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C63 part3

<blockquote><p>Chapter 63 Love Mark, Xuanyuan Haochen part 3</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao walked in the direction of the Qin Yin Pavillion.</p>

<p>The delicate, ancient and unadorned zither was still in the pavilion.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao walked over and gently tested a sound, which was clear and melodious. Suddenly, she remembered that Li Jinran had appeared from beside the Pear Blossom Tree after she had played a song last time. It seemed that if she wanted to see him this time, it was better to use this method!</p>

<p>The sound of the zither flowed out like spring water, matching the beautiful scenery around the pear blossom tree. The beauty and zither were truly a beautiful picture scroll.</p>

<p>Because of her, this Pear Blossom Forest was worth him coming out from that small world to see her.</p>

<p>“Miss Feng, you really came?”</p>

<p>Li Jinran thought that he had heard a hallucination. until Ban Xia told him the zither music was real, then he asked Ban Xia to push him out of the room.</p>

<p>“Li Jinran, it’s so hard to find you! When I asked the monks, they all said that they didn’t know Young Master Li Jinran, but this …What was going on? You’re obviously at their Jiu Yin Temple!”</p>

<p>When Feng Zhiyao thought of this, she became a little angry. Those bald donkeys actually lied to her. Fortunately, she was smart. After playing a song, she had lured out the beautiful male immortal.</p>

<p>“They don’t know my name!” Li Jinranan laughed, but then coughed.</p>

<p>“So it’s like that! No wonder those little bald donkeys shook their heads and said they didn’t know. By the way, why do you keep coughing? Are you okay?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao went up and asked caringly. His handsome face was as pale as a sheet, making her heart ache.</p>

<p>“Maybe my asthma has broken out in the past few days, it doesn’t matter!” Li Jinran faintly glanced at her with misty eyes. She was concerned for him, he felt a bit of happiness in his heart.</p>

<p>“But your legs, did you never think that one day you could stand up again?”</p>

<p>When Feng Zhiyao heard him mention asthma, she immediately thought that this was a modern asthma disease. Although it was a little difficult to cure, if she used the method she provided to take the prescription, perhaps — but she was afraid that he wouldn’t believe her.</p>

<p>“My big brother has hired many famous doctors for me, but the answers I got were all the same!” After Li Jinran sighed, he gently laughed. This desolate laughter was somewhat helpless. Who wouldn’t want to walk with their own feet?</p>

<p>“If I have a way to cure your leg disease and a way to alleviate your asthma, tell me, are you willing to give it a try?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao also didn’t have much confidence, but she thought she learned a bit of medical skills that might be able to help him. Looking him suffering like this, her heart ached.</p>

<p>“Really? Is that true, Miss Feng? Do you have a way to cure our Second Young Master’s legs?” The attendant Ban Xia, who was standing behind Li Jinran, was so happy that he disregarded his inferiority level and hurriedly stood up to ask.</p>

<p>“That depends on your young master’s opinion! If he still couldn’t recover, don’t blame me!”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao thought about the backward medical skills of the ancient era. God knows if she could cure him or not, but it was better to put the ugly words out first!</p>

<p>“Second Young Master, this … I wonder how much confidence Miss Feng has?”</p>

<p>Ban Xia wasn’t sure if Second Young Master would dare to give it a try, so he turned his body to look at Li Jinran who was sitting on a wooden wheelchair.</p>

<p>" Ban Xia, I want to give it a try! Miss Feng, no matter how confident you are, I want to give it a try!"</p>

<p>From Li Jinran’s point of view, if he failed, he would still be in a wheelchair. If he succeeded, he could walk on the ground and leave like a normal person! So no matter what the result was, he wanted to give it a try.</p>

<p>"Alright, since that’s the case, you may want to come down with me for treatment. It’s not convenient for me to come here often! You know, this is a temple! "</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao smiled mischievously. Hearing his words, she was also happy. Therefore, she made an even greater decision. She would do her best to cure this fairy-like man’s legs.</p>

<p>“Alright.” If he could get up, he would follow her down the mountain.</p>

<p>“Then you can go to the Quhe House at the east end of Xuan Wu Street at noon tomorrow. I’ll wait for you there.”</p>

<p>Why was it noon, because she wanted to sleep late.</p>

<p>“Good, Ban Xia, send my big brother a message by pigeon, saying that I will leave Jiu Yin Temple for something to do, tell him not to come and see me for the next few days!” Li Jinran quickly recalled that Li Mincan was coming to see him in a few days, so he hurriedly ordered.</p>

