Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C11 Recovering memory
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Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C11 Recovering memory
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C11 Recovering memory

Yun Ruo's sickness gradually improved after two whole days. When she woke up, it was already the third day after she had fainted.

Jinsi had always been standing by her bedside. Yun Ruo Lu, who had recovered her memories, felt a trace of affection towards her little sister who had followed her for so many years.

"Jin'er, it's been hard on you."

Yun Ruo Man weakly raised her hand to stroke the adorable baby face of Jinsi. The baby who wasn't fast asleep immediately woke up. Seeing that Yun Ruo was looking at her, she couldn't help but cry out of joy.

"Empress, you're finally awake." The imperial physician said that you were burning your lungs to the point where there was no way you could make it back to the heavens. "Jin'er doesn't believe it. She's been guarding the Empress the entire time just because she knows the Empress will definitely wake up."

Although she had been unconscious for a long time, she had a vague feeling that she was in danger. If she could not break out of that dream, then she might really be able to continue sleeping, or even die.

"It's okay, it's really okay."

Seeing the tears flowing endlessly like a spring, Yun Ruo Lu consoled her in a weak voice.

"Mhmm, the Empress must be thirsty, right? Jin'er will go pour the Empress some water."

Jinsi poured a glass of water for Yun Ruo Lu and helped her up. Halfway through the water, Yuchi Chen appeared at his door.

"Being able to drink water means that everything is fine now. If you have nothing to do, then stay in the house. Don't cause trouble everywhere!"

After saying that, Yuchi Chen turned to leave, not even taking a single step into the room. To him, who was a man that could flirt with any woman, he was the only one who treated her with such ruthlessness.

For the next three days, Yun Ruo Lu did not see Yuchi Chen again. But this was also good, so that she could peacefully recover from her illness.

In these three days, Yun Ruo Lu had recovered most of her body. Recovering her memories, she decided to let the people who had harmed her receive their due retribution one by one.

She would not allow anyone to bully her and Jinsi, so she had to live well and take care of her body in order to fight against those adulterers.

However, she was weak, so she had to have a capable assistant. She decided to teach Jinser more things, things that only existed in the twenty-first century and did not belong in this world.

On this day, Yun Ruo Lu brought Jin Se into the courtyard. She carefully looked at Jin Se's body a few times and found that her body was not suitable for training. Furthermore, she wouldn't be able to train her for a short period of time. But Jinsi was very smart, and very suitable for learning something new.

"Esteemed Empress, why are you looking at Jin'er like that?" "It's quite scary."

She already knew that Yun Ruo Lu had recovered her memories, so the two of them weren't as formal as before. Instead, they could talk as they wished as if they were good sisters.

Yun Ruo Lu thoughtfully rubbed her chin and asked, "Jin'er, do you know what you're talking about? Even if you don't make a sound, others will know what you're talking about."

Jinx scratched his head and thought for a moment. "Is there such a method?"

"Mm, it's just lips. If you don't believe me, try it. Don't speak with your voice, and see if I know what you're talking about."

Jin Se tried to move her lips in confusion. Yun Ruo Lu immediately said what she said just now, causing Jin Se to be so shocked that her mouth was wide open, not knowing what to say.

"Do you believe me now? Lips are very important, so you have to learn them. "

Ah!" It's a ghost!

Suddenly, Jin Se cried out loud, because she didn't see Yun Ruo's mouth move, but she heard her voice instead, so why wasn't she shouting loudly?

"What the hell!?" This is called ventral, lips and teeth do not move, only through the tongue to pronounce. You have to learn both lip and ventral, which is very helpful to you. "

Yun Ruo Lu explained in detail. She thought about it for a long time, and decided to start from simple and useful teaching. As long as Jin-Se could learn the language of lips and venom, she would be able to collect information for her.

"But …" "Esteemed Empress …"

Jinsi was still a little hesitant, but Yun Ruo Lu pretended to be very harsh and ordered, "But there is no such thing as' but '. I will write down the method to learn lip-reading and venom for you, and teach you one more time. If you can't learn it, then don't follow me in the future. "

After Yun Ruo Lu finished speaking, she went back to her room and prepared to write her tutorial. Jin Se looked at Yun Ruo Lu's leaving figure with tears in her eyes, thinking that she would be tired in the future.

This proved that no matter how smart Jinsi was, it would be difficult for him to learn what Yun Ruo Lu had taught her in a short period of time.

After studying for four or five days, other than crying in ventral, there was not a single word that came out of Jinsi's mouth. This caused the prince's residence to be in a state of unrest every night. Everyone thought that no one dared to go out during the night. Lips are a mess, saying that the Princess can understand how to bark.

That night, the moon was in the sky.

Yun Ruo Lu continued to bring Jin Se to practice in the courtyard, and not long after the two of them started, a black clothed figure interrupted their training.

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