<p>Feng Zhiyao got off the carriage and instantly smelled the fragrant scent of pear flowers. She looked into the distance and saw beautiful green between the snow-white pear flowers. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a man in white clothes, and she smiled sweetly.</p>

<p>“Young Master Li?”</p>

<p>“You’re also coming to the Jiu Yin Temple to pray?”</p>

<p>“When you lifted the curtain of the carriage earlier, I thought I saw the wrong person!”</p>

<p>“It’s really you!”</p>

<p>Li Mincan nodded his head and smiled gently.</p>

<p>The blazing sun shone down with a scorching light from above. Feng Zhiyao slightly frowned, Zi Yun hurriedly opened the oil-paper umbrella, smiled and said, “Eldest Miss, it’s cool on the mountain, shouldn’t we go up now?”</p>

<p>“En, that’s fine too!”</p>

<p>At the foot of the mountain, it’s so hot. Let’s go up the mountain!</p>

<p>Therefore, Feng Zhiyao laughed softly, “Alright!”</p>

<p>“Can I call you Yao’er?”</p>

<p>Li Mincan her call him Young Master Li, Li Minghan felt weird. He raised his eyebrows and smiled as he asked, “Of course, you don’t have to call me Young Master Li. You can call me Mincan!”</p>


<p>“Anyway, the name is just a code!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao covered her mouth and giggled.</p>

<p>“Then let’s pray for blessings together!”</p>

<p>“My pleasure!”</p>

<p>Li Mincan’s black eyes shifted as he smiled and nodded.</p>

<p>His snow-white silk robe swayed gently in the mountain breeze. His picturesque face seemed to be coated with a layer of dazzling light, making his appearance handsome and magnificent.</p>

<p>Beautiful man!</p>

<p>What a beautiful man!</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao looked at him with her heart full of lust. How good would it be if she could eat him?</p>

<p>“Miss, Young Master Li is already walking in front, why are you still in a daze?”</p>

<p>Zi Yun quickly reminded.</p>

<p>“Oh, then let’s keep up!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao smiled.</p>

<p>On the way, Li Mincan’s witty remarks made both Feng Zhiyao and Zi Yun laugh.</p>

<p>The three of them walked on the bluestone path up to the mountain.</p>

<p>However, the Jiu Yin Temple was built on the mountainside of Nan Yue Mountain. The temple was grand and imposing, and the entire temple was hidden in the snow-white pear forest. The corners of the temple revealed apricot yellow color that exuded a mysterious Buddhist feeling.</p>

<p>Within the Jiu Yin Temple, there were many guests. In a wide square in front of the entrance, many hawkers were selling incense sticks, underworld money and all sorts of small things, attracting many people to ask for their prices.</p>

<p>Inside the temple was a twelve-foot-tall Maitreya Buddh. It could be said that he was a monk with a big belly. The sunlight shards sprinkled on the body of the Buddha, giving it a golden glow.</p>

<p>“Yao’er, I’ve made an appointment with the host here to discuss some matters. Can you wait for me at the Qin Yin Pavilion in the back of the mountain?”</p>

<p>Li Mincan asked her after lighting the candles and burning incense.</p>


<p>Feng Zhiyao nodded with a smile. Seeing Li Mingyang following a little Sham to see the host, so she ordered Zi Yun to donate eighty-eight silver taels to Jiu Yin Temple before they prepared to leave for the back of the mountain.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, don’t you ask a sign?”</p>

<p>Zi Yun was puzzled. Didn’t other girls come to the Jiu Yin Temple just to ask for a marriage sign?</p>

<p>“I don’t believe that!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao shook her head.</p>

<p>" Zi Yun, let’s go to the Qin Yin Pavilion in the back of the mountains and wait for Young Master Li!"</p>

<p>Zi Yun immediately followed.</p>

<p>Surrounded by peaks, there was a limpid blue pond. The lake water was clear and transparent, with rows of pear trees on the shore. The wind blew past and the petals fell into the pond, creating ripples.</p>

<p>The Qin Yin Pavilion was built from pear trees and sat on the shore. Inside the pavilion was an exquisite, ancient and unadorned nine stringed zither.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, this place is so beautiful!”</p>

<p>Zi Yun couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration. The air was filled with the faint fragrance of flowers. With a light sniff, one would feel relaxed and happy.</p>

<p>Suddenly, Melodious sound of flute filled with a few hints of melancholy sounded, as if it was a depressing knot. Suddenly, it turned, like a stream flowing through a mountain. When Feng Zhiyao heard this, she couldn’t help but gently move towards the zither and press the strings with her delicate fingers. As a result, the beautiful and melodious music immediately rang out, greatly startling Feng Zhiyao.</p>

<p>It seemed like human, as if it knew what she was thinking.</p>

<p>The soft and moving music lingered endlessly around the beam, like flowing clouds and flowing water, like the heavenly sound of music, causing people to feel comfortable upon hearing it.</p>

<p>Soon ….</p>

<p>The sound of the zither drowned out the melodious sound of the flute …</p>

<p>When she played to the climax, green clothes fluttered in the wind, cool mountain breeze gently blew, causing Feng Zhiyao’s black hair to drift down like a waterfall, dancing like a butterfly.</p>

<p>At this moment, she was even more charming than a flower!</p>

<p>“Lady’s zither skills are good!”</p>

<p>Clear and melodious voice of a man sounded, like the gurgling of spring water, causing people to want to hear it again.</p>

<p>In the distance, a young man appeared under the pear tree. He looked to be around nineteen years old, and a fan shaped white jade hairpin was in his hair. His black hair fluttered in the wind like seaweed, and he looked like a fairy descending into the mortal world.</p>

<p>Through the branches of the pear tree, the mottled sunlight shone on his body. His sword-like eyebrows were like pictures, his starry eyes were bright, his lips were the color of cherry, and his skin was the color of snow. His pink long robe wrapped around his almost perfect body curves.</p>

<p>When he looked at her with his bright, starry eyes, she only felt her heart palpitating, and her charming little face flushed red. It would be great if she could eat such an immortal-like man!</p>

<p>But why was this man sitting in a wooden wheelchair?</p>

<p>What a pity!</p>

<p>She looked at his hands that were as white as white jade holding onto the wooden wheel, a trace of pity flashed in her eyes!</p>

<p>Her eyes were filled with mist, and her heart ached. How could a beautiful man be a cripple!</p>

<p>His handsome face looked very pale, especially when he suddenly coughed a few times. The servant beside him quickly handed him a white silk handkerchief.</p>

<p>Ah, isn’t this pretty boy’s body too weak!?</p>

<p>“Young master’s flute skill is extremely good!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao got up and walked towards him, smiling sweetly while looking at his peerless handsome face.</p>

<p>Just like that, he calmly stared at her. His warm, sun-like smile gave off a warm feeling to those within three feet of him.</p>

<p>“It’s a pity that the flute is good and the song can also be considered good. However, Young Master is preoccupied, so the ‘Calming Heart’ I played later overshadowed Young Master’s flute tune!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao pursed her lips into a smile and told him everything she had heard. Hearing Feng Zhiyao’s words, his eyes sparkled as he stared at Feng Zhiyao. This girl was good at the zither, and she was a straightforward person.</p>

<p>“May I know lady’s name?”</p></blockquote>

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