Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C13 Saved by the man in black
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Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C13 Saved by the man in black
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C13 Saved by the man in black

Jinsi was someone who knew her limits, so it was impossible for her to go missing for half a day without telling Ye Ci in advance.

Yun Ruo Lu immediately thought of the black clothed man from last night. He wanted to investigate her identity, and Jinsi was the person closest to her, it was inevitable that she would be captured to force a confession.

Yun Ruo Lu thought through all the places where people could hide in the palace. Other than the man in black, if Jinsi was still in the mansion, she would most likely be locked up by Liu Yanhan.

Thinking about Liu Yanhan, Yun Ruo's palms began to sweat. She was well aware of that woman's scheming and tricks. If the Jin Se were to fall into her hands, even if she didn't die, she would at least be left with half her life.

In such a huge palace, he had to search through every inch of it. Even if he were to find it in the dark, there wouldn't be any results.

Yun Ruo Lu made up her mind to go to Liu Yan Han's place first. As long as she didn't capture the Jin Se, the Jin Se would be safer.

When she went to look for Liu Yanhan, Yun Ruo Lu found a place. It was also a small yard that was also under guard. The yard was a bit shabby, and weeds were growing outside the door.

According to the guards, Yuchi Chen's unfavoured women were locked up in this courtyard. Those women had no status and were all concubines that the Prince had brought back from the outside.

Similarly, there was also a luxurious mansion in the Prince's Mansion. There were countless beauties hidden there, and they were all Yuchi Chen's concubines. Yuchi Chen was famous for her status as a member of the Yuchi Dynasty, and often brought back women from outside.

Even on the day of her wedding, he brought back a Courtesan Belle from each of the three brothels. She had a good impression of this.

Liu Yanhan was the main wife and lived in a place ten times bigger than her Plum Garden. However, Yun Ruo Man wasn't in the mood to admire Liu Yan Han's residence because she was more worried about the Jin Se's safety.

Liu Yanhan was leisurely drinking tea in the main hall. She seemed to have already expected Yun Ruo to come. She wasn't the least bit surprised or panicked when she saw her.

"It seems like sister's recovery is very good. To be able to come here so quickly and wander around, it's really surprising!"

"Humph, don't talk to me like that, I'm here for Jinsi. If she's with you, hurry up and let her out!"

Yun Ruo Man's tone was tough. Towards a woman like Liu Yan Han who relied on her own power to bully others, she wouldn't give in.

"Little sister, what are you saying? Did I hide your servant girl?" However, don't say that I won't help you. Since you're looking for someone, then I'll help you look for someone. "

Liu Yan Han pretended to be very serious as she put down the teacup. She coughed lightly and asked the servants in the hall, "Did any of you see Empress Dowager's maidservant?"

"Reporting to wangfei, the servants did not see it."

As soon as Liu Yanhan finished speaking, the eight maids in the hall answered in unison, "I didn't see anything."

Before, Yun Ruo Man only suspected, but looking at how they pretended, she knew that even if they weren't in Liu Yanhan's palace, Jin Se must have seen them before.

"Sister, you saw it and heard it right? They say that they have never seen it before, so please go back! "

"I can leave unless I have to!"

Yun Ruo Lu's expression was ice-cold as she spoke with a determined tone. It seemed that if he didn't let her investigate, she would smash this place to death.

"Impudent!" Yun Ruo Lu, not to mention you're a concubine concubine, even if the Prince will help you, your position is still far inferior to mine! You want to search my chambers? Get the hell over here! "

Liu Yanhan had an angry look on her face. After she finished speaking, two guards walked in with a black metal net in their hands. The black net was nearly half a meter wide and a meter long.

The iron net was covered with finger-long rusty iron needles, making people's hair stand on end.

Yun Ruo looked at the iron net on the ground expressionlessly as her heart turned cold.

"What is it? His little sister would also have times of fear? Since my sister doesn't have the guts, she should obediently return to your Plum Garden. Don't come out and seek for trouble when you have nothing to do! "

No one in the palace would help her. If she were to leave just like this, then Jinsi would definitely suffer even more and perhaps even die from the torture.

She could not abandon Jinsi. The humiliation and hatred she had today, she would definitely take revenge on them in the future!

Yun Ruo Lu clenched her fists inside her sleeves, and fiercely stabbed her fingertips into her heart. She slowly squatted down, took a deep breath, and rolled over along the iron net.

The iron needle that she rolled over still had fresh blood left on it. Yun Ruo Man's eyes were ice-cold as she lay on the ground and stared at Liu Yan Han, who was still in shock, and said word by word, "You can do it now, right?"

"Madman!" This woman was insane! "Drag her out for me, I don't want to see her again!"

Liu Yanhan was also shocked by the scene that happened with Yun Ruo and she just wanted to scare Yun Ruo. She didn't expect that she would actually dare to do that. A woman who wasn't afraid of death and could endure pain was such a scary opponent.

The two guards from before wanted to drag Yun Ruo Lu away, but they were frightened by Yun Ruo's vicious gaze, and stood in place, not knowing what to do.

"Liu Yanhan!" Hand over the Jensen! "

"When did I say that the girl was here?"

Yun Ruo Lu tried to prop herself up, but did not have the energy in her body. The pain almost made her faint.

"Liu Yanhan, even if you're a wangfei, if you don't hand over the Jin Se today, I'll kill you!" After he finished speaking, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

In a certain corner of the palace, a golden wolf tooth mask was flashing in the sunlight while letting out cold air. He had seen everything that had happened, and an inexplicable anger filled his heart. Why was he so impulsive?

Liu Yanhan did not want to blow up the situation. After all, Yuchi Chen had warned her about the matter of pouring cold water into the prison cell. That was why she hated Yun Ruo so much.

"The person you're looking for really isn't here. Whether you believe it or not, it doesn't matter if you believe it or not. If I want her life, there's no need to hide her at all!"

With that, Liu Yanhan turned and left, and the other palace maids followed suit.

Yun Ruo Lu was puzzled. If she wasn't with Liu Yanhan, who would capture her?

Just as Yun Ruo Lu was about to faint, a familiar black clothed person walked up to her and forced a pill into her mouth. He mocked: "I've never seen a woman as stupid as you!"

Yun Ruo Lu opened and closed her eyes as she looked at the masked man in black from last night and sneered, "Then why are you still helping me?"

"Because you still have value to me!"

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