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The night in early autumn had turned cold. Along with the weather, the heart of Qiao Yifeng was also cold!

Qiao Zhixin had never thought that his father, who loved him so dearly, would die without any warning. In the end, the world had taken away the last bit of his warmth without a single shred of hesitation.

Qiao Zhixin sat on the carpet and drank one cup after another. Under the wrap of her black silk pajamas, her skin was so white that it was almost transparent; she was thin without a bone, her cheeks were crimson from alcohol, her eyes were like innocent deer eyes were hidden under her fluttering butterfly eyelashes, and her cherry lips were slightly open under her small nose. She struggled to get up and pour a cup of water, but suddenly fell down on the carpet with a sway of her feet.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps came from downstairs. Qiao Zhixin laughed, he must be drunk. At this time, He Muchuan would not be coming back. He might be sleeping in some soft and gentle place, instead of this gloomy and desolate home.

He Muchuan was walking step by step towards the bedroom on the second floor. He had married Qiao Yifeng for three years and the number of times he had come here could be counted on one hand.

When He Muchuan saw Qiao Yifan lying on the ground, he kicked him in disgust.

Qiao Yifan struggled to open his eyes a few times before the outline of the person before him gradually became clear.

Mu Chuan, you're back! You want to drink with me? I'll go get you a glass of wine! "

Qiao Yifan struggled to get up from the ground.

"When you sign this, maybe we can have a drink to celebrate."

As He Muchuan said this, he threw a document in front of Qiao Yifeng. When Qiao Yifeng saw the terms on the divorce agreement, his heart turned cold.

"What do you mean?"

"Literally speaking, as a renowned lady of an institution of higher learning, don't you understand?"

Qiao Zhixin's eyes were wide open as he stared at He Muchuan, the man he had loved for more than three years! Her father was not yet dead, and he couldn't wait to divorce him!


Qiao Zhixin smiled bitterly. He got up from the ground, sat down, and picked up a bottle of wine to continue drinking.

"I want your signature!"

Qiao Zhixin raised his eyebrows and looked at He Muchuan provocatively.

"He Muchuan, you're dreaming!"

He Muchuan squatted down and pinched Qiao Yifeng's chin, "Qiao Yifeng, why do you have to be so despicable? What you call love, is to hurt your sister without any bottom line and then climb into my bed! You think I'll love you that way? That's enough! "

Qiao Yifan looked at He Muchuan. The words that came out of his mouth were like a knife that stabbed into Qiao Yifeng's heart. Qiao Yifeng bit his lips and fiercely pushed He Muchuan away.

"Am I enough? He Muchuan, it's more like enough for you! I'm the wife that you officially married back to the He family. Even after you married me, you're still thinking about my sister in your heart.

He Muchuan seemed to have heard of something inconceivable as he raised his eyebrows and laughed.

"Marry her in the proper manner?" Do you know in your heart that if it wasn't for your father's coercion, I would be forced to marry you? Will Xinya go to America? "Qiao Yifan, you have ruined my life!"

For He Muchuan, she had learned how to clean clothes and cook soup. In these three years, the house was clean and dirty, the food was hot and cold, but He Muchuan was blind and could not see anything. The only thing he could think of was his sister, Qiao Xinya! Was he going to divorce her to find Qiao Xinya?

He Muchuan, you have also destroyed me! No one is forcing you to marry me. I'll tell you, divorce is impossible! "

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