<p>“Father, is what King of Qi said true?”</p>

<p>A look of disbelief flashed across Feng Zhiyao’s face.</p>

<p>“It’s true!”</p>

<p>Feng Wucai nodded his head. That locust plague was really difficult to deal with!</p>

<p>Feng Wucai thought about it, he frowned once again.</p>

<p>“Father, are you sure about that?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao looked at him with a troubled face. It was probably very difficult to do, so there was no other way.</p>

<p>Feng Wucai lightly shook his head, thinking to himself that it was precisely because of this that the old emperor had left him and King of Jing to handle this matter!</p>

<p>After that, Feng Zhiyao ignored Xuanyuan Haohan and Xuanyuan Haofei, giving a desperate look to Father Feng. She wanted to say, “Father, Father, let’s quickly leave this damned place!”</p>

<p>She didn’t want to provoke either of these two princes.</p>

<p>Because the royal family represented trouble!</p>

<p>“My lords, I still has matters to attend to. I will take my leave first!”</p>

<p>Feng Wucai also had the same intention. He thought that if Yao’er stood here for a long time, the matter of Yao’er feigning illness would cause them to become suspicious, and that would be a bad thing!</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haohan nodded. However, when he saw Feng Zhiyao gently pass by him, he smiled meaningfully at her. This smile made Feng Zhiyao’s small body shudder.</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haofei originally wanted to stop them, but thinking about Xuanyuan Haohan’s presence, his mood became extremely bad. Thus, he hesitantly left in the direction of Dongzhi Gate.</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haohan stared at Xuanyuan Haofei’s back. Even it was not cold, his eyes were ice-cold to the bone.</p>


<p>After returning to the Prime Minister’s Mansion, Feng Zhiyao didn’t immediately return to the Begonia Garden. Instead, she followed Feng Wucai to the Nihan Study.</p>

<p>This study was an important place in Prime Minister’s Mansion, and was also the place where Feng Wucai worked.</p>

<p>There were no complicated decorations in this room, but it was rather unique and picturesque.</p>

<p>On the long table, there was a jade bamboo pen rack, several squares of snow-colored paper, and a wide glas filled with plain water. On top of it floated a lotus flower with green leaves.</p>

<p>She didn’t expect Father Feng to be such an elegant person. At this moment, her gaze landed on a painting scroll on the wall.</p>

<p>In the painting, there was a picture of lake and lotus in the moonlight. She stood in the middle of the bright room and looked at it. A gentle breeze blew into the room, and the painting seemed to give off a cool and elegant moonlight.</p>

<p>“Father, did you draw this lotus flower?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao was very impressed by the painter of this painting, but she had a strange feeling that this painting didn’t look like it was painted by Father Feng!</p>

<p>In front of the painting, it was as if one was in it, truly in the middle of the moonlight and lotuses. It was incomparably elegant.</p>

<p>“Not me!”</p>

<p>Feng Wucai’s eyes were filled with endless sadness.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao stood in front of the painting for a while, praising it in her heart. However, she saw a few lines of poems written on the scroll, as if it was about the scene in the painting.</p>

<p>The signature was Liang Qindie.</p>

<p>She lifted her hand to touch the last word. The writting was sharp. Compare to the beautiful lotuses in the painting, it was slightly too sharp and cold.</p>

<p>Such a feminine inscription, yet the writting was so powerful, it made people gasp in amazement.</p>

<p>“Yao’er, you didn’t just go back to the Begonia Garden, did you have something to say to father?”</p>

<p>Feng Wucai’s gaze shifted away from the painting. He turned his face away and walked to the window with hands behind his back, his eyes raising slightly as he spoke.</p>

<p>“Father, I have a way to deal with the locust plague.”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao looked at Father Feng’s sorrowful eyes, thinking that this painting might have something to do with Feng Zhiyao’s mother. She needed Ye Weiyang to help her check it out.</p>

<p>Feng Wucai turned around when he heard Feng Zhiyao’s words. He saw an extremely confident smile blooming on Feng Zhiyao’s face.</p>

<p>“Yao’er, tell me about it.”</p>

<p>Joy flashed past Feng Wucai’s eyes. This child seemed to have become even more different from before, becoming even more intelligent. Perhaps this was a good thing, if Die’er knew about it, she would definitely be gratified.</p>

<p>“Gather all the chickens and ducks from farmers in the vicinity of Su Yang region. If it’s not enough, we can transport more from all over country to Su Yang, and after these chickens and ducks eat the locusts, their meat will be even more delicious. We can open a large stew restaurant, and only make chicken soup. The money we earn can be used to help displaced refugees, or we can build a refugee camp in the future!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao’s lips curved up in a smile.</p>

<p>“Yao’er, this idea is unheard-of. How did you come up with it?”</p>

<p>Facing a daughter who had changed so much, Feng Wucai had a plan in his heart. Her previous feigned illness and current strategy were inconceivable, but after the inconceivable, she completely convinced him!</p>

<p>This was ‘her’ daughter, how could she be stupid?</p>

<p>“Father, perhaps I have died once. The Heavens have helped me open up my mind!”</p>

<p>Ah, Father Feng, you old fox. Did you believe me?</p>

<p>“No matter what, you are father’s daughter!”</p>

<p>“Right, since you have such a brain, you can promote Quhe House. This is the token of Quhe House. Now that I’ve given you Quhe House, you can treat it as a dowry for you!”</p>

<p>This is a matter that must not be disclosed, understand? "</p>

<p>Feng Wucai felt that it was time to return Quhe House that Die’er had entrusted to him to the original owner. Now, this child’s mind was clear and bright. It was time!</p>

<p>“Father, can I spend as much as I want?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao’s eyes widened when she heard this. Was there such a good thing happening in the world?</p>

<p>She had really made a fortune!</p>

<p>“Well, of course!”</p>

<p>Feng Wucai solemnly took out a white jade token with a carved butterfly pattern and gave it to Feng Zhiyao.</p>

<p>“Father, what about the locusts?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao took the token and asked with a smile.</p>

<p>“That’s a good idea, but I’m not the only one responsible for this. When King of Jing comes here later, if he agrees, then the name of Quhe House will spread far and wide.”</p>

<p>“Alright, then let me meet King of Jing later. I want to talk to him in detail.”</p>

<p>Hearing this, Feng Zhiyao felt that this was a good opportunity to earn money, she couldn’t afford to miss it.</p>

<p>Feng Wucai pondered for a moment before nodding his head in agreement.</p>


<p>Looking at King of Jing, Xuanyuan Haoyu, under the Begonia tree, Feng Zhiyao was slightly dazed.</p>

<p>He wore a flowing pale blue dress with his hair tied with the white jade ribbon. His phoenix eyes were bright and spirited, and his white teeth and vermilion lips gave him an extraordinary disposition.</p>

<p>“You are the daughter of Prime Minister, Feng Zhiyao?”</p>

<p>Who said that a man’s voice couldn’t hook people? At this moment, the voice of this man suddenly shook Feng Zhiyao’s peaceful heart.</p>

<p>His jade-like fingers gently brushed the Begonia’s petals, it revealed a transcendent beauty that could not be imagined. It was absolutely beautiful.</p></blockquote>

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