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C4 Transcended?

Yun Ruo thought to herself. Suddenly, she remembered the glowing jade pendant that she had seen before she fainted, and the man that had been with her the night before was also surprised, saying that it might have been that jade pendant that brought her here.

"Mother …" Mom, you're going to loosen … Let go of Jin`er, Jin`er is really... "It's really dying."

Jinsi felt that it was hard for him to breathe, and he could not understand why his master would suddenly turn into a different person. He could only beg, hoping that Yun Ruo Lu would kill her with her bare hands.

After realizing her current situation, Yun Ruo Lu let go of Jin Se. As long as Jin Se wasn't someone from the Seven Nights, she wouldn't kill her.

"Wuwuwu …" "Empress, where did you get this much power? You scared Jin'er to death."

As soon as she let go of him, she collapsed to the ground and started to cry. Her pretty face turned into the shape of a kitten's.

"Jin..." Jin'er, are you alright? "

"Empress, what happened to you?" Why does it seem like I don't remember anything? "

Jinsi was a smart person, so she was able to see through Yun Ruo's abnormal behavior. Moreover, it was not a normal change, it was as if she was a completely different person.

Yun Ruo Lu didn't want to explain anymore, but said indifferently: "Maybe I'm really too tired, I lost my memory for a while."

"Ah …" It can't be? "The Fifth Prince was serious last night, letting the Empress toil the whole night. What should we do now?"

Jinsi stood up from the ground and paced around the room, worried. The news of her concubine sharing the same room as the Fifth Prince had been spread around, and the whole estate knew about it. Because last night, her mistress … It was too loud.

Just thinking about this caused Jinsi's face to flush red, and her mind to be in a state of chaos. She didn't know what to do.

"Jin'er, what is this?"

Yun Ruo leisurely picked up the bowl of black medicinal juice on the table and sniffed it. She couldn't help but frown. The bitter taste of traditional Chinese medicine was what she hated the most.

"This... "This …"

Jin Se hesitated as she didn't know what to say, but her eyes flickered with awkwardness. How could she dare say that? It was the pill the Fifth Prince had given to the Empress.

"Hmph …"

Seeing the expression on Jin Se's face, Yun Ruo Lu sneered, and without any hesitation, she drank the bowl of medicinal juice that made her feel disgusted just by smelling it.

Although she didn't want to talk about it, Yun Ruo Lu had already guessed the gist of it. That man's cold attitude last night when they were getting along, showed that she wasn't a favoured concubine.

Therefore, how could an unfavoured concubine bear his flesh and blood? This bowl must be a contraceptive pill.

She had been forced to do what she had done last night, so for a man who did not have any feelings for her, she did not want to conceive of him as a child.

"Mother …" "Mother …"

Yun Ruo You was able to guess what kind of medicine it was, and Jin Se wasn't surprised. After all, this was a common occurrence in the Prince's Mansion. It was just that Yun Ruo Lu drank all the medicine in a neither crying nor noisy manner, which really scared her.

If this was the past, her mother would definitely cry until the sky went dark. No, that couldn't be because her mother didn't dare to sleep with the Fifth Prince at all, so she had been clean ever since she married into the imperial concubine.

"Jinsi, I want to know everything about my past. "Also, don't let anyone know about my amnesia. I don't want to cause any more trouble, understand?"

Not only did Yun Ruo Man's words have a clear meaning, her seemingly weak body also gave off a frightening aura, giving people a formless pressure.

"Yes!" "Empress!"

Jin Se replied carefully while changing and dressing Yun Ruo Lu. Her hands and feet were originally nimble, but now she became exceptionally tense and her hands couldn't help but tremble.

"Jin'er, you don't have to be nervous. Since you're my personal servant, as long as you don't betray me, I won't hurt you again."

Feeling her anxiety, Yun Ruo Lu explained. Although she had always followed the owner of this body, she was an assassin from the 21st century, so she wouldn't easily trust anyone.

"Empress, Jin'er has grown up with the Empress, and is very loyal to the Empress. He would never betray the Empress, even if he died."

Hearing the word "betrayal," Jinsi was so scared that she immediately kneeled down and made a vow with her hands. Although she didn't know what had happened to her esteemed self, no matter what had happened, she would always stay by his side.

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