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C62 part2

<blockquote><p>Chapter 62 Climax part 2</p>

<p>“Alright, I’m full. You eat!” Xuanyuan Haoyuu threw down his chopsticks and left his seat.</p>

<p>“He clearly only ate a few, why isn’t he eating anymore?” Then did Feng Zhiyao realize that the big boss had only eaten a little bit before leaving.</p>

<p>“Perhaps it’s because the food doesn’t suit his tastes!” Li Mincan looked at her lovingly before taking the initiative to scoop up some braised pork and put it into her small bowl.</p>

<p>“Sigh, he really is a strange person! Li Mincan, I hate eating fat!”</p>

<p>She had always stayed away from fat flesh in order to maintain her lithe figure.</p>

<p>“Be good, just a little. Look at you, you are so skinny!” Li Mincan tried his best to persuade her, but the listeners simply did not hear what he said.</p>

<p>“How am I weak? This is a standard body. Ah, you can’t understand. I’m very standard right now anyway. Didn’t you see how beautiful I was?” Feng Zhiyao retorted as she put the braised pork back into his bowl.</p>

<p>“Actually, Mincan, you should eat more meat. If you’re too skinny, then I’ll just hug a bamboo pole and roll around. How uncomfortable it would be!”</p>

<p>Although these words were said in Li Mincan’s ears, when he heard these words, he spat out all the rice in his mouth out laughing.</p>

<p>“Yao’er, when you say something like this again, can you not say it during the meal?”</p>

<p>Li Mincan gracefully took the muslin handkerchief she handed to wipe away the white rice grains on the corner of his mouth.</p>

<p>“Hahaha… It’s a joke, I got it, my dear Young Master Li.”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao covered her mouth and snickered. Li Mincan was actually quite cute, at least slightly more pleasing to the eye than the prince upstairs.</p>


<p>Tonight, the sky was dark. There was no light from far or near. Even the stars in the sky had disappeared into the clouds. The surroundings were completely silent. There was a depressing and irritating heat in the air.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao wanted to ask Zi Yun to go away after eating some fruits and sneaking into Li Mincan’s room to finish what they didn’t finish earlier.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, just after that little girl Zi Yun going away by her excuse, there came an extremely handsome and uninvited guest!</p>

<p>The person who came was the big boss, Xuanyuan Haoyu, who just eaten a little bit of dinner.</p>

<p>“Heh heh, Your Majesty King of Jing, why did you come to my room so late at night?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao felt her head go numb. If he came here, didn’t that mean he wouldn’t let her meet with Li Mincan in private?</p>

<p>“Zhiyao, why are you still dressed so coquettishly at night? Where are you going?”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu blocked her door and prevented her from leaving. With a wave of his hand, the door got locked!</p>

<p>“I don’t want to go anywhere, I’m … Heh heh, the moonlight is beautiful. I was just thinking of going out to admire the moon!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao saw him suddenly pull out the delicate flute from his waist. Her beautiful face paled, but her heart remained calm.</p>

<p>"Admiring the moon? Do you need to wear a dress as thin as a cicada’s wing? Do you really think I am a fool? "</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu’s jade-like eyes flashed with malice. He discovered that he did not know this woman at all. From the meeting in Begonia Garden of Prime Minister’s Mansion to now, he had no idea what sort of woman she was.</p>

<p>"What are you doing with this flute? May I ask Your Highness King of Jing, who am I to you? Or who are you to me now? ’</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao felt that he was not qualified to ask her these questions. She was furious!</p>

<p>At this moment, the white-clothed Xuanyuan Haoyu was standing at the door. Under the clear moonlight, his phoenix eyes were like two dark pools, a little cold in his black eyes, and a little hot on Feng Zhiyao’s beautiful face, which was sparkling with bright beads.</p>

<p>When Xuanyuan Haoyu heard this, for the first time, a strange expression appeared on his beautiful face. His scrutinizing eyes constantly moved on Feng Zhiyao’s body. Once, twice, thrice … looking at Feng Zhiyao.</p>

<p>“You should ask me who I want to be!” Xuanyuan Haoyuu murmured to himself, a trace of tenderness appearing in his eyes, flashing briefly.</p>


<p>Smart as Feng Zhiyao, she naturally agilely caught a trace of gentleness flashing in his eyes. Hah, just a trace was enough.</p>

<p>She saw that he was at a loss, so she explained in a soft voice, “It’s that kind of close relationship with your ‘little Haoyu’!”</p>

<p>A red cloud quietly crept up Xuanyuan Haoyu’s cheeks. His beautiful face was dyed with traces of enchanting charm. Feng Zhiyao’s beautiful eyes couldn’t help but widen. Did his blushing face prove that he had feeling of her?</p>

<p>Her small hand reached out involuntarily and gently touched his flawless, slightly cold handsome face.</p>

