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C2 First time

He Muchuan was infuriated by Qiao Will's words. He pulled him from the sofa to the carpet and then rode him up like a wild beast, pulling at Qiao Will's clothes with both hands.

The cold air pricked his bare skin, Qiao Zhixin looked at the crazed He Muchuan in horror.

"What are you doing?" He Muchuan you bastard, let go of me! "

"Shh …" He Muchuan lowered his head and approached, his eyes under his tall eyebrows were pitch black and deep, his fingers were covering the corner of his lips as he smirked. His face was filled with the disdain that even the heavens and earth did not trust, facing this beautiful face! At this moment, it was simply a torture to Qiao Yifeng!

"What is it? You b * tch, didn't you like me when you refused to divorce me? Then I'll satisfy you, don't f * cking pretend! "

As He Muchuan spoke, he had already stripped Qiao Zhixin of his will. He extended a finger towards her body, but the foreign object that entered her body caused Qiao Yifan to suck in a breath of cold air. She used all her strength to struggle, trying to escape.

He Muchuan frowned as he took off his tie and tied Qiao Yifeng's hands. He then pushed Qiao Yifeng's hands, and with a push, Qiao Yifan's eyes began to tear and his entire body felt as if it was being torn apart.

"Release me, He Muchuan, release …"

Qiao Zhixin pleaded softly, but her voice was drowned by He Muchuan's surging beast lust. He Muchuan panted heavily as he madly charged towards Qiao Zhixin.

Qiao Zhixian looked at He Muchuan whose face was filled with desire, this He Muchuan whom she had never seen before, and his heart was filled with despair. This was her first time married for three years, and when He Muchuan wanted to divorce her, she was ravaged by him without caring.

Qiao Yifan didn't know how much time had passed, but He Muchuan stood up and left, as though he was throwing away a dirty rag. From start to finish, he didn't even spare a glance at her.

Qiao Zhixin struggled to get up from the ground and staggered into the bathroom. The warm water was unable to warm his heart. Looking at the bright red blood under his feet, Qiao Zhixin felt that he was about to die. The love she imagined shouldn't be like this! The He Muchuan in her imagination should not be like this!

Qiao Zhixin painfully held his head and crouched down to hug himself. She wasn't willing to accept this. He Muchuan had made her suffer, but she wouldn't let him off easy either. She wouldn't let him and Qiao Xinya be happy together!

The next morning, Qiao Zhixin returned to the Qiao family. She wanted to see if her younger sister, who had not even shown up for her father's funeral, had returned.

She knocked on the door for a long time before it opened. It was her little sister, Qiao Xinya, with her long brown hair curling against her snow-white skin. She had apricot eyes and cherry lips, and her eyes were filled with an indescribably sexy and enchanting charm.

"You're back?"

"Of course, someone has to take over the Qiao family's business."

Qiao Xinya's words were natural. When Qiao Yifeng heard them, he really wanted to slap her in the face.

"Qiao Xinya, my father and mother fought over Mrs Qiao. You are just an unfilial daughter who didn't even attend my father's funeral, do you think you can use such boastful words to inherit her?"

Qiao Xinya slapped a document on the floor.

"Watch carefully, do you need me?!" This house is mine, Joe thought. You'd better not be here! Oh, that's right! My sister! "Qiao Xinya smiled slightly." He Muchuan is mine as well.

Qiao Zhixin's anger flared up.

"Qiao Xinya, how can you be so shameless? You slut, I won't let you succeed …"

The door was slammed shut by Qiao Xinya. Qiao Zhixin looked at the documents on the floor. On the page, the words "Property Certificate" were clearly written.

Qiao Zhixian opened his mind in bewilderment: From the day of Qiao Zhixin's marriage with He Muchuan, Qiao Jianhao voluntarily relinquished the right to inherit all of the Qiao family's assets. All of Qiao Jianhao's assets were inherited by Qiao Xinya.

The day of her wedding with He Muchuan! Qiao Zhixin was puzzled. Why did his father do something that was impossible at that time? There must be a connection between the two!

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