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C62 part3

<blockquote><p>Chapter 62 Climax part 3</p>


<p>At this moment, Feng Zhiyao also felt that Xuanyuan Haoyu wasn’t as terrifying as when he entered the room. It was just that his strong command made her extremely unhappy!</p>

<p>The splashing water dampened his black hair and clothes, outlined his perfect body with a golden ratio.</p>

<p>His back was strong, and his wet hair was plastered to his back. Beads rolled down the back and dripped onto the wooden floor.</p>

<p>“You … Are you all right?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao yawned lazily. Seeing that his whole body was quivering so intensely, she couldn’t help but ask out of concern.</p>

<p>“As long as you don’t approach, I will be fine!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu wrinkled his eyebrows, he was still trying his best to force out the tea he just drank.</p>

<p>“Hmph … Then you take care of yourself. I’ll be sleeping now. When you leave, remember to close the door!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao coldly answered, pursed her red lips and walked towards the bed, then fell asleep.</p>

<p>When Xuanyuan Haoyu felt that he was becoming increasingly unable to control the heat rising in his body, he smiled with determination, his smile dazzling. Could it be that the woman sleeping on the bed nearby was really the girl whose fate was being his?</p>

<p>When all his rationality was under the control of the drug effect, Xuanyuan Haoyuu leaped up from the wooden floor, took off his wet clothes, exposed his dazzling and perfect body.</p>

<p>He looked resolutely at the sleeping girl on the bed and walked quickly towards her.</p>

<p>Meixi was an alerted assassin, how could she not know that danger was upon her? Hence, she waved the white crystal jade hairpin in her hand. Fortunately, she felt that he wasn’t normal tonight, and had prepared a protective item.</p>

<p>“Your Highness King of Jing, it’s late at night. Why are you still here?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao vaguely felt that there was something wrong with his eyes. It was determination and persistence that she had never seen in his eyes before!</p>

<p>“I’ll stay tonight!”</p>

<p>After these words had been said, his life and hers would be closely intertwined, and the future entanglement would be even more difficult.</p>

<p>“What? Stay?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao was dumbfounded. She immediately scratched her ear and asked uncertainly, “What do you mean by that?”</p>

<p>“It means literally!”</p>

<p>At this moment, Xuanyuan Haoyu’s bright red eyes were filled with intense lust.</p>

<p>“Then I’ll go out!”</p>

<p>When Feng Zhiyao saw the look in his eyes and the reaction just now, she immediately reacted. Luckily, she had slept with her clothes!</p>

<p>Hurry up and run! The little lamb had turned into a big gray wolf!</p>

<p>“It’s too late! The tea was drugged by someone, you’re the only woman here, and you’re the one I like! When we return to Xian Yang, I will ask father to marry you as my first wife!”</p>

<p>Regardless of whether it was her or the Prime Minister behind her, he wanted them all!</p>

<p>“But I don’t want to be your wife! How about this, I’ll ask Mincan to go to the brothel and get girls to help you deal with it!” Feng Zhiyao blinked her beautiful eyes and immediately said.</p>

<p>“Mincan again? What’s so good about him? Go to the brothel to find the girl? You have truly look down on me! I am virgin! Looking for a girl from the brothel, it would be my loss!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu was already too lazy to waste words with her. He fiercely threw himself at her, tearing her clothes apart …</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao’s blood immediately boiled after he described the word “virgin”. So he was pure, so she didn’t need to hesitate anymore. Besides, right now, she was saving his pain and his life!</p>

<p>Being the first wife or not was not important right now, la la la, the wonderful journey began!</p>

<p>The instant their bodies connected, he screamed in his heart. He wanted her! He wanted her! He wanted her!</p>

<p>Her love skills made him feel a mysterious desire to die, as if he had ascended into the clouds. Her body, her enchanting fragrance, her charm, everything about her, made him feel more comfortable than he had ever felt before. Wanting one more time wasn’t enough, it wasn’t enough.</p>


<p>Suddenly, torrential downpour came with big wind. Li Mincan looked out the window at the rain and thought to himself, perhaps she wouldn’t come tonight!</p>

<p>“Young Master Li, something bad. Young Master Li, something bad!” The guard Tu Liangchu’s voice rang out from outside.</p>

<p>“What happened? In such a panic? What should we do if we disturb King of Jing’s rest?”</p>

