I take the bags. She sits on the couch with her baby, I walk to the kitchen and made a cup of coffee for her. I sit on the couch and ask her about what happened to her and the baby.

“What happened?” I say in dismay. She’s crying with the baby in her hands. I reach over her hand “Tell me…” I say as I wipe her tears. “My husband hits me and I ran from house” Rosa says with tears in her eyes. I hug her and I calm her down, I take her to the guest room “You can stay here as long as you want, okay…” I say. “Thanks…” Rosa says as she hugs me. She puts the infant to sleep and I walk to my room, I lay and fall asleep.

More bells ringing “Who the fuck comes to my house in the middle of the night” I say as I get up from my bed. Rosa opened the door, I walk downstairs and I see Lena talk to my sister. “You here” I say as I run full speed to Lena and grabbing her waist, tucking my face on her shoulder. Lena wraps her arms around me and returns the favor by tightly squeezing my back. “I thought something happened to you, I’m worried” I say in relief.

My sister walks through the guest room, Lena stares at me in confusion. “My sister and her baby just got here” I say. “Am I disturbing your family time?” Lena says as she looks at me. “Nah…You’re not” I say as a sweet smile comes through my face. “I miss you so much” Lena says as she stares at me and smiles. Her sweet smile warms me “I miss you too” I say as I point my eyes into hers. I lock the front door and take Lena to my room.

“You’re hungry?” I say as I walk towards her. Lena sits on the bed as she looking around the place “Mmmm... Nope” Lena says. I sit next to her and we stare into each other’s eyes. Lena takes my heart... “I want to be with you” Lena says as she reaches over my hands. I couldn’t help but stare at her lips while biting my own. My heart starts beating faster. Lena bites her bottom lips as she staring at me.

I run and quickly shut and lock the door. Lena waits for me on the bed and I proceed to jump onto Lena’s lap pushing my lips against her. She deepens the kiss by running her fingers through my hair and pulling my head to her making it so all our features are touching and so I couldn’t pull away. I slip my hands into her shirt, down her back, and grab her ass. She faintly moans into my mouth. So I decide to undo her shirt, she moans again but louder.

She pulls me away and looks me in the eyes, I whisper in a breathy moan “Take me” I say. Lena smiles as she picks me up and drops me to bed. We lock lips once more and she slips her hand across my breasts, down to my stomach, and to my core. She kisses my neck as she slips her hand down to my clit and she starts to make circles. I moan and mumble under my breath. Lena stares into my eyes and talks under her breath “You like it babe? Tell me” She says.

I’m about to speak but my sister knocks the door. “Maia, I need help!” She yells outside. We immediately stop, Lena wears her shirt in rush. I get up and leave her on the bed alone. I run downstairs and see my sister in the kitchen. She asks me how to turn on the water heater, she was about to make the baby’s milk. I turn on the water heater. “What the fuck Rosa! I’m about to make out and you fucking turn me off” I say as I heavily sigh.

“Gosh… I’m so sorry, I ruined your night” Rosa says as she laughs loudly. I roll my eyes in disgust. “Is she your girlfriend?” Rosa says. “Nope” I say as I chuckle and leave her alone. I walk upstairs and close the door’s room. I inhale deeply and lay down next to Lena "Uggghhh…” I groan. “What happened babe?” Lena says as she runs her fingers through my hair gently. “My sister couldn’t turn on the water heater, she was about to feed the baby” I say.

Lena laughs as she staring at me “Hey… That’s okay” Lena says as she looks into my eyes with a sweet smile comes through her face. I stare at her and tell nothing “Hoaafff…” I yawn. “Alright… It’s time to sleep” Lena says as she kisses my forehead gently. I smile and point my eyes to hers. Lena lay next to me, she hugs me from the back as I rest my hand on her hands. She reaches over my hand and kisses the palm of my hand and we both fall asleep.

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