Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C19 Be caught in the dark
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Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C19 Be caught in the dark
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C19 Be caught in the dark

Hearing Liu Yanhan's question, Jinsi lowered her head even more. Yun Ruo let out a long breath and said in a low voice, "Reporting to Princess, I am the prince's bodyguard. I've come on orders from the Prince!"

Liu Yanhan approached Yun Ruo with suspicion. She stared into Yun Ruo's eyes for a long time and still wanted to ask something, but the steward of the mansion ran out and greeted her, "Princess, you're back. Your highness has been waiting for you in the study for a long time."

"Let's go!" Bring me to see Your Highness! "

Hearing the butler say that the prince was waiting for her, Liu Yanhan didn't care about Yun Ruo and walked towards the manor in large strides.

Seeing Liu Yanhan leave, Yun Ruo and Jinsheng let out a sigh of relief. They were even more confused about why Liu Yanhan came back so late. Thus, she asked the guard at the door curiously, "Brother, where did esteemed wangfei go? "Why do you look so tired?"

"I say, brother, you are the prince's bodyguard, don't you know that? "Esteemed wangfei went to see the empress dowager today and just returned from the palace."

Meet Her Majesty? However, this wasn't strange. Liu Yanhan was the empress dowager's niece, so it wasn't strange for her to come to the palace to talk about the family. However, based on his calculations, Yuchi Chen and Liu Yanhan should be cousins. He didn't know if the Yuchi family had a genetic disease, or if their future child would be a fool or an idiot.

Seeing the ancient city and the real living environment of the ancient people with her own eyes, Yun Ruo Lu could not help but get excited. It had been a long time since Jinsi came to the streets, he saw the bustling and lively streets, and he appeared very happy beside Yun Ruo Lu.

"Wah …" "Empress, look over there. There are so many beautiful colored lights, and there are even acrobats. Let's go over and take a look."

"Pay attention to your image. We're still wearing the uniform of the imperial guards. Don't let them treat you like a monster!"

Yun Ruo Lu's soft reminder was quite disgraceful. It was filled with lively people jumping around. If it was possible, she would really like to knock her out with a palm at that moment.

"Oh …"

Seeing that she was like a deflated balloon, Yun Ruo sighed and said, "Let's find a place to change clothes first. It's too obvious walking down the street like this!"

The two of them found a tailor shop and bought two sets of men's clothing to wear before leisurely strolling around the streets to play around. This was why he didn't want to think about it and didn't want to go back even when it was dark.

By the time Yun Ruo Man and Jin Se returned to the mansion, it was already late at night. They couldn't enter through the main entrance, so they could only climb over the wall.

"Empress, I know a good place. I'll bring you there."

Jinsi found a place closer to the Plum Garden and flipped over the wall. Fortunately, the wall of the palace was not very high, so the two of them smoothly returned to the palace.

They only took one path to Mei Yuan's door. Just when Yun Ruo Lu thought that everything was done in secret, she pushed open Mei Yuan's door and was surrounded by a group of guards.

The young woman was shocked by the sudden scene. Yun Ruo Lu covered the young girl behind her, and looked at the person who walked over after the crowd cleared the path.

Other than Yuchi Chen, Liu Yanhan followed behind him with a menacing look on her face.

Yun Ruo inwardly sighed. It must have been Liu Yanhan who had intentionally lured Yuchi Chen over after finding out that she had left the manor. However, even though she met Liu Yanhan at the entrance of the Royal Mansion today, she was dressed like a bodyguard and had changed her voice. There was no reason for Liu Yanhan to recognize her.

"Sister, you are truly getting bolder and bolder. You actually didn't report to the prince and left his residence on your own accord. Have you ever put the prince in your eyes?"

Liu Yan Han walked in front of Yun Ruo Lu complacently, as if she was ready to denounce her for her crimes.

"It's just going out for a walk. Is there really a need to bring so many guards along like catching criminals?"

Yun Ruo Lu said snappily. It wasn't like she had committed any grave offense, so why would she be punished?

"Going out for a walk? You're back so late and dressed like this, could it be that you're going out to do something shameful? "

Liu Yanhan refused to let him go. Seeing that Yun Ruo was dressed in men's clothing, she looked like she was watching a good show. Yuchi Chen stared at Yun Ruo, not saying a word. It was as if he wanted to see if Yun Ruo Lu was lying to him.

"Esteemed wangfei, don't wrongly accuse a good person. My esteemed wangfei only went out to buy some cloth and forgot the time to come back so late!"

Seeing that Liu Yanhan wanted to frame Yun Ruo, Jinsi boldly walked out from behind her and showed everyone the fabric they bought.

"Jinye, this has nothing to do with you. Go back to your room first!"

Yun Ruo gave a light 'hur' sound, and the Jin Se did not dare to speak anymore. She knew that the Empress wanted to protect her, but she simply could not bear to see people bullying her.

"Stop!" Your highness didn't say anything, yet you, a damn girl, actually dare to leave? "

Liu Yanhan suddenly stood in front of Jin Se and snatched away the cloth in her hands. Her sharp eyes flashed with a light as if she had discovered some big secret.

"Your Royal Highness, look, these pieces of cloth are not for females to use at all."

Yuchi Chen glanced at the coarse white cloth, and his gloomy face turned even uglier. He gritted his teeth as he asked, "What's going on?"

Yun Ruo Lu knew he was going to do this, so she helplessly rolled her eyes at him and said smoothly as if she had already thought of an excuse: "Who said that this kind of coarse, white cloth woman can't be used? Or did the Yuchi Dynasty have such a rule? "

"Everyone, withdraw for This King!"

All the guards immediately retreated from Plum Garden, leaving only Yun Ruo and the other three behind.

"Your highness, she's getting more and more lawless. Your highness, you can't let her go so easily!"

Seeing that all the guards had retreated, Liu Yanhan was afraid that Yuchi Chen wouldn't punish Yun Ruo. She immediately stood off to the side, fanning the flames.

"You can also withdraw for This King!"

"Prince …"

"Step down!"

Liu Yanhan was scared stiff by Yuchi Chen's bellow, and she bit her lips with a glint in her eyes. In the end, she stomped her feet in anger, unwillingly bringing her maidservant away from Plum Garden.

And Jinsi knew that the situation was not right, so he obediently returned to his room, afraid that even if he said a few more words, his words would deepen the hatred the prince had for his mistress.

Only Yuchi Chen and Yun Ruo Lu were left in the gloomy Plum Garden. The night wind blew past, carrying a slight chill with it. Both of their auras were very strong, causing the moon to be hidden in the clouds, not daring to come out.

"Speak!" What exactly did you go out to do? "

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