Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C14 Don't try to seduce this king
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Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C14 Don't try to seduce this king
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C14 Don't try to seduce this king

As soon as the black-clothed man finished speaking, he carried Yun Ruo Lu out of the hall. With a tap of his feet, he brought Yun Ruo Lu flying up and down on the roof.

Yun Ruo Lu felt her stomach churning as she spurted out a mouthful of blood. She inwardly cursed the black-clothed man for being so rude to save her. If she were to be tossed around by him again, it would be strange if she didn't die.

"Just send me back to Plum Garden …"

Yun Ruo Lu tried her best to speak, but her vision began to blur. She was completely oblivious to the fact that they had arrived at Plum Garden.

The man in black tossed her onto the bed and was about to leave when Yun Ruo Lu grabbed onto the corner of his clothes and said indistinctly: "Jin …" Are you the one who caught Jinsi... Captured? "

"Nothing will happen to her, please rest assured!"

After the man in black said this, he threw down a bottle of medicine and left without turning back. Yun Ruo Lu could no longer hold on and fainted.

It wasn't until deep into the night that Yun Ruo woke up from her cold state, and the Jin Se still hadn't returned.

The words the black clothed man left behind before he left caused Yun Ruo's anxious heart to slightly calm down. However, she couldn't figure out where this man in black came from or what he wanted to do.

The pain in her body continued to torment her. From the moment she came to this world, she had clearly remembered every single one of her torments. One day, she would be able to turn over a new leaf.

Although Yun Ruo Man's injuries were worse than her previous fever, the medicine left behind by the man in black was effective. She only took two pills, but the wounds on her body were not as painful.

On the afternoon of the second day, Jinsi returned to the Plum Garden safely. Seeing that Yun Ruo Lu's body was covered in injuries in order to find her, Jinsi's eyes swelled up from crying.

Yun Ruo Lu had asked the reason for Jin Se's disappearance. It turned out that Jin Se had not been imprisoned by Liu Yanhan, but had been taken away by Yuchi Chen's men.

Yuchi Chen wanted to know why Yun Ruo Lu's personality had changed so much. Since he couldn't explain it, he was locked up in the dark room for an entire day and night.

Later, knowing that Yun Ruo Lu had been severely injured at Liu Yanhan's place, Yuchi Chen let her return to take care of her master.

Everyone in the world had said that Yuchi Chen was not in the palace, so she did not consider that Jinther would be taken away by Yuchi Chen. What surprised her even more was that Yuchi Chen had actually let her go after her injury.

"Empress, get up and take some medicine. "How could the princess be so cruel as to torment you like this?"

Jinx carried the medicine to Yun Ruo Lu's bedside and helped her up and fed her the medicine. When she saw that Yun Ruo Lu would frown even if she moved a little, the guilt in her heart would increase.

If it weren't for her, her Empress would not have suffered so much, suffered so unimaginably.

"Silly girl, I'm fine. I said I would protect you and not let anyone bully you."

In order to console her, Yun Ruo Ran gave her a rare forced smile. Although she had only been in this world for a few days, she was very clear about who was truly good to her.

Just as she was about to speak up, Yuchi Chen's emotionless voice rang out from outside the door, "This King has ordered you to not step out of Plum Garden. You actually dared to walk out recklessly. If you don't die this time, you'll be lucky. Next time, you won't be so lucky!"

Such heartless words did not make Yun Ruo Lu feel sorrowful, but instead aroused her fighting spirit. Because from today onwards, not only would she have to leave the Plum Garden, but she would also have to leave the Prince's Mansion!

After saying that, Yuchi Chen did not turn to leave as he usually did. Instead, he stood by the door and glared angrily at Yun Ruo Lu. Yun Ruo Lu did not know what he was angry about. Was it because she left Plum Garden? Or was it because she was injured because she didn't protect herself?

If she had to choose, she would believe in the former more. Yuchi Chen's hatred for her was so vivid that even she, who had already recovered her memories, could not understand how she had offended him to such an extent.

Or was it because Yuchi Chen deeply loved her sister, Yun Ruyao, and yet had married her without her knowledge? Was it because Yuchi Chen felt ashamed to see her? He wanted to return the hatred in his heart back to her as much as he could.

"Your Highness, since you're here and don't want to leave, then come in and take a seat. It's not good to just stand at the door."

Seeing that Yuchi Chen had not left, Yun Ruo Lu pretended to speak in a gentle voice. This was because she discovered that the more unyielding her attitude was, the more Yuchi Chen wanted to confront her.

Therefore, she wanted to try to put on a show of weakness in front of him and see how Yuchi Chen would react.

Just as she expected, when Yuchi Chen heard her soft voice, his entire body froze for a few seconds. The beautiful woman's eyes widened as she turned her head to look at Yun Ruo Lu.

Yuchi Chen was momentarily stunned before a playful smile appeared on his face. With a snort in his heart, he stepped into Ruoruo's room and dismissed her.

When only Yun Ruo Lu and Yuchi Chen were left in the room, the silent atmosphere suddenly became complicated and tense. It was like watching a ticking time bomb counting down to the last few seconds while the person dismantling the bomb was still hesitating on which line to cut.

Yuchi Chen came to Yun Ruo Lu's bedside. He used one hand to pick up her smooth chin and lifted her face to meet his gaze. Both of their gazes were firm and unyielding; neither wanted to admit defeat.

The two of them stayed in a deadlock for nearly a minute. Finally, Yuchi Chen said through gritted teeth, "What's the matter?" You've thought it through? You want to keep This King here? "

Yun Ruo Lu laughed coldly, "Chenqie doesn't have that kind of beauty and doesn't dare to be pampered by Your Highness!"

"You don't dare?" This King clearly remembers how coquettishly you asked This King for it that night... "

As Yuchi Chen spoke, Yun Ruo glared at him, not allowing him to continue. That time, she had just transmigrated, but the bewitching medicine in her body was still there, which was why she couldn't help it.

That night was the greatest humiliation to the proud Yun Ruo Lu!

"What is it? Do you dare to admit it? Or do you want This King to have a replay with you of that night's drama? "

As Yuchi Chen spoke, his other hand caressed Yun Ruo's face teasingly.

Yun Ruo Lu wanted to turn her face away, but she was held back by Yuchi Chen. She could only extend a hand to block him, but before she could do so, she was held back by Yuchi Chen's hands.

Yuchi Chen looked complacently at Yun Ruo Lu's flushed face. He wanted to see her embarrassed expression so that his revenge would have some meaning.

"You are This King's person. It's rare for This King to not be able to touch you."

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