Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C9 Who would be so kind as to help her
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Wicked Prince’s Abandoned Wife/C9 Who would be so kind as to help her
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C9 Who would be so kind as to help her

Yun Ruo Lu picked up a square bag beside her. The bag was wrapped in layers and layers of yellowing paper. Only when she opened the bag to its innermost section did she see the two oily and delicious chicken legs.

The package had been thrown in through the ventilation window. Yun Ruo Lu was very surprised. Who would be so kind to help her in this Royal Mansion where everyone wore masks?

"Jin'er, wake up, we have something to eat!"

Yun Ruo Lu placed a chicken leg on the tip of Jin Se's nose and sniffed for her to smell. Jin Se immediately opened her eyes, swallowed her saliva and said: "Yes! How fragrant! Wow... It was still a chicken leg. "Empress, you're too awesome. How did you get this chicken drumstick?"

Jinsi took the chicken leg and was about to gnaw it, but Yun Ruo Ran stopped him and asked, "Jin`er, listen to me first. Someone threw the chicken leg through the ventilation window. Do you know who will help us in the Prince's Mansion? "

Jinther thought for a moment and replied, "In this palace, we have no relatives nor relatives. Moreover, the prince has always been cold towards the Empress, so there's almost no one who can help us."

"In that case, the person who threw the chicken leg in has only two objectives. "If you're not trying to help us, then you're …"

"He's trying to harm us!"

Before Yun Ruo could finish her words, Jinsi reacted and immediately put down the chicken leg in fright.

"I have an idea!"

In order to test if the chicken legs were poisonous, Yun Ruo Lu grabbed a mouse from a corner and tore off a bit of the meat from each leg, letting the mouse eat it.

If the chicken leg was poisoned, the rat would definitely die after eating it.

The two of them stared at the rat for a long time. Finally, they couldn't hold it in anymore and said, "This rat is actually fine, that person is trying to help us."

After saying that, Jinsi happily picked up a chicken leg and started eating. As she ate, she praised, "It's really delicious. Empress, you should also eat quickly!"

Yun Ruo Lu ate her chicken drumstick as she thought about the situation. No matter who it was that wanted to help them, she had to leave this place before she could investigate.

On the second day, Yun Ruo Man and Jin Se were awakened by the rustling sound of the iron chains being released. Jin Se was overjoyed and whispered, "Did the Prince send someone to let us out?"

The two iron gates opened. It wasn't Yuchi Chen who appeared, but Liu Yanhan!

Liu Yanhan's face was gloomy as she walked in with two guards. Each of the guards was holding a wooden bucket with a lid. Liu Yanhan looked around the dungeon environment and showed a look of disgust.

Liu Han Yan walked around the two of them and said with a mocking smile, "Little sister, are you used to living here? Big sister knows that you haven't eaten anything in two days, so I'm sending you something."

Liu Yanhan clapped her hands as she finished speaking. The two guards immediately put down the buckets and opened one of them. A disgusting and rotten smell immediately wafted out.

Without batting an eyelid, Yun Ruo Lu glanced at the wooden bucket; it was filled with sour pig food.

"Sister, how is it? Big Sister must be good to you! "

Liu Yanhan squatted down and faced Yun Ruo who was sitting on the ground. Her face was full of pride.

"Take your things away, or I'll let you eat them all!"

Yun Ruo Lu gritted her teeth, thinking to herself, could it be that the previous lesson did not scare this woman awake!

"Is that so? Then I'll see who it is that ate it today! Do it! "

Liu Yanhan gave the two guards a meaningful glance, and the guard immediately went up and wanted to capture Yun Ruo Lu. Yun Ruo Lu wanted to use the same trick to catch Liu Yan Han, because she no longer had the strength to fight with the two guards.

But unexpectedly, just as Yun Ruo made her move, Liu Yanhan cleverly dodged it.

Yun Ruo Man couldn't believe her eyes. She stared at Liu Yan Han and asked doubtfully: "You know martial arts?"

"Hahahaha, Yun Ruo Lu, you are really stupid. I'm the empress dowager's niece, so what if I know some martial arts? Do you really think you can threaten me so easily? If you didn't do that, how could you have fallen to the dungeon and suffer? "

Liu Yanhan laughed arrogantly, and Yun Ruo immediately understood what was going on. The reason Liu Yanhan had been captured was for Yuchi Chen to see and frame her.


By the time Yun Ruo Lu completely understood what was going on, she was already restrained by the two guards, and her weak body couldn't resist at all.

"You said I was despicable, but you still shamelessly seduced your highness and made him favor you."

When she said the word "favor", a cold light flashed across Liu Yanhan's eyes as if she hated her to the bones.

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