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C62 part1

<blockquote><p>Chapter 62 Climax part 1</p>

<p>“Yao’er … I… I …” when Li Mincan herad “I want you to have me in your eyes, including in your heart!”, his face reddened instantly. He was unable to say anything for quite a while.</p>

<p>“Haha …” Feng Zhiyao laughed out loud.</p>

<p>“Yao’er, you’re making fun of me!”</p>

<p>Li Mincan was a little annoyed by her sudden laughter, so he turned around and walked away. It was almost impossible for Feng Zhiyao to catch up to him.</p>

<p>“Ah, it hurts!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao wanted to chase after him, but she didn’t see the stones on the road in front of her, and she tripped and fell all of a sudden.</p>

<p>“Bastard Li Mincan!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao had never felt so weak before.</p>

<p>“Yao’er, what happened?”</p>

<p>He turned at once, startled by her sudden outburst of rage. Only then did he realize that Feng Zhiyao had twisted her legs again!</p>

<p>“It’s all your fault!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao was so angry that she didn’t forget to smash his chest with her fist.</p>

<p>“I’ll help you apply the medicine!”</p>

<p>Li Mincan wasn’t angry at all. Instead, he smiled. Fortunately, he had some medicine by his side. This time, he could resolve the urgent need.</p>

<p>“No need, I can do it myself. Give me the bottle!” “I don’t want you to apply the medicine, you only know how to look at other girls, hmph!”</p>

<p>Li Mincan didn’t know about Feng Zhiyao’s thinking, “Yao’er, I was the one who helped you with your foot injury last time. I’ll do it this time!”</p>

<p>“F * ck off. I don’t want to twist my ankle for the third time!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao said coldly.</p>

<p>“Alright, alright, alright. It’s my fault.”</p>

<p>Li Mincan only felt that he was an Elementary Scholar who had met a soldier. He couldn’t make sense of the situation and wanted to save time! He simply closed her acupoint and carried her back to his room at the Feng Yun Hotel.</p>

<p>No matter how Feng Feng Zhiyao refused, Li Mincan still gently rubbed her ankle, applying the medicine with red face.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao raised her head to look at the pretty boy who was smearing medicine. She suddenly remembered that she hadn’t enjoyed the “pleasure” during this trip to Su Yang City. Now that Li Mincan was giving in to her, she felt that her chance had come.</p>

<p>If she couldn’t pounce on him this time, she didn’t mind to seduce him!</p>

<p>“Since you admit your mistake, then can you compensate me?”</p>

<p>Her smile became more and more coquettish and charming. It was as ethereal as the wind, but it made one feel an extreme greed and infatuation for her.</p>

<p>“What compensation?” Li Mincan’s face was filled with confusion. Why did he have to compensate him?</p>

<p>Moreover, Feng Zhiyao’s coquettish smile made him want to run away, but damn it, she was so enchanting!</p>

<p>At this moment, Feng Zhiyao was looking at him with burning eyes. She slightly opened her ollar, revealing her enchanting collarbone as she ordered, “Kiss me quickly! You owe me this!”</p>

<p>Li Mincan felt as if he was sitting on pins and needles. Did this little girl really have to seduce him so blatantly? He was a straight man!</p>

<p>Last time, she was halfway up the mountain to Jiu Yin Temple, but this time, she was in a hotel.</p>

<p>Li Mincan lowered his head, his fiery gaze landing on her body. The snow-white dress fell off her shoulders, a few strands of jet-black hair fell to the side of her fair and rosy cheeks, revealing her beautiful snow-white swan’s neck. At this moment, she weakly and gently leaned against his chest, her pure eyes looking at him, as her hands unobediently untied his cloud-patterned glass belt.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao slowly raised her eyes and saw his picturesque eyebrows, thin and beautiful lips, which made her heart beat faster and faster. So, she hugged him, and after undoing his belt, it became much more convenient. Her small hands swiftly reached in. The “little Mincan” stunned her. “My god, what a big size!”</p>

<p>“Yao’er, you can’t …” At that split-second, Li Mincan suddenly remembered the Jade Qilin she had taken out before she had played “Beauty Under the Moon”. That’s Haohan’s stuff, so how could she have it? Or she was his woman?</p>

<p>“Why not?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao was a little angry. She had twisted her leg to accompany him, but what was he still hesitating for?</p>

<p>“Can you tell me what your relationship is with the King of Qin?”</p>

<p>Li Mincan nervously grabbed onto her restless delicate hand as he asked in a jealous tone.</p>

<p>“It doesn’t matter, it’s just that he occasionally owes me a favor!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao carefully recalled that she really didn’t have anything to do with the fourth son of the Emperor, Xuanyuan Haohan. At most, she saved him once.</p>

<p>She neglected that Xuanyuan Haohan hnd saved herself twice.</p>

<p>“It’s that simple?” Li Mincan was dumbfounded. Was it really that simple?</p>

<p>“Do you think I look like a liar?” Feng Zhiyao raised her slender fingers and drew a circle in front of his muscular chest.</p>

<p>“Hard to say!” She was so clever, it was hard to guarantee that she wouldn’t lie to him!</p>

<p>Li Mincan’s heart itched at her sweet torture, but he said “Hard to say”.</p>

<p>"It’s true, what I said is true. I’m not very familiar with King of Qin! You should believe me, Mincan, okay? "</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao faintly smiled, her clear eyes were full of hope, and her body was full of charm. She hugged his head and sent out a hot kiss with a smack.</p>