<p>Her delicate, jade-like hands drew all the way to his body, causing his body to tense up and his face to turn red. It made Feng Zhiyao, who hadn’t tasted pretty boy for a long time, become excited!</p>

<p>What should he do? He was the emperor’s ninth son, would she be in any trouble if she just ate him like that?</p>

<p>What should he do!</p>

<p>“Feng Zhiyao, why is this place blue?” Xuanyuan Haoyu pointed at the scar on her butterfly collarbone and said in a displeased tone.</p>

<p>“This … This … I… It’s just a small wound!”</p>

<p>She began to jiggle, not wanting the kiss to spoil the mood.</p>

<p>“You’re not lying to me, are you?”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu was from the imperial family. Currently, he also had a few maidservants, concubines, and the like. The only difference was that he was a gentleman, he naturally knew that Feng Zhiyao was lying.</p>

<p>“I’m not lying to you!” She still wanted to be stubborn and think of a way to escape, but now that handsome man was right in front of her, if she just ran away like that, wouldn’t it be a waste?</p>

<p>“You’re still saying that you didn’t lie to me? Then here, here, here, could they be all of your so-called small wounds?”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu hated being deceived by others the most in his life. At this moment, his pair of phoenix eyes shone with light. He had a strong feeling that he wanted to tear Feng Zhiyao apart!</p>

<p>“Yes!” Feng Zhiyao finally made up her mind that she couldn’t have anything to do with the Xuanyuan family’s men, whether it was now or in the future!</p>

<p>She hadn’t forgotten that the most important thing for the royal family was not beautiful women. Moreover, when the royal family’s men were eleven or twelve years old, they already had maidservants to serve them. Although she was lustful, that didn’t mean she liked stud man! Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come looking for immature male models in the modern world!</p>

<p>“Xuanyuan Haoyu, this is my room. Please leave!” Feng Zhiyao’s lips curved up into a cold smile.</p>

<p>“How dare you? Huh? Now I just know how bold you, Feng Zhiyao, have become?”</p>

<p>He picked her up and carried her into the back room.</p>

<p>“Hey, Xuanyuan Haoyu, hurry up and put me down, or else I will beat you!” When Feng Zhiyao saw his pale face, she knew that the situation was bad.</p>

<p>“Why are you looking at me like that? Ah… What are you trying to do …”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao was put down by Xuanyuan Haoyu, but before she could even finish speaking, Xuanyuan Haoyu’s moist and warm kiss covered her small cherry lips.</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu couldn’t control himself. At this moment, he tightly hugged Feng Zhiyao in his arms, then lowered his head, closed his eyes and gently but urgently kissed her. His beautiful face was several times enlarged.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao felt her mind go blank in an instant …</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu’s lips lightly touched Feng Zhiyao’s red lips, and he used the tip of his wet tongue to lick her upper and lower lips. However, Feng Zhiyaoyao’s bright and clear eyes were wide open. Even though Xuanyuan Haoyu’s kiss was extremely enchanting, the sudden kiss, coupled with the legend of the royal stud man, caused her to struggle with all her might.</p>

<p>Seeing the blue kiss mark on her neck, the rage in Xuanyuan Haoyu’s heart intensified. Right now, her struggle almost burned his rationality.</p>

<p>His mind couldn’t help but flash with the image on the pornograph. Now that he thought about it, he couldn’t help but blush. He really wanted to do the things on the pornograph with her!</p>

<p>“Scram, scram!” When Feng Zhiyao saw him take a deep breath, she nimbly lifted up her hand and pulled out the white crystal jade hairpin from her hair, mercilessly thrusting it towards his arm.</p>

<p>“Woman, you’ve gone crazy. You dare to assassinate me!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu let out a muffled groan, using his other hand to stop the sweet red blood flowing down from his arm.</p>

<p>“Make one thing clear, if it’s not an assassination, it’s just a stab!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao’s expression was cold. Did he think she was scared?</p>

<p>The hairpin she had used just punctured a bit of the skin. So what? Why did he making such a big fuss about it!</p>

<p>“You … Feng Zhiyao … You’re vicious!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu felt that he must have gone crazy tonight so he came to her room to find her.</p>

<p>“Then why aren’t you scram!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao gnashed her teeth and said. Normally, she likes to hunt on her own initiative. If her prey counterattacks, then she will lose her interest to hunt!</p>

<p>Although she admitted that she had feeling of Xuanyuan Haoyu, in the instant he forcefully kissed her just now, it’s all gone.</p>

<p>“Before I leave, help me deal with my injuries!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu controlled his urge to have her, thinking to himself, as a prince, did he need to force her?</p>

<p>Shaking his head, he pulled up his sleeve and showed her the cut on his arm.</p>

<p>“Do you need me to help you with such a small injury?” The corner of Feng Zhiyao’s mouth twitched when she heard this, and she rolled her eyes at him.</p>

<p>“Do you want me to let his father know that his son was stabbed by you after I returned to the capital? Huh?” Xuanyuan Haoyu’s face turned cold.</p>

