Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C1 Assassination of the dark godfather
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Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C1 Assassination of the dark godfather
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C1 Assassination of the dark godfather

United States. New York.

A tall building that pierced through the clouds stood tall. In the 66 floors of this large building that symbolized status and power, only the lights on the corridor emitted a gentle glow.

Yun Ruo Lu gently pushed open the door to the office. The half-closed door was separated by two worlds. On one side, there was no trace of human life, but on the other, it was impossible to hide a single room's spring color.

The decorations of the huge office were all very particular. Presumably, its owner was someone of good taste. At the center of the room, on a leather sofa, was a sexy lady!

From time to time, a voice came from her lips. There was a man pressing down on her, and his face didn't show the slightest expression. He was the world's underworld and infamous father of the underworld, the Seven Nights!

Seven Nights' big hand seemed to have a demonic aura as it gently caressed the woman's body.

It was only this much! After looking around, Yun Ruo let out a cold snort. Today, she came here to solve her problem, someone offered a sky-high price to buy the man's head in the room. Yun Ruo Lu, who hadn't taken on such an exciting mission in a long time, decided to have a good time.

Bending down, a pair of delicate white hands slid across his ankle, a smoker in his hand.

As an assassin, she had concealed a deadly weapon on her. That was her capital and also her shield.

"Seven nights, your time of death is up!"

Yun Ruo secretly thought in her heart, without any hesitation or mercy, her slender white fingers lightly tapped, and a silver bullet flew like a bolt of lightning towards Seven Nights' head.

Just when she thought that everything was over without a hitch, who knew that Seven Nights seemed to be prepared? He quickly flipped his body and pulled the woman, who didn't appear to be hanging up at all, then shot the fatal bullet straight through the back of the woman's head, shooting through her forehead onto the smooth wall.

The woman had no idea what had happened. Even at the moment of her death, her eyes widened in astonishment as she stared at Seven Nights in disbelief.

"So ruthless!" You truly deserve to be called the father of the underworld! "

The first assassination attempt had failed. Yun Ruo Lu pushed the door open and entered calmly. Her tone was cold and her eyes were sharp.

Yun Ruo's arrival didn't cause any waves to appear on Seven Nights' face. He pursed his lips, raised his head, and with a playful smile on his handsome face, he said, "Miss Yun is still as touching as ever."

Yun Ruo Lu harrumphed coldly in her heart. She played with the smoke extinguishing gun in her hand as she teased, "I hope that you can still have such a good time after we reach the Underworld." As he finished speaking, a cold, bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face, and the smoke extinguishing spear in his hand seemed to have become an asura that took his life.

Seven Nights nodded thoughtfully and lazily stood up. The buttons on his white shirt had been completely unbuttoned, revealing the fine bronze-colored muscles underneath. It was extremely alluring.

"It is said that Miss Yun is the peak of the world of assassins, known as the Asura of the Night, but in my opinion, Miss Yun is like a goddess of the night. In this dark night, she can't hide your beautiful face, it really makes one's heart beat." Seven Nights was not stingy with his praise, the smile on his face became bigger and bigger.

Yun Ruo sneered, and no longer said anything else. She raised the smoke extinguishing gun in her hand and aimed it at Seven Nights.

However, Qi Ye smiled and waved her hand, completely ignoring her killing intent, her unruly demeanor was completely displayed on him. She walked to the side, leaned on the desk and lit up a cigarette for herself, and for a moment, smoke filled the air, making her charming face look hazy and mysterious.

Seeing his reaction, Yun Ruo's heart tightened. A haze flashed across her eyes and an uneasy feeling rose. Could it be …

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