<p>The pity Li Mincan was a virgin, and his heart had been moved by her actions. At this moment, he didn’t want to think about anything else, and his strong and forceful arms firmly hugged her.</p>

<p>“Alright, I believe you!”</p>

<p>Li Mincan fair handsome face was as red as the multicolored light, dazzling to the eye.</p>

<p>“But it’s getting late and we’re going to have dinner soon. Let’s go downstairs and eat!” Although he wanted very much to do something to the enchanting goblin beneath him, it was time for dinner.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao didn’t listen to him. Earlier, she was also stimulated by his kiss, so how could she let him go so easily? “No, no, just make it up to me!”</p>

<p>“What’s more, this bed is so soft, Mincan —” Feng Zhiyao called out in a seductive voice.</p>

<p>At this critical moment, she didn’t mind using her seduction skill to achieve her goal of being a man hunter!</p>

<p>Li Mincan was no fool, so he naturally knew what she meant. Immediately, the red on his handsome face spread to his neck.</p>

<p>How dare she seduce him!</p>

<p>He had to take a deep breath to control his longing for her curvaceous curves. He was afraid that if he lost control of himself, he would defile her beauty.</p>

<p>But… He had met an extraordinary woman, but beauty with a first-rate seduction skill, so he was completely finished!</p>

<p>Li Mincan involuntarily tore off her pink bell-flower bra and pressed her onto the wide bed, causing her coquettish moan to disappear into his lips.</p>

<p>His heavy body pressed against her, and he couldn’t help but kiss her.</p>

<p>At such a wonderful moment, there was a knock on the door.</p>

<p>“Young Master Li, prince invites you downstairs to have dinner together.”</p>

<p>“Hmm … I will go down immediately!”</p>

<p>Damn it, he was now a pillar of glory!</p>

<p>At this moment, Li Mincan was sucking on her porcelain neck. “Yao’er, it seems like we can only continue after dinner!”</p>

<p>He stood up from her and groaned. “If you have to blame something, blame that King of Jing. Why did he let others disturb us!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao was also very unhappy. Was it easy for her? Coming to the ancient times, she had only eaten one pretty man, Ye Weiyang. This one in front of her, she carefully used her charm to make him unable to control his lust.</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu sent someone to get word to him at the most crucial time, was that placing obstacles in the way?</p>

<p>She was so angry and put her pretty face in the quilt. She had only made half it way with him, and it was so infuriating!</p>

<p>“Go ahead and eat! I have no appetite!”</p>

<p>She didn’t want to see Xuanyuan Haoyu in the slightest.</p>

<p>Li Mincan also wanted to stay with her, but Xuanyuan Haoyu had sent someone to pass on a message, it indicated that Xuanyuan Haoyu’s people had already discovered Yao’er in the same room with him.</p>

<p>“You go have dinner with him! Just say that I’m not feeling well and have already gone to sleep!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao said lazily with her eyes closed.</p>

<p>Li Mincan only smiled, gently caressing her hair. His tone was full of apology as he said, “Let’s go down together. In the night, I will think of a way to compensate you!”</p>

<p>“Really? Mincan, you’re not lying to me, are you?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao didn’t believe him!</p>

<p>“Do I look like a liar to you?”</p>

<p>He gave her back what she had just said! She pouted angrily, “Oh, how annoying! Let’s have dinner together! Damn Mincan.”</p>

<p>“Yao’er, am I really that despicable?”</p>

<p>After hearing Feng Zhiyao’s words, he gently smiled and carried her into his arms as he asked.</p>

<p>“No, let’s pack up and go downstairs to eat dinner!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao’s smile was pure and sweet.</p>


<p>He smiled and nodded, his long fingers curling around her hair, the corners of his lips slightly raised.</p>


<p>Feng Yun Hotel in Bao Xin Town was almost the same level as Xie Chen Hotel. It was a hotel with a complete set of accommodation, food and leisure.</p>

<p>The interior of the hotel was elegantly decorated. There were more than twenty tables in the hall and emerald green grass hung from the ceiling. The extravagance was filled with a few hints of delicacy, perfectly outlining the extraordinary of Feng Yun Hotel.</p>

<p>“Mincan, Zhiyao?”</p>

<p>So what the secret guard had reported was true. The two of them had been in Li Mincan’s room for nearly an hour. What had happened between them?</p>

<p>He then thought back to the scene he saw on the street and felt a trace of jealousy in his heart. He couldn’t help but raise his voice.</p>

<p>See them go downstairs together, Xuanyuan Haoyu’s expression became a little displeased, but he didn’t immediately question them, only asked with a casual teasing tone, “How did you eat roast duck in Mincan’s room?”</p>

<p>Hearing those words, Feng Zhiyao’s heart was pounding wildly. Damn, what did Xuanyuan Haoyu know?</p>

<p>Li Mincan didn’t comment and explained with a smile.</p>

<p>“After eating the roast duck, I went out with her to buy some snacks. I brought her back after she twisted her ankle on the way back. Right after the medicine was applied, you sent someone to call for dinner.”</p>

<p>“Is that so?”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu felt that something had changed between Li Mincan and Feng Zhiyao!</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao nodded, with Zi Yun’s support, she sat down shakily.</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu inadvertently looked up. and saw Feng Zhiyao throwing flirtatious glance at Li Mincan!</p>

<p>Now, even the most delicious food of the whole world was in front of him, he couldn’t finish it.</p></blockquote>

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