Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C20 The beginning of the conspiracy
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Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C20 The beginning of the conspiracy
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C20 The beginning of the conspiracy

Yuchi Chen suddenly took a few steps forward and viciously gripped Yun Ruo Lu's neck with a murderous look in his eyes. The situation was too sudden and Yun Ruo Lu had no time to evade. She could only watch as Yuchi Chen choked her way through.

"I have a clear conscience, why would I need to explain!"

Yun Ruo Lu gritted her teeth, but there was no trace of panic in her heart. If Yuchi Chen really wanted to kill her, there was no point in saying anything.

"Humph!" Do you think This King will believe you just because of this? Do you believe that This King can kill you right now! "

Yuchi Chen snorted coldly as he increased his strength. The matter of Yun Ruo Lu sneaking out of the residence had already infuriated him. How could he not be suspicious of things that she was unwilling to explain?

If she dared to betray him, he would personally kill her without mercy.

"Even if you killed me, I didn't do anything shameful!"

Yun Ruo Lu knew that she could no longer provoke him. She needed to survive and live a better life. Thus, she had to dispel the doubts in Yuchi Chen's heart.

Seeing the resolute look in Yun Ruo Lu's eyes, Yuchi Chen let go of her hand and left in big strides.

Just as Yun Ruo You was about to let out a breath of relief, Yuchi Chen stopped at the door and looked back at her. He turned around and coldly said, "Tomorrow, follow me to the palace!"

After Yuchi Chen had left, Yun Ruo suddenly felt her entire body go limp. She had not expected Yuchi Chen to be so vicious and perverted, much more suspicious.

However, it was still the first time he let her enter the palace with him.

Although she was nominally the Prime Minister's daughter, she was only a secondary wife. If anything happened in the palace, she should've brought Liu Yanhan along!

"Empress, are you alright?" "I was so scared just now!"

Jin Se ran out of the house and immediately held onto Yun Ruo Lu. Feeling her ice-cold hands, Jin Se's heart was filled with worry and unease.

"It's fine, let's go in!"

It had been a close call, and if she had not been mentally tough, she would have been overwhelmed or even punished by Yuchi Chen's aura.

Yun Ruo Lu could not understand why Yuchi Chen, who had never stepped foot into the Plum Garden in the past, would suddenly come over so suddenly.

"Empress, you rest for a while. Jin'er will go prepare some hot water for you."

"Mmm, tomorrow I'm going to enter the palace, and you're coming with me."

Although she had already recovered her memories, the Imperial Palace was still a stranger to her. She did not understand the rules of the Imperial Palace. Only by being reminded of it by the brocade, would they be able to avoid making a mistake.

"Empress, is that true? Is it Prince who wants to bring the Empress to the palace? "

Hearing the news of entering the palace, not only did Jin Se not reveal any expression of fear, but on the contrary, she was exceptionally excited.

"Jin'er, this is entering the palace, not going out on the streets. If you say or do something wrong in the palace, you could lose your life at any time."

"Esteemed Empress, Jin'er naturally knows this. "Jin'er is only happy that Prince entered the palace to bring the Empress. This shows how much Prince values the Empress. In the future, no one will dare to look down on us anymore."

Although Jin'er explained with a smile, Yun Ruo Lu was a bit suspicious in her heart. She always felt that there wouldn't be any good things happening tomorrow after entering the palace. Plus, Liu Yanhan just returned today from the empress dowager's place. Since Liu Yanhan didn't like it, the empress dowager naturally wouldn't care too much about her.

"Alright, hurry up and prepare the hot water. I'm also tired."

After bathing in the petals, Yun Ruo Lu quickly fell asleep. This was the most peaceful and comfortable night she had ever slept in since arriving in this world. She didn't have any strange dreams, nor was she disturbed by anyone.

It was not until the next day that Yuchi Chen kicked the door open and pulled her out of bed.

"What are you doing?" Why are you here at such an early hour? "

Yun Ruo Man was in a bad mood after waking up from her shock. Seeing Yuchi Chen, she felt even more uncomfortable. Naturally, she spoke in a much louder voice than before.

Yuchi Chen was stunned by Yun Ruo Lu's angry roar. He had not yet lost his temper, yet this woman had dared to throw a tantrum. It seemed like if he didn't properly discipline her, she would really go against the rules!

"Someone, come!"

"Wait a moment …!"

Just as Yuchi Chen opened his mouth to speak, Yun Ruo Lu suddenly realized why Yuchi Chen had angrily barged into her room.

Didn't she want to enter the palace with him today? What time is it now? Why hadn't Jinx come to wake her up?

Seeing the sky brightening, Yun Ruo's heart was filled with doubts. She had never been in the habit of sleeping late. Even if she forgot about Jin Se, she wouldn't sleep so late.

Yun Ruo Lu tried her best to recall what happened last night. After she finished bathing, she fell asleep and didn't do anything else. The only unusual thing was that the petals in the water last night had become much sweeter than before. At that time, her mind was a little messy so she didn't notice it. Had someone done something to her water?

"This King has waited for you for two whole hours. What else do you have to say!?"

Yun Ruo Lu had to admit that it was indeed her fault. The fact that Yuchi Chen could wait for her for two hours was beyond her expectations.

"Your Royal Highness, even if you want to punish us, you can punish us as you wish when we return from the palace. However, if you continue to be entangled with us on this matter, I'm afraid that it will delay you even more."

Yuchi Chen weighed the pros and cons in his heart, and what Yun Ruo You had said was right. This was indeed not the time for an argument.

"This King will give you the time to boil a cup of tea and change your clothes!" If things go awry, don't blame This King for being impolite! "

Yuchi Chen glared viciously at Yun Ruo Lu; he had no intention of running away.

"That... Get out of here! With you here, how can I change? "

"What part of you is something This King has never seen before? Why should I avoid it? "

Yuchi Chen looked as if he was just watching a good show. Yun Ruo Lu could no longer hold it in. She scolded him in a low voice, "Shameless!"

When Yun Ruo Lu finished changing her clothes behind the screen, she suddenly had a bad premonition that the Jin Se still hadn't arrived …

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