<p>Hearing a knock on the door, Li Mincan hurriedly walked to the door and opened it to scold him.</p>

<p>“After drinking some tea, a few soldiers suddenly felt their lower bodies swell up terrifyingly. They kept yelling that they need girls! What should we do?”</p>

<p>Tu Liangchu was unlucky enough, he was the one in charge of those soldiers.</p>

<p>“Are there any brothels nearby? We have to keep this a secret from Xian Yang!” Li Mincan’s eyes flickered as he hurriedly said.</p>

<p>“Yes, I understand! Then I will take my leave!”</p>

<p>At the beginning, Tu Liangchu wanted to report to Xuanyuan Haoyu, but he thought that if the prince was pleeping at thistime, he couldn’t disturb him. He happened to see the light on in Li Mincan’s room, so he came over.</p>

<p>“Hmm, we must report this matter to the king tomorrow. Even though they are just a few soldiers, it’s a serious matter!”</p>

<p>Li Mincan felt that this hotel was a little strange, especially that storekeeper who looked like a wanderer in the martial arts world. He didn’t look like the storekeepers of other hotels who were shrewd and astute.</p>

<p>Suspicious, very suspicious!</p>

<p>After Tu Liangchu left, Li Mincan extinguished the candle flame and prepared to sleep. However, after he heard the rumbling thunder, he could no longer sleep. He was very worried about Feng Zhiyao, so he tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep.</p>

<p>After two hours, the drug effect finally passed.</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu lowered his eyes to look at the girl in his arms, his eyes filled with satisfaction. Letting out a soft sigh, he took off the “rose” he longed for.</p>

<p>This little girl really a sleeper! Then he would go to sleep with her, the cutie in his arms!</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu fell asleep with a satisfied smile on his face, or perhaps it’s happiness!</p>

<p>Last night, a heavy downpour washed everything on the ground.</p>

<p>Early in the morning, rays of sunlight shot through the window and sprinkled across beautiful Bao Xin Town. With the melodious sound of birds’ chirping, the sun slowly climbed up with golden yellow sunlight into the sky, adding an unparalleled beauty to the already poetic scenery!</p>

<p>Li Mincan was unable to fall asleep, so he woke up very early. Fortunately, the soldiers were “rescued”, otherwise they would have been in danger!</p>

<p>Strange, how could the tea provided by the hotel contain aphrodisiac? Did someone do it on purpose?</p>

<p>After Li Mincan thought of this, his eyes flashed with a dark light.</p>


<p>Sunlight shone through the thin paper window onto the body of the persons on the bed …</p>

<p>Last night, Xuanyuan Haoyu held the beautiful lady and slept well. This was the first time since the death of his mother that he slept so sweetly and with such ease.</p>

<p>At this moment, his ink-black hair was somewhat loose, with a few strands hanging down to cover his phoenix eyes, creating a layer of shadow on his face.</p>

<p>Under the golden sunlight, his purple clothes had a faint halo. Her white and slender fingers caressed Feng Zhiyao’s white face, which was as smooth as white jade. Her burning gaze never left her body.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao moved his hand away, “Eric, don’t wake me up, let me sleep for a while!”</p>

<p>Perhaps she had slept too deeply and had forgotten that she was currently in a different time and space!</p>

<p>Eric? Who’s Eric?</p>

<p>“Yao’er, wake up? Who’s Eric?”</p>

<p>Hearing the strange name, Xuanyuan Haoyu’s heart was filled with curiosity. But who?</p>

<p>“Eric, that’s my pet cat! Oh, who are you? Ah, Xuanyuan Haoyu?”</p>

<p>“Yao’er, don’t look at me like that … That … You saved me last night. After I returned to Xian Yang, I will ask my father to bestow a marriage upon us. I want to marry you as the first wife of King of Jing.”</p>

<p>It could be considered a man’s promise!</p>

<p>“No, I don’t need an imperial edict!” Feng Zhiyao sat up as the quilt slid down, revealing a large area of her body!</p>

<p>“Why didn’t you need an imperial edict?” He looked at her as she sat up, revealing her enchanting beauty. He quickly withdrew the complicated emotions from his phoenix eyes and a faint smile appeared on his lips. Did she not care that she had given him her first night?</p>

<p>Even though he did not see the legendary red mark, that was not important. What was important was that he had her, and that was enough!</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao lifted up her long hair, kiss marks were on her shoulders, her eyes faintly swept around. Did he not care about that she was not virgin? He actually even asked for an imperial edict to bestow a marriage?</p>

