Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C17 Initial encounter with yuchi yan
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Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C17 Initial encounter with yuchi yan
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C17 Initial encounter with yuchi yan

Yun Ruo Lu turned her head to look and saw a blue-robed man standing at the door. His eyes were like crescent moons, and his handsome face was similar to Yuchi Chen's, but he wasn't as gloomy and amiable as Yuchi Chen's.

"Empress, this is the Seventh Prince."

Jin Se was worried that Yun Ruo Lu would not be able to recall it immediately, so he walked to her side and quietly reminded her.

Yun Ruo's mind went back to the day of her marriage with Yuchi Chen. She had met this Seventh Marquis before, and he had spoken to her alone that day. If her memory was correct, this Seventh Prince should be called Yuchi Yan.

"Seventh Prince, how have you been? "Jin'er, go pour some tea for the Seventh Marquis!"

Yun Ruo called over Yuchi Yan and sat him down in the courtyard, completely ignoring his previous order. This was because she was very familiar with the Seventh Prince at first sight. He didn't have the airs of a prince, and he also looked very kind. She was very willing to communicate with him.

"It's rare that Fifth Sister-in-Law still remembers me, so I won't be polite."

He strode into the Plum Garden, sat down by a stone table, and Jin Se served them tea.

"That's right!" "It's a very fragrant Plum Blossom Tea. It seems like Fifth Sister-in-law really likes plum blossoms."

Yuchi Yan took a sip of the Plum Blossom tea that had been served to him by Jinsi, praising him in a very appreciative manner.

"There are many plum blossoms falling every day in this Plum Garden. I just don't want to waste it." Furthermore, Yuchi Chen is so harsh on my usage of silver that he doesn't want to be self-reliant. Even if he were to live in this luxurious palace, it would be hard for him to live. "

She did not know whether it was because of Yuchi Chen or Liu Yanhan's interference, but she had asked Jinsi to calculate their income and expenses. Since the day she entered the palace, she had not used any of her money to make ends meet.

If she hadn't married into the Prime Minister's estate with silver taels, Jinx and she would have already starved to death.

Yuchi Yan did not expect Yun Ruo You to say such words to him. He laughed, "Fifth sister is a capable person. In the future, she will definitely be a good wife for fifth brother."

"Hmph, let's say ours. Don't mention him. That's right, why is Seventh Prince so free today, and why are you here? "

"Speaking of which, I am ashamed. Ever since Fifth Sister-in-Law married Fifth Brother, I have never had the chance to visit her. Today, she heard that her sister-in-law wasn't well, so she came to visit. I hope that Sister-in-law will not blame me for coming uninvited. "

When Yuchi Yan spoke, he always had a kind smile on his face. It was a very natural smile, not hypocritical or forced at all. It was as if he was very familiar with Yun Ruo Lu, and his speech was also very relaxed and natural.

This made it so that Yun Ruo Man wasn't too wary of him, because she couldn't see what other motives Yuchi Yan had, and instead found it strange that he had simply come to pay her a visit.

"It's alright, it's just that I don't have much to entertain the Seventh Prince in this crappy garden. It's better if the Seventh Prince doesn't mind."

Yun Ruo Man revealed a rarely seen friendly smile. When Yun Ruo smiled, it was ten times more beautiful than her usual coldness. It was very easy to leave behind unforgettable memories.

"Sister-in-law is too polite, I'm already very satisfied with just the Plum Blossom Tea."

As princes, they had never seen or tasted anything good. Sometimes, the more ordinary things were, the more interesting they would be to them.

However, she wouldn't simply believe that Yuchi Yan had come here for the sake of a cup of tea. However, if she got along well with this Seventh Marquis, she might have the opportunity to ask him for help in the future.

After all, she was currently too weak and needed to expand her powerful shield.

"Oh right, sister-in-law, I saw you and your servant training in the yard. Why does it look so strange?"

Yuchi Yan suddenly remembered what he had just seen. He couldn't help but ask curiously.

Yun Ruo smiled, she wanted to force the ancients to accept Taekwondo, so she felt that it would be a bit awkward and difficult to adapt.

However, the reason she chose Taekwondo was because practicing this technique could speed up her training, unlike ancient martial arts, which required eight to ten years.

"That's Taekwondo, hmm... "I found it when I was bored at the Prime Minister's Estate and was flipping through ancient books."

In order to explain the Taekwondo to a reasonable explanation, Yun Ruo Lu had to lie.

"Oh? Is that so? "It seems very interesting. Why don't you teach me too, sister-in-law, so I can have a better understanding of it?"

Yuchi Yanghong had an expression of interest on his face, while Yun Ruo Lu also felt bored. Mentor was so angry that he wanted to spit out blood, so he said, "Alright, that's easy. I promise you, Seventh Brother, that you'll learn it immediately."

Thus, Yun Ruo Man and Yuchi Yan got along happily. Yuchi Yan was indeed as smart as she had imagined, and with his martial arts foundation, he quickly memorized the Taekwondo moves, and compared them to fighting well.

However, when the Taekwondo moves were paired with Yuchi Yan's clothes, no matter how she looked at it, she could not help but feel that something was wrong.

"Sister-in-law, let's spar when we have the chance." It's getting late, so I should also go back. "

Yuchi Yan left with some reluctance. From his conversation with Yun Ruo Lu, he had learned many things that he had never heard of and was very interested in. For example, what is Taekwondo, and its founder, Cui Kuoxi, is a foreign state general.

Before Yuchi Yan left, Yun Ruo Lu had promised him a gift as soon as he came down.

"Esteemed Empress, Jin'er has never seen you so happy today. It seems like the charisma of our Seventh Prince isn't small either!"

As soon as Yuchi Yan left, Jinsi began to make fun of him.

Although she was very happy to be acquainted with the Seventh Prince, she only considered Yuchi Yan as a friend, and even hoped that he would develop into one of the best friends in the future.

"Damned girl, you should learn from the Seventh Prince. You haven't improved after so long."

Yun Ruo poked Jinsi's head as she scolded. She didn't know what to say about what Jinsi was currently learning.

Jin Se pouted with grievance and muttered in a low voice, "How can you blame me for this? Jin'er really has a hard time understanding what the Empress has said."

"Alright!" "Don't dawdle here. Go and buy me some cloth. I want to make some for myself."

Seeing that Jin Se was still in a daze, not knowing what to do, Yun Ruo Lu grabbed Jin Se's shoulder and gave a reminder. She wanted to make some Taekwondo clothes, which would make it easier to use in practice.

"The Empress wants to make clothes herself?"

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