<p>“Alright … All right. I am in bad luck!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao put away the white jade hairpin, tore off a corner of her skirt and gave him a brief treatment.</p>

<p>"Are you really Prime Minister Feng’s first daughter? Look me in the eye and answer me! "</p>

<p>Suddenly, Xuanyuan Haoyu tightly held onto her arm. His eyes stared into the depths of her eyes. The occasional ripple was a huge wave that was dozens of feet high, capable of sweeping away all souls.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao only felt that every time she met Xuanyuan Haoyu’s gaze, her heart would always have a slight ripple. It was neither because of nervousness or fear. She felt …</p>


<p>However, it was not something that could be touched. It was a feeling that would drive anyone mad.</p>

<p>In a daze, something floated in front of her eyes. Turning around, she saw Xuanyuan Haoyu’s hair, his long hair gently fluttering in the wind, showing an indescribable elegance. Her heart started to itch. She hated that kind of feeling, but also liked it a little bit. Her heart seemed to beat faster. Oh no, why was he looking at her like that?</p>

<p>“I’m asking you? Who are you?”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu raised one eyebrow, slowly approaching her.</p>

<p>" Feng Zhiyao, the first daughter of Prime Minister Feng!"</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao’s eyes flashed. She thought to herself, she almost told him she was Meixi. Luckily, her anti-hypnosis technique was first-class when she was in Night Demon!</p>

<p>“No, you’re not Feng Zhiyao! Feng Zhiyao has always been elegant and proud, otherwise, my seventh brother wouldn’t have taken a fancy to Feng Zhiqiongg! You two sisters are the extremes of fire and water!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu saw that the wound on his arm was taken care of by her, so he walked over to the table and personally poured himself a cup of tea.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao thought to herself, this Xuanyuan Haoyu really thinks he’s the master of this room. But that’s fine. If he asks her to pour him a cup of tea, she will definitely refuse!</p>

<p>“Feng Zhiyao, why is the tea in your room so sweet? The tea in my room is bitter than yours! Weird!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu only lightly tasted a few mouthfuls of tea before feeling that this tea had a strange taste.</p>

<p>“What’s so strange about it? You are the emperor’s ninth son, the King of Jing. The hotel will naturally provide you with the best tea. What is given to me is naturally the lowest grade of tea, perhaps even tea foam!”</p>

<p>When Feng Zhiyao thought about the strict level of the feudal society, she couldn’t help but retort!</p>

<p>“I only talk about the tea, but you went on and on about it! I submit to you!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu shook his head, feeling the figure of Feng Zhiyao in front of him becoming a bit blurry.</p>

<p>“Feng Zhiyao, what did you put in the tea?! My head is so dizzy! My body is so hot!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu only felt that his entire body was warm. Only by smelling the cold fragrance of Feng Zhiyao could he feel much more comfortable.</p>

<p>"Tsk, you saw it too. I was already preparing to leave earlier, so how could I ask someone to change the tea? Besides, you were the one who poured the tea. If there’s anything wrong with it, it has nothing to do with me! "</p>

<p>She couldn’t be blamed for being heartless. She was the just too lazy to deal with the situation.</p>

<p>“Darn it, why did I have such a reaction?”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu had always been a virtuous person, but this was the first time such a situation occurred, and his eyes couldn’t help but turn red with anxiety.</p>

<p>“Your Highness King of Jing, should I ask Mizancan to look for the doctors for you in this town?” It would be bad if you are sick. Your forehead is really hot!" When speaking, Feng Zhiyao stretched out her delicate hand to touch his perfectly white forehead.</p>

<p>" Feng Zhiyao, don’t touch me"</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu more or less understood that he had been plotted against by some sort of scheme, but he couldn’t understand why someone would secretly drug Feng Zhiyao with such a powerful aphrodisiac. Thus, he was worried about his earlier forcefully kissing Feng Zhiyao, so he hurriedly pushed her hand away.</p>

<p>“Hey! I want to help! Why are you being so mean to me!” Feng Zhiyao felt a little wronged in her heart.</p>

<p>“Quick… Go and help me bring all the cold water in this room and pour it on me. If it was too late, you’ll suffer!”</p>

<p>As Xuanyuan Haoyu spoke, he crossed his legs and circulated his cultivation, letting out a surge of qi, clenching his teeth and persisting not letting himself do anything that would make him regret.</p>

<p>Although Feng Zhiyao didn’t know why he said that, but when she saw his bloodshot eyes, she quickly ran to bring a silver basin full of water.</p>

<p>“Why are you dawdling around? Wet my body!”</p>

<p>Right now, he only knew that his body felt as if it was on fire. He couldn’t hurt her right now, not because he didn’t like her, but because he cared too much about her. She was as perfect and weak as his mother, He couldn’t hurt her in such a situation!</p></blockquote>

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