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C4 Conspiracy

The seventh of November was the anniversary of the death of Qiao Zhixin's mother, Lan Guixin. Qiao Zhixin went out to pay his respects to his mother. When he saw his father's name on the tombstone, tears fell like the rain.

While crying, Qiao Zhixin placed the fresh flowers and fruits in front of the tombstone. Suddenly, a strong force came from behind and hugged her tightly. Then, someone covered her mouth and covered her mouth.

A basin of ice water dripped down from Qiao Yifeng's head. He woke up after taking a deep breath and opened his eyes. The surrounding items were all piled up. It seemed to be a warehouse. Qiao Xinya was currently smoking in front of her.

"It's you!" What do you want? "Qiao Xinya, let me go!"

Qiao Zhizhan struggled, but she was like a crab that had been tied up and was unable to move at all.

Qiao Xinya stood up and smiled as he pressed the cigarette butt into Qiao Yifeng's palm. Immediately, a bone-piercing pain spread through every nerve in Qiao Yifeng's mind.

Ah!" You... Qiao Xinya, you … This bitch, let go of me!

"I advise you to leave He Muchuan as soon as possible. It's been three years since Qiao Jianhao stuffed you into his hands. Did he ever like you?" Did he touch you? "

Qiao Xinya's words reminded Qiao Yifan of that night. Immediately, shame and anger overwhelmed her rationality.

"Qiao Xinya, you adulterous couple. You've done all sorts of bad things. You won't have a good ending!"

"Heh heh, have you gotten a sore spot from me?"

Qiao Zhixin gritted his teeth as he looked at Qiao Xinya and said, "You better kill me. Otherwise, I won't let you off."

"Great!" Come, let's see who will not let who off! "

Qiao Xinya gestured to the few burly men standing behind him to untie the ropes on Qiao Yifeng's body.

Qiao Zhizhan covered his palm and could not figure out what kind of scheme Qiao Xinya was plotting! After Qiao Will was released, it was held down. Someone walked over and began to tie Qiao Xinya to a chair.

Qiao Xinya looked at Qiao Xinya with a puzzled expression. Qiao Xinya smiled strangely.

"What do you think Mu Chuan would think of this?"

As Qiao Xinya spoke, the man beside her placed his chair on the ground. Qiao Yifeng could clearly see that blood had started to flow out from beneath Qiao Xinya's body, staining her pants and clothes red!

"You … "Why are you …"

Qiao Yifan was so shocked that his mouth gaped wide open. At this moment, the sound of a violent collision came from not too far away. The few people behind him immediately let go of Qiao Xinyu and started to punch and kick her.

"Are you guys courting death?"

Qiao Yifan looked over, He Muchuan was leading a group of people over, the few big men who were originally running quickly scattered when they saw the situation. He Muchuan's underlings wanted to give chase, but he was stopped by He Muchuan, because he saw the woman who planned all of this, a terrified expression appeared on Qiao Yifan's face!

He Muchuan frowned as he ran over to Qiao Xinya's side and untied the ropes on her body. He wiped the dust off her face and his gaze fell upon the blood on Qiao Xinya's body.

Mu Chuan, you're here! My stomach hurts. Where are our children? Are our children all right? "

He Muchuan frowned, not knowing how to respond. He turned his head to Qiao Yifeng, and when he walked over and grabbed Qiao Yifeng by the neck, Qiao Yifan's face immediately turned red. He could not speak, and his hands continuously slapped He Muchuan's hands.

"Qiao Yifan, why are you so ruthless!" Are you still human? She's your sister. Even if it were a stranger, would someone do such a thing? You truly make me look at you in a new light! "

Qiao Zhixin's hands gradually lost all their strength, and her eyelids kept trembling. He Mu Chuan released his hand, and Qiao Zhixin's body went limp on the ground. She coughed loudly, and took deep breaths as she raised her head to look at the two people in front of her.

"He Muchuan, I am going to pay my respects to my mother. It was this woman who tied me up here! What does her miscarriage have to do with me? He Muchuan, why do you believe in this woman so much?

"Do you think I'm blind? Did Xinya kill her own child? Do you think I would believe such a bad lie? "

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