<p>“Weiyang, let’s go!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao couldn’t be bothered to care about them. Since no pretty boy for her anymore, she might as well go back and eat Weiyang!</p>


<p>Ye Weiyang had been wanting to leave for a long time, so he walked over and picked up Feng Zhiyao. He touched the lotus leaf with his foot and left.</p>

<p>Leaving behind the Beitang siblings, Xuanyuan Haofei and Situ Yelei looked to each other. Very soon, Xuanyuan Haofei was the first to recover from his shock. He ruthlessly glared at Beitang Zixuan.</p>

<p>“Big Brother, he has already left!”</p>

<p>Being stared at by Xuanyuan Haofei, Beitang Zixuan felt extremely uneasy. When she saw the stunned expression on Beitang Ziqian’s face, she hurriedly raised her elbow to remind him unhappily.</p>

<p>On the way back, Beitang Zixuan asked Beitang Ziqian, “Big brother, do you like Feng Zhiyao?”</p>

<p>“No …”</p>

<p>“She’s a woman whose engagement was cancelled by King of Qi, how could I like her!”</p>

<p>Beitang Ziqian hurriedly denied. He must had been possessed by an evil spirit when he tought Feng Zhiyao was beautiful!</p>

<p>“You better don’t!”</p>

<p>“If cousin sisiter finds out, you’ll be in for it!”</p>

<p>Beitang Zixuan bluntly teased him.</p>

<p>When Beitang Ziqian thought of Plum Villa’s cousin Fu Xueyan, his expression immediately changed greatly. “Don’t mention her to me!”</p>

<p>The voice was cold.</p>

<p>“Big brother, when mother was still alive, she already arranged this marriage for you. Even if you don’t like cousin sister, it won’t help.”</p>

<p>Beitang Zixuan sighed. She recalled how Ye Weiyang had treated Feng Zhiyao with such gentleness, she was about to go crazy with jealousy. At this moment, she couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Fu Xueyan, who had fallen in love with her big brother.</p>

<p>“Zixuan, I know my limits!”</p>

<p>Beitang Ziqian supported his forehead as if in pain.</p>


<p>She knew her big brother very well. He did not like it when others were worrying about his love life. Thus, when she heard his words, she fell silent.</p>

<p>However, her hatred of Feng Zhiyao grew bigger and bigger. A sinister ray of light flashed across the bottom of Beitang Zixuan’s eyes.</p>

<p>Perhaps if someone got rid of her, she would be able to get the beautiful man!</p>


<p>After Situ Yelei and Xuanyuan Haofei went their separate ways, they went to Jade Lotus Store to pick up Lady his mother Madame Yan and bring her home.</p>

<p>Madame Yan continued to chatter all the way. “Lei’er, the princess has a deep affection for you. You must not fail her.”</p>

<p>It was just these words.</p>

<p>Situ Yelei remembered the beautiful and pure woman on the cruise boat. A sense of loss flashed in his heart because she was no longer a virgin.</p>

<p>Situ Yelei didn’t want to argue with Madame Yan, so he nodded his head helplessly. Actually, this wasn’t what he was thinking. Right now, he didn’t want to fulfill his engagement with Xuanyuan Lingxi at all.</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haofei recalled that there was no scarlet sandalwood on Feng Zhiyao’s jade-white lotus root arm. Doubt slowly turned into jealousy and hatred. But who was the man who had obtained her virginity?</p>

<p>He would find a way to find that man and kill him!</p>


<p>The night was like water, the willow branch on the moon.</p>

<p>“Weiyang, why aren’t you saying anything?”</p>

<p>When Feng Zhiyao saw Ye Weiyang’s sullen expression after two of them return to Begonia Garden together. Therefore, she had no choice but to speak first to break the silence between them.</p>

<p>“Yao’er, is it …”</p>

<p>“that I can’t satisfy you.”</p>

<p>“Only with him …”</p>

<p>Ye Weiyang originally wanted to question Feng Zhiyao, but when she saw Feng Zhiyao’s smiling face, she really couldn’t scold her.</p>

<p>" Ye Weiyang … I don’t have anything to do with him!"</p>

<p>They should be chatting!</p>

<p>“What’s more, if anything really happens between me and him, I should at least strip myself naked!”</p>

<p>"Ye Weiyang, if you don’t have any proof, don’t let your imagination run wild! "</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao had already guessed that Ye Weiyang was silent because of this matter, so she directly fired off a round of fire at Ye Weiyang. She was depressed to death.</p>

<p>Ye Weiyang’s doubt was dispelled by her scolding. That’s right, Yao’er didn’t strip naked to do such intimate things with that man. He seemed to be stingy.</p>

<p>“Yao’er, I’m sorry!”</p>

<p>He could only blame himself for caring too much about Yao’er. Ye Weiyang embraced her and embarrassedly apologized.</p>

<p>“Weiyang, sometime what you see with your own eyes isn’t real. If you like me, you should trust me!”</p>

<p>Seeing him hesitating, Feng Zhiyao immediately secretly laughed in her heart. Fortunately, Ye Weiyang was still very easy to deal with. Yes, her beauty had always been unstoppable.</p>


<p>Ye Weiyang was suddenly kissed by Feng Zhiyao on his handsome face, and immediately nodded with a happy smile.</p>


<p>Ye Weiyang finally became Feng Zhiyao’s bodyguard for a month. On the last day, Ye Weiyang reluctantly left the Begonia Garden.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, why don’t you hold Young Master Ye!”</p>

<p>Zi Yun was curious. She had always thought that Young Master Ye would be a good person for the Eldest young miss. However, Young Master Ye had said that he would leave, Feng Zhiyao hadn’t intended to keep him.</p>

<p>“Eating one dish all the time, it’s so boring!”</p>

<p>“Ah, why I’m saying it to a little girl like you, you don’t understand!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao raised her eyebrows. Although she said that, she was very happy. She finally tricked Ye Weiyang away!</p>

<p>Although this method was a little evil, she felt that sacrificing for her great dream wouldn’t be a problem.</p>

<p>“Strange, Young Master Ye likes you so much, how could he bear to leave?”</p>

<p>Zi Yun still had an expression of disbelief.</p>

<p>" Zi Yun, today is the fifteenth day of august. Let’s go to the Jiu Yin Temple in Nan Yue Mountain and pray for blessings!"</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao smiled and changed the topic.</p>

<p>“Good, good, it’s said that the Jiu Yin Temple’s pear blossoms are at full bloom!”</p>

<p>Zi Yun smiled and quickly went to prepare the things for pray.</p>

<p>The Nan Yue Mountain’s range was long and winding, filled with green water and green hills, full of snow-white pear blossoms, as beautiful as the clouds and frost.</p>

<p>Under the blue sky and white clouds, wisps of smoke rose into the air as a winding path climbed upwards …</p>

<p>At the foot of the mountain, there were many fancy carriages and countless pilgrims. It was only because today was the fifteenth day that there were many people coming up and down the mountain.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, if we go up, we’ll have to get off the carriage and walk!”</p>

<p>Zi Yun lifted the curtain of the carriage and smiled.</p>

<p>“Alright, then let’s stop the carriage at the foot of the mountain. We will walk up by ourselves, and it will be a sign of our sincere desire for blessings!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao frowned and suddenly smiled.</p>

<p>“Is this the Feng family’s young miss’ carriage?”</p>

<p>Behind the carriage, there was a handsome man in white clothes. His hair was tied in a bun, and sunlight shone through the branches of the pear blossom onto his handsome face, giving him a sense of warmth.</p></blockquote>

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