Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C18 Steal out of the palace
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Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C18 Steal out of the palace
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C18 Steal out of the palace

Jinsi curiously opened his eyes wide and looked at the clear sky. He thought to himself, "It's not a special day, why would her mistress think of making clothes?"

"It's made for you and the Seventh Marquis!"

Yun Ruo Lu once again hit Jin Se's head in a bad mood. This little girl was always making a fuss like this. The things she had taught her were all done in a calm manner. The joy and anger they had shown were all for naught.

"For me? And there was also Seventh Prince? However … Was this appropriate? What sort of clothes did the Empress want to make? We still need Jin'er to do it. "

Although the Fifth Prince was currently ignoring them, if the Fifth Prince found out that the Empress made clothes for other men, wouldn't it cause a ruckus within the estate?

"Don't talk so much nonsense! I'll do whatever I say! "

"Alright then … "Jin'er will go out on the streets and bring cloth back to the Empress."

The Fifth Prince looked angry, but he didn't have the joy of getting a new set of clothes.

"Wait a minute, get out on the street..." We'll go together! "

When Jinsi mentioned going out on the street, Yun Ruo Lu's eyes immediately lit up. She thought of something that attracted her.

After experiencing so many things from transmigrating to this world, it was about a month's time. During this month, apart from walking around in the prince's mansion, she had never left it.

She had never personally seen the ancient streets before, so she naturally wanted to go out and take a look.

"One …" Together? "Empress, stop joking with Jin'er. If Prince finds out that the Empress left the Prince's estate, he'll suffer again when he comes back."

Hearing that Yun Ruo Lu wanted to go out on the streets together, Jin Se's face turned green from fright.

"Are you afraid of Yuchi Chen?" He wouldn't come to the Plum Garden even once every ten days, and other people can't enter the Plum Garden. So, as long as you don't say anything, who will leave us and go out? "

Even if Yuchi Chen did know, what could he do to her? Was it over? That's for the best!

"That's true, but there are so many guards in the mansion, how are we going to get out?"

Jin Se pointed out the biggest problem they were facing. They already had two sect gods outside of Plum Garden, not to mention the distance.

Yun Ruo You thought about it, snapped her fingers, and whispered a few sentences into Jin Se's ear. Jin Se's eyes immediately began to emit golden light, and a sly smile appeared on her face.

"Do you understand? If you understand, then do as I say. I guarantee that you will succeed! "

"The Empress is really smart, Jin'er will go right away!"

With that, Jin Se ran to the entrance of Mei Yuan's manor and anxiously shouted at the two guards, "Not good! If the Empress hanged herself, all of you should hurry in and save the Empress! "

When the two armored guards heard this, they looked at each other before charging into the Plum Garden. They opened the doors, but saw nothing.

At this time, Yun Ruo Lu suddenly attacked from behind, she used a wooden stick to knock out the two guards.

"Success!" "Jin'er, act according to the plan!"

As Yun Ruo said that, she dragged the guard into the house and tied him up. Then, she took off their outer robes and changed into them with Jin Se.

"Empress, can we really sneak out like this?" You won't be discovered, right? "

After changing his clothes, Jin Se asked with a bit of a guilty conscience. Yun Ruo Lu looked at Jin Se who was wrapped tightly, and made an OK gesture.

From the very first day she arrived in this world, she discovered the flaws of the guards in this palace.

The guards in the manor were divided into two levels. The first was the soldiers of the Iron Armor Army, who were fully dressed in armor and wearing a metal hood. Apart from their eyes, they were completely covered in armor.

The other type were ordinary cloth soldiers that could be deployed at any time. Their clothing was no different from that of ordinary guards.

And if there was someone with ill intentions who wanted to sneak into the palace, as long as they dressed up as the Iron Armor Army, they would be able to freely walk around in the mansion openly.

Of course, if they wanted to leave the manor, they could also use this method.

However, her revenge had yet to be avenged, and her plan for escape was not yet complete. She could not leave without returning, otherwise if she was caught by Yuchi Chen, she would be sent back to the dungeon. Then it would be even harder to leave.

"Empress, this armor is so heavy." Sigh, Empress, don't go so fast, wait for me! "

Jenser used both of his hands to hold onto his helmet, and chased after Yun Ruo Lu with a lot of effort. Even when he walked, he ended up falling.

"You didn't listen to me when I told you to exercise more, now do you understand the importance of it? You should walk normally and not arouse suspicion. "

Yun Ruo You brought Jin Se along while she hid and inspected the route. Luckily, they smoothly arrived at the entrance of the mansion. While the two of them were filled with joy, a carriage slowly stopped in front of the mansion.

Yun Ruo pulled Jensen to the side and signaled her not to raise her head and not to bite.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw that the one who got off the carriage was Liu Yanhan!

Fortunately, they weren't Yuchi Chen. As long as they could endure for a while, they would be able to leave safely once Liu Yanhan walked in.

Liu Yanhan got off the carriage with the support of her personal maid. She walked elegantly and slowly up the steps, and then didn't notice anything unusual that passed by Yun Ruo Lu's side.

Just as Liu Yanhan lifted her foot to step into the manor's entrance, Jinsi suddenly sneezed loudly beside Yun Ruo Lu, which immediately attracted everyone's attention.

Liu Yanhan stopped, and her gaze shifted to Yun Ruo and Jin Se. She looked to be deep in thought.

"You two? Have I seen you guys somewhere before? "

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