Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C15 An unprecedented feeling of sympathy
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Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C15 An unprecedented feeling of sympathy
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C15 An unprecedented feeling of sympathy

As Yuchi Chen spoke, he tore apart Yun Ruo's clothes without any room for resistance.

Yun Ruo's snow-white skin and alluring peaks were exposed to Yuchi Chen. At the same time, her body was riddled with shocking wounds.

For some reason, when Yuchi Chen, who had only wanted to embarrass Yun Ruo, saw the wounds on her body, the resentment in his heart turned into anger.

He was furious that the damnable woman had actually hurt Yun Ruo so badly!

Of course, Yun Ruo Lu did not notice the change in Yuchi Chen's demeanor. She scolded him angrily: "You beast! If you have the ability, don't take advantage of me! "

Yun Ruo Man's body was covered with wounds. Naturally, she could not beat Yuchi Chen, and her strength had decreased by a lot.

She knew that Yuchi Chen only wanted to humiliate her, but this humiliation would make her hate him for the rest of her life!

Yun Ruo's scolding caused the only trace of sympathy in Yuchi Chen's heart to vanish. Was he a beast? He took advantage of her? If he didn't teach her a lesson soon, she might become even bolder in the future.

Anger flashed in Yuchi Chen's eyes. His mind was blank, and his mind was completely devoid of reason. He tore at Yun Ruo Lu's clothes until all the wounds on her body were exposed to his eyes. Only then did his feverish head gradually calm down.

That damnable heart of pity from before actually came out again. If she only spoke a little soft word to him now, he would definitely seek justice for her.

However, it was impossible for the extremely furious Yun Ruo Lu to do that. She could only wish to kill the man in front of her right now.

As Yuchi Chen was in a trance, Yun Ruo Lu mercilessly bit on his shoulder.

The intense pain jolted Yuchi Chen back to his senses, and the hatred in his eyes towards Yun Ruo Lu grew even more intense. He could always ignore her, but today, for the first time ever, he felt sympathy and heartache for her.

"Damn it!"

Blood flowed from Yuchi Chen's shoulder as she was bitten by Yun Ruo. Having regained her temper, Yuchi Chen showed no mercy at all and pushed her onto the bed.

Seeing the deep bite marks left on the wound, Yuchi Chen almost went crazy. He gritted his teeth and took a deep breath, finally giving up on the idea of killing someone.

"Humph!" You should take care of yourself! "

Yuchi Chen slammed the door angrily and left. Jinsi immediately rushed in worriedly. Looking at Yun Ruo who was in a sorry state, her expression was very complicated.

"Empress …" You... No... Are you alright? "

This was the first time she saw Yun Ruo Man lying lifelessly on the bed looking at the bed curtain. Jin Se covered Yun Ruo's horrible wounds with a blanket.

"Jin'er, I'm fine. Go and prepare hot water for me, I want to take a bath."

Yuchi Chen was as terrifying as a wild beast, and she was the lamb that had just escaped from the mouth of the wild beast.

"Empress, this is your wound."

Jin Se was worried that the wounds on Yun Ruo Lu's body would hurt if she came into contact with hot water, so she didn't dare to do it.

"It's fine. If I don't clean up the wound, the infection will be very troublesome."

"Yes, esteemed wangfei, rest well. Jin'er will go prepare hot water for you right now."

With that, Jin Se left the room. Yun Ruo Lu lay alone in her room with a complicated feeling in her heart.

On the other side, Yuchi Chen hurried back to his study room. The anger in his heart had yet to subside. As long as he thought of Yun Ruo, hatred would arise within him. It was a hatred that he could not let go.

He had thought that he would hate that woman to the bone, but why did this hatred carry pain? He should be happy to hate her. The kind of heartache that appeared and disappeared from time to time would cause him to feel even more hatred towards Yun Ruo Lu.

Right! She owed him! Therefore, it was only natural for him to hate her! And she would have to atone for it all her life!

Every time he saw Yun Ruo Lu's face, he would think of that woman! The woman who had made him love her to death while betraying him and torturing him!

Even if she was already dead, it wouldn't be enough to make up for the damage she had done to him!

Fortunately, the heavens were kind enough to let him meet Yun Ruo Lu. He had always thought that it was time for him to take revenge on Yun Ruo Lu for all his grudges.

And Yun Ruo's appearance was to atone for that woman's sins!

He wanted to take his revenge. He wanted to take revenge as much as he could. All the damage that the woman had inflicted on him was still on Yun Ruo Lu.

He had always believed that everything he had done was right, and he hated her for it. He had tortured her, ignored her, and insulted her, all because of his actions.

But why? Why was he not happy when he saw the wounds on her body today? Instead, he was angry, felt pity for her, and even wanted to kill Liu Yanhan.

This unexpected emotion made him very uneasy. He was afraid that he would lose himself again, and in the end, all he got was that woman's betrayal and injuries.

Didn't she want to escape him? Didn't she want to leave the manor? Then he would play with her!

As Yuchi Chen thought to himself, he clenched his fists so hard that the bones in his fingers creaked. A sinister light shone in his eyes.

Within the Plum Garden, Yun Ruo sat in the bath barrel washing her wounds while her mind played upon the scene of her and Yuchi Chen having an affair.

She, who had always seen the greater picture, was unable to erase what she had hated that night.

She kept wiping her body, as if she wanted to wash it clean. She had no feelings for Yuchi Chen, so she could not accept what had happened that night.

Especially when Yuchi Chen had used that night's incident to humiliate her, she had always felt the urge to commit suicide.

Her self-esteem was strong because she had her pride and backbone. Yuchi Chen hated her so much, so he would not change his attitude and love for her just because he had a night of fun. He would only look down on her even more.

Liu Yanhan was Yuchi Chen's first wife, while YunRuo Lu from the 21st century felt like a mistress. Even though she didn't do anything, she was still destroying other people's families.

But now, she wouldn't sympathize with Liu Yanhan because the harm she suffered was far greater than her.

Therefore, even if it was destroyed, she would destroy it to the end. She wanted to make this prince's mansion restless. Otherwise, she wouldn't be as unruly as the clouds in the sky.

"Yuchi Chen, Liu Yanhan!" I'll be waiting for you, and you guys should prepare for it too! "

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