<p>“You’re not my first man!”</p>

<p>She didn’t want to lie to him, also want to take this opportunity to get out of trouble!</p>

<p>“What did you say?”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu thought he heard wrongly, and thus, he asked uncertainly, But why was his heart aching a little? Was it because of careness?</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao withdrew her gaze, her pretty eyebrows slightly raised, and her clear and intelligent eyes remained calm without any ripples.</p>

<p>Lifting his eyelids, he elegantly leaned back on his pillow, slightly turning his head to look at the man beside him. Her gaze clearly fell on Xuanyuan Haoyu, but Xuanyuan Haoyu didn’t feel any attention at all. He felt a little cold.</p>

<p>Because sadly he could not feel her heart!</p>

<p>“Last night was not my first night! So, you still want to ask your father for marring me, as King of Jing’s first wife?” Feng Zhiyao faintly said.</p>

<p>Hearing this, Xuanyuan Haoyu’s heart ached painfully. Could what she said be true!</p>

<p>No, it must not be true. Didn’t she reject him last night?</p>

<p>No? The girl he liked was not a slut!</p>

<p>“You’re lying!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu’s phoenix eyes were like deep pools, tightly looking into her beautiful eyes as he growled.</p>

<p>“It’s true. You should know the reason why your seventh brother decided to cancel the engagement, right? Remember?”</p>

<p>“Unchastity! Xuanyuan Haofei said that I’m unchastity!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao thought that if the ancient women talked about this matter, they would definitely burst out into tears. So she immediately thought about it for a while, and then her eyes actually started to fill up with tears.</p>

<p>“That’s because seventh brother has problem. I’m not him, I’ll treat you well! Yao’er, even if you are unchastity, you didn’t belong to me before last night. You were my woman now, so I won’t give up on you!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu thought about how he had finally fallen in love, how could he give up on her!</p>

<p>“What? You… You don’t care if I’m unchastity? Was there such a stupid man?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao thought maybe he was stupid, or she had heard wrong!</p>

<p>“I don’t care! I can’t participate in your past, but your present and future will all belong to me, me alone!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu felt that ever since the death of his mother, he had been alone. Now, aside from the throne, she was the only one he cared about!</p>

<p>“But I’m the woman your seventh brother gave up. If you ask the Emperor for an imperial edict, it won’t be good for your reputation, right?” he royal family cares about reputation the most, please give up the idea of marrying me!"</p>

<p>“Reputation can be created. My Yao’er is unique, and without exception! I’m going to have Yao’er’s heart for sure!”</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu’s confession was truly unique to her. Feng Zhiyao’s mouth twitched upon hearing it. She was finished. She had really gotten herself into trouble with the royal family!</p>

<p>“I don’t have a heart!” Feng Zhiyao rolled her eyes at him. She didn’t even know where her heart was.</p>

<p>“Yao’er.” Xuanyuan Haoyu frowned.</p>

<p>“Xuanyuan Haoyu, it’s just a romantic affair? You want me to take responsibility?” Feng Zhiyao raised her eyebrows as she mockingly looked at Xuanyuan Haoyu with an ice-cold gaze.</p>

<p>She actually said that it was just a romantic affair, but she was indeed half right. The other half was his sincerity towards her!</p>

<p>How could she so mercilessly kill it! Was he nothing in her heart, not even comparable to a pet? She actually called out its name in sleep!</p>

<p>Xuanyuan Haoyu felt an unprecedented stab of pain in his heart, but in the next instant, his smile became magnificent. Turning his body, he hugged her, caressing her face with his white and slender fingers, before slowly placing broken kisses on her face one after another.</p>

<p>How could she be so calm? Let him kiss?</p>

<p>Feeling his strong manly aura, her brows slightly raised, her eyes like silk, "What, do you want to do it again this early in the morning? "</p>

<p>Hearing her words, Xuanyuan Haoyu’s subordinate paused for a moment before pressing his lips against her ear and laughing softly, “Yao’er, you have been my woman fro one day, then you will always be mine!”</p>

<p>The smile on his face deepened.</p>

<p>"And then what? You swear you will never take a concubine? "</p>

<p>Seeing his determined expression, Feng Zhiyao could only laugh!</p></blockquote>

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