Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C12 The mysterious man in black
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Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C12 The mysterious man in black
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C12 The mysterious man in black

Yun Ruo's first reaction was to meet Yuchi Chen's secret guard. Because of the hubbub that the servants of the King's Manor had been discussing, Yuchi Chen would definitely send someone to investigate. It was normal for a guard to appear near her Plum Garden.

However, when she faintly saw the Golden Wolf Tooth Mask on the face of the man in black, she had no choice but to give up.

"Jin'er, don't run around here. I'll be right back."

After Yun Ruo Lu finished speaking, she followed the black-clothed man. That black-clothed man's qinggong was very good, she spent a great deal of effort to chase him to the fake mountain forest in the palace's garden.

The black clothed man disappeared from the fake mountain forest. Yun Ruo Lu knew by instinct that the black clothed man definitely did not leave, but only hid. And he must still be watching her from some corner.

He knew that if he did not leave, the black clothed man would not appear. Thus, Yun Ruo Lu pretended to be disappointed and left, preparing to lure the snake out of its hole.

Seeing that Yun Ruo Lu had already disappeared into the darkness, the black-clothed man quietly came out from behind the fake mountain. Just as he was about to leave, a sharp and cold long sword suddenly stabbed out.

"Who are you? "Why are you sneaking around here?"

The black clothed man was surprised by Yun Ruo's return. However, his reaction was also extremely quick. He dodged the sword Qi and dodged Yun Ruo Lu's surprise attack.

"Heh, I didn't think that the second lady of the Prime Minister's family would be so secretive. I've finally seen it today!"

The voice of the man in black was so deep that it sounded strange. Yun Ruo Lu knew that it wasn't his original voice, but was deliberately altered.

When she heard the words' Prime Minister, 'Yun Ruo Lu became even more vigilant as she thought to herself, "As expected, this person has come to investigate me."

Even though she now had her past memories, she definitely could not let anyone know her true origins. Even if someone found out that she was different, it would never occur to them that she was someone from another world.

"Who actually sent you here? If you don't tell me, don't even think about leaving this place tonight! "

Yun Ruo Man threatened with a cold tone, exuding a domineering aura that did not fear the heavens or the earth.

"Is that so? With such an arrogant tone, it seems that you have quite the background. Who the hell are you? Why would he pretend to be the Prime Minister's daughter? "

A sharp light flashed across the sinister gaze of the black clothed man. It was as if he had already seen through her identity and was very sure that she wasn't the same Yun Ruo Lu from before.

Before she was clear on the background of this newcomer, Yun Ruo Lu naturally did not answer his question, but directly attacked and fought with the black clothed man, wanting to know his true identity.

The Golden Wolf Tooth Mask shone with a chilly light under the moonlight. The black clothed man dodged Yun Ruo Lu's attack, but didn't really harm her.

When Yun Ruo Lu realized this, she made her move even more boldly, wanting to capture the black clothed man.

The black-clothed person seemed to have some misgivings, or he might alert the guards of the Duke's Mansion. After exchanging a few moves with Yun Ruo Lu, he began to escape.

Seeing that the black-clothed man had escaped from the Duke's Mansion, Yun Ruo Lu did not continue to chase after him. Although she was fast in her pursuit, she did not know any qinggong nor could she run without any tools, so she had no choice but to give up tonight.

Returning to the Plum Garden, Jinsi was walking around the courtyard restlessly. When he saw that Yun Ruo Lu had returned safely, he went up to her anxiously and asked, "Empress, how was it? That black clothed man did not hurt you, right? "

Yun Ruo shook her head, her heart was filled with doubts.

She was sure that the black clothed person had come to investigate her identity, but she was locked in this unremarkable Plum Garden. Besides the people from the manor, who else would know of her change and care about her identity?

"Jin'er, you should go back and rest. There's no need to continue practicing tonight."

Seeing the worry on Jin Se's face, Yun Ruo Lu said with a heavy heart.

The Tianhai Divine Empress gazed at him, her brow furrowed, her brow furrowed, her eyes slightly furrowed. "You don't want to die?" "I don't want to die," Chen Changsheng said.

Yun Ruo returned to her room, but couldn't fall asleep no matter how she lay on her bed.

As far as she could remember, the man in black from tonight had never appeared. She could feel that this person was no ordinary assassin or dark guard.

The Golden Wolf Tooth Mask was made with exquisite workmanship. That black-clothed person had a calm atmosphere around his body. He had the qualities of a person who did great things. Thus, his origin must not be simple.

However, she had been staying in Plum Garden for the past few days, so why would she invite such an unexpected guest?

Who was he? What was the purpose of his appearance?

Yun Ruo and her heart were filled with doubts, but she could only stop thinking about it. One day, the truth will come out.

On the morning of the second day, Yun Ruo went to teach Jinsi how to talk to her as usual. Who knew that she wouldn't be able to find her way to the entire Plum Garden.

Yun Ruo Lu originally thought that Jinsi was just going out to look for food and would be back soon. However, when noon came and he still didn't see Jinsi, he had a bad premonition.

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