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C2 First failure

After staring at Yun Ruo Lu for a while, Seven Nights chuckled, "Miss Yun, do you know how much effort I have put into this?"

Just as he finished speaking, a gun was pointed at the back of Yun Ruo Ran's head.

There was actually someone else in this building that she did not know about! With the unease in her heart confirmed, Yun Ruo Lu knew that the organization had given her the wrong information. Her operation this time had been betrayed!

"Put down your gun." A cold voice rang out, and the man behind her slowly walked to the front.

Yun Ruo's eyes shifted to the side as she clearly saw this man's appearance. His face was filled with a cold intent, his pitch-black pupils seemed to be able to swallow everything, and his thin lips tightly pursed.

It turned out to be her good partner, Yi Xin!

Yun Ruo Lu clenched her teeth as she stared at Yi Xin's heart. As she pondered on how to adapt to the situation, she slowly put down the smoke extinguishing spear in her hands.

"Yi Xin, don't scare the little beauty. Let's sit down and talk!"

After finishing the cigarette in Qi Ye's hand, he threw the cigarette holder away and slowly walked to Yun Ruo Lu. He lowered his head to look at Yun Ruo You and asked, "How about we sit down and talk?" He gestured for Yi Xin to put down the gun.

Yi Xin understood and nodded his head. He put away his spear, carefully moved to the side, and stared fixedly at Yun Ruo Lu.

Yun Ruo could tell that the reason why Seven Nights dared to do this was because he had enough confidence in his Yi Xin. It seems like all along, a ticking time bomb had been placed beside her, yet she still didn't know about it!

Yun Ruo Lu looked at the two of them warily, not knowing what the Seven Nights' intentions were. At this moment, Yun Ruo Lu discovered that her body was starting to restlessly move … He felt his whole body heating up, but his back and palms were covered in cold sweat. A wave of uneasiness ran through his body. His heart itched, and his eyes gradually became a little hazy.

Damn it, you actually drugged me! Yun Ruo, who was very familiar with this object, softly cursed. She raised her head without concealing the killing intent in her eyes, "You drugged me?"

At this moment, the Seven Nights were like an elegant gentleman. The smile in their eyes was bright and beautiful. The cigarette he had smoked just now was specially processed. The smoke he exhaled was filled with high concentration of bewitching medicine. He had spent a great deal of effort to obtain her!

"My little darling, let us have an unforgettable night tonight."

With a look of triumph on his face, Seven Nights' hand gently caressed Yun Ruo's enchanting face, and slowly slid down to her white and tender jade neck. That kind of cozy and beautiful touch made Seven Nights unable to resist the urge to immediately take her.

"Bastard!" Yun Ruo was so angry that she couldn't reveal it. She propped herself up, used her toes to hook the smoke gun on the ground, and quickly held it in her hands. Then, she raised her hand and shot at Seven Nights.

Yi Xin remained silent, but he had always been on guard. The moment Yun Ruo Lu cursed, he was already prepared.

Bullets flew out of the gun one by one, and Yun Ruo Lu cursed under her breath, desperately trying to avoid the bullets in her heart, but the truth was not what she wanted. The angle of fire in her heart was calculated, as if she had calculated Yun Ruo Lu's dodging angle, no matter how fast she moved, her leg was still shot, and the intense pain continued to strike at her nerves.

Yun Ruo Lu's bullet had hit him for seven nights, but due to the enchanting medicine on his body causing his eyes to be unfocused, the seven nights had merely been a shoulder wound, and not a fatal point.

"Don't kill her!"

Seeing that Yun Ruo Lu was injured, the seven nights did not care about their injuries as they quickly gave the order.

She was a woman that he had taken a fancy to for seven nights, so how could he let her die so easily? Even if he could not obtain her heart, he would make her his puppet and accompany him by his side all day.

Perhaps it was because she was worried about Qi Jian's injuries that she had the chance to turn her head back. However, during this time, Yun Ruo endured the pain and ran towards an ancient painting in the corner of her office. She moved the painting with one hand, causing the wall to tremble and the secret room to open …

This was something she had accidentally discovered during her investigation of the Group of Seven Nights last week.

"Don't go in …!" In the instant that Yun Ruo's figure flashed into the secret chamber, Seven Nights shouted out in fear.

The chamber was pitch black. Yun Ruo Lu looked around, and the only thing she could see was a ring-shaped jade pendant emitting a gentle light. It looked like a glowing object at night.

That jade pendant was extremely ancient, and Yun Ruo Lu couldn't tell what it was. She thought to herself that this jade pendant must have been very important to her when she had entered the secret chamber seven nights ago.

Yun Ruo Lu extended her hand, and just as her fingertip touched the light of the jade pendant, the jade pendant gradually grew bigger, shining with light that illuminated her entire body. Soon after, there was a series of Heaven-Revolving Revolution as Yun Ruo Lu completely lost consciousness and fell into a coma.

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