<p>In her previous life, Meixi was an assassin, so her alertness was naturally high. This meant that her reaction was still extremely fast even when she was sleeping.</p>

<p>She abruptly opened her beautiful eyes, her small face was dark.</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked at her calmly, “Come down and have some water and something to eat. There won’t be any on the road later.”</p>

<p>There was a small teahouse at the edge of the wood.</p>

<p>She nodded and got off the carriage with his help. Li Mincan and Zi Yun came over, they entered the tea house together.</p>

<p>Seeing that there were customers, the younger waiter hurried came over and asked, “What kind of tea would you like to drink, esteemed guests?”</p>

<p>“First, prepare a large pot of tea for the soldiers. Then, give me two jugs of the best tea. Also, bring me all the food for tea!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu ordered with a faint smile. When he saw Feng Zhiyao in the corner of his eyes, his beautiful lips curled up in a joyful smile.</p>


<p>The waiter answered straightforwardly. Not long after, he swiftly placed the teacup on the table and brought steamed buns and several plates of peanuts.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao looked at the tea in her hand, which was as green as jade, couldn’t help but praise, “I didn’t think that there would be such good tea in the mountains!”</p>

<p>“Miss Feng, you didn’t even drink it, how did you know that this is good tea?”</p>

<p>Perhaps because of Xuanyuan Haoyu’s presence, Li Mincan had actually called her by her birth name. However, it was also in line with Feng Zhiyao’s thoughts.</p>

<p>“You can tell even If you don’t drink it. The tea leaves are light yellow, they must be baked from the tender shoots,” she pointed to a piece of tea floating in the bowl, then pointed to a teapot that was boiling hot on the side and said, “In addition, when you boil the tea, you can also smell a sweet fragrance, how could it not be good tea!”</p>

<p>“I didn’t expect you to know the Way of Tea!”</p>

<p>“I am truly surprised!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu’s glinting phoenix eyes were filled with admiration.</p>

<p>She took a light sip, and a faint bitter taste mixed with the fragrance dispersed in her throat. It was no less than the good Bi Luo Chun she had drunk before: "Your Highness flattered me. How could I know anything about the Way of Tea? However, I just drank too much tea, naturally know a bit more after a long time … "</p>

<p>Li Mincan looked at her thoughtfully, while Zi Yun looked at Feng Zhiyao’s bright and intelligent face, a proud expression flashing across her small face.</p>

<p>After eating and drinking, they continued on the way.</p>

<p>People didn’t know what was going on, Xuanyuan Haoyu actually gave up riding his horse and instead squeezed into the carriage with Feng Zhiyao, and brought Li Mincan together.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao glanced at them angrily, Pui! There was no place for her to sleep!</p>

<p>One almost had sex with her, and the other had already kissed, this was really awkward.</p>

<p>So she remained silent. She lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked out, but unfortunately, there was nothing good to see on this summer day except wild flowers. The mountain path meandered like a long snake swimming in the forest.</p>

<p>Not long after, they entered a densely packed green bamboo forest. Suddenly recalling the matter of Ye Weiyang being tricked away last time, the corners of her lips raised in a satisfied smile.</p>

<p>“Miss Zhiyao, did you think of something happy?”</p>

<p>Seeing her smile, Xuanyuan Haoyu asked.</p>

<p>Before Feng Zhiyao could reply, the carriage suddenly stopped, and a loud noise came from outside. An arrow flew towards the carriage curtain. Li Mincan, who sat opposite to Feng Zhiyao. pulled her aside, pulling out his sword and blocking the arrow.</p>

<p>Caught off guard, she fell into Xuanyuan Haoyu’s arms.</p>

<p>When she heard the shouts from outside, she hurriedly got away from Xuanyuan Haoyu’s arms that were wrapped around her waist, leaned against the corner of the carriage.</p>

<p>“Don’t be afraid, I am here!”</p>

<p>“Hide in the carriage and don’t come out!”</p>

<p>After giving his orders, Xuanyuan Haoyu followed Li Mincan out to confront the enemy.<br>

“Eldest Miss, Young Master Li has called me over to accompany you!”</p>

<p>Zi Yun quickly rushed into the carriage.</p>

<p>“Is that so?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao glanced at Zi Yun with a dark expression. This gaze made Zi Yun panic for some reason. Her pair of charming eyes instantly became misty.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, I am so afraid of the outside world.” " King of Jing just said that with him here, we don’t need to be afraid!"</p>

<p>Seeing this, Feng Zhiyao’s face softened. She raised the carriage curtain, watching coldly.</p>

<p>They were bandits, and very powerful ones. There were a lot of them, and their equipment was complete. They were fighting against Xuanyuan Haoyu’s guards in full swing.</p>

<p>“Do you want to die?”</p>

<p>“Even lifted the curtain!”</p>

<p>It was Li Mincan who had quietly came to the carriage.</p>

<p>Why was another one saying that she didn’t want to live?</p>

<p>She said in a low voice, “Mincan, these don’t seem like ordinary bandits.”</p>

<p>“Yes, Yao’er, they look well-trained, unlike bandits, they look more like soldiers!”</p>

<p>She knew it wouldn’t be something bad to travel with the prince!</p>

<p>“Alright, quickly hide inside!”</p>

<p>Seeing that she was fine, Li Mincan felt reassured and continued to kill the enemy. His swordsmanship was truly high, those bandits simply could not get close to him.</p>

<p>“Brothers, capture those pretty women and bring them back to big brother!”</p>

<p>A bandit shouted.</p>

<p>All of a sudden, the bandits rushed towards the carriage.</p>

<p>“Yao’er, I knew you were going to cause trouble!”</p>

<p>Li Mincan glared at Feng Zhiyao, he could only fight with all his might, and the more he fought, the more valiant he became.</p>

<p>“He’s amazing.”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao murmured softly.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, he is the Young Master of Soul Chase Manor. Rumors say that very few people can alive under his sword!”</p>

<p>Zi Yun took out a handkerchief and wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes.</p>

<p>The bandit leader was a masked man. Seeing that the situation was not on their side, he whistled and retreated. They were indeed like soldiers.</p>

<p>uanyuan Haoyu gave the order to rest, bandage the wounds.</p>

<p>Now that the imperial court was divided into several factions, the crown prince was lecherous and not virtuous. The old emperor had many sons, It seemed that every prince had a group of supporters, it’s still uncertain that who would take the throne in the future.</p>

<p>The sky was getting dark, and this place was getting hotter. Even in the bamboo forest, they were still sweating profusely.</p>

<p>“Your Highness King of Jing, this place is too hot. I need to find a place to wash my face with water!”</p>

<p>“And take a bath.”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu hesitated for a moment before agreeing.</p>

<p>“How about we have someone follow you from afar? If something happens to you, I won’t be able to explain it to Prime Minister Feng!”</p>

<p>“Alright, then choose a guard who knows kung fu to follow far behind me, but don’t get too close!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao talked to him about the conditions.</p>


<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu’s phoenix eyes flashed with a mysterious light.</p>

<p>It was summer here, and the rain was abundant, so in the middle of the forest, there were streams. The streams were like silver flying chains embedded in the mountains, they could reach people’s waists at mos, and the bright moonlight shone through the gaps between the bamboo leaves onto the streams, forming a beautiful scene.</p>

<p>After washing her face with water, she took off the green veil, the pink dress, and the light white bra – wait!</p>

<p>No, why did she always feel like someone was spying on her back?</p>

<p>She turned her head around, but didn’t see anything. All she heard was the rustling of bamboo leaves.</p></blockquote>

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