<p>“Yes, Second Young Master.” Ban Xia immediately nodded and agreed.</p>

<p>" Li Jinran, this is a bag of preserves. They aren’t very sweet. You can eat them. You keep staying in this temple, I don’t think you have anything good to eat! Here, don’t be so polite with me. Take it!"</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao picked up a bag of preserves that she had put on the stone bench earlier and wanted to give Li Jinran.</p>

<p>When Li Jinran heard these words, a trace of warmth flashed through his heart. What a good girl! Thus, he was slightly startled for a moment and didn’t immediately extend his hand to take it.</p>

<p>" Ban Xia, take it in for your second young master. Hehe, now you can peel it off for him to eat." Feng Zhiyao smiled as directly stuffed the paper bag into Ban Xia’s hands.</p>

<p>“Second Young Master?” asked Ban Xia.</p>

<p>Li Jinran faintly smiled and nodded, “Miss Feng, you are considerate.”</p>

<p>“You can call me Zhiyao, haha …”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao’s crisp laughter echoed in the pear blossom tree’s surroundings. It was extremely sweet and pleasant to hear.</p>

<p>“Alright, then don’t call me Li Jinran. Just call me Jinran.”</p>

<p>Li Jinran liked her open personality very much. He only felt that he was very happy to talk with her. His smile was a little more than usual.</p>

<p>“Alright, Jinran, I’ll head down first. I’ll meet you at the Quhe House tomorrow.” Feng Zhiyao thought of her agreement with the driver, Wan Sanzi, and quickly said goodbye with a smile.</p>

<p>" Ban Xia, remember to give the preserves to your young master to eat!" Before she left, she added with a smile.</p>

<p>Li Jinran and his servant watched as the graceful figure gradually disappeared under the pear blossom tree. Only then did they slowly leave the Qin Yin Pavillion.</p>

<p>On the way, Ban Xia asked, “Second Young Master, this Miss Feng is really beautiful. She is indeed number one beauty of our Nan Shao. Moreover, she has a good heart, so why did she end the engagement?” Ban Xia couldn’t figure it out.</p>

<p>“Ban Xia!” Li Jinran knew that Ban Xia heard about the gossip of the outside world from some of the guests, so he lightly reprimanded.</p>

<p>“Understood, Second Young Master!” Ban Xia answered with a sigh.</p>

<p>" Ban Xia, tomorrow morning, clean up the things we need and hire a carriage at the foot of the mountain." He had a strong premonition that Zhiyao might be the important person he had just met!</p>

<p>“Yes.” Ban Xia smiled, he no longer needed to listen to the bell every morning!</p>


<p>After Feng Zhiyao left the Jiu Yin Temple, she sat in the carriage driven by Wan Sanzi. She went to the Quhe House, and when she showed her token, she saw the owner of Quhe House, Tao Zhixian.</p>

<p>Quhe House was a hotel. It had a total of three floors and was built with bamboos. It was elegant with the delicate fragrance of bamboo.</p>

<p>The first floor is used as the hall, and the second and third floors are all rooms for guests.</p>

<p>There were many fruits and vegetables as well as flowers growing in the backyard of Quhe House. After moving the flowers and plants, there were groups of rockery. After pulling the trigger, they entered a house, the study of the owner of Quhe House.</p>

<p>Tao Zhixian was around fifty years old, looked honest, seemed to be brimming with energy.</p>

<p>“Greetings, Eldest Miss!” After Tao Zhixian saw Feng Zhiyao, he unexpectedly kneeled down to pay his respects, which startled Feng Zhiyao.</p>

<p>“You don’t have to do this, Uncle Xian! I’m afraid of dying!” Feng Zhiyao smiled and immediately stepped forward to give him a hand.</p>

<p>Tao Zhixian raised his head to look at the girl in front of him, only to see a pair of shiny black eyes flashing under her slender eyebrows, exuding a bright light.</p>

<p>She was carved in the same mold as she was!</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, this is the rule of Quhe House. Didn’t Prime Minister tell Eldest Miss?” Tao Zhixian was slightly startled before he slowly stood up and asked with a smile.</p>

<p>“My father didn’t say that. Right, Uncle Xian, I came to find you today because I want you to arrange a place for a friend of mine to stay in a neat and quiet place. Is that possible?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao thought that this arrangement would make it more convenient for her to manage Quhe House in the future, and also more convenient for her to treat and take care of Li Jinran. Therefore, she had to arrange for him to be in the nearest place, and more importantly, she could admire the pretty boy at a close distance.</p>

<p>"No problem! There’s a small building beside the Moon Lake. It’s quite secluded and should be suitable for Eldest Miss’s friends to live in! " Tao Zhixian considered briefly, then answered.</p>

<p>“Thank you, Uncle Xian. But why should we meet here?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao didn’t understand why Tao Zhixian had called her into such a big study to talk. Wasn’t there an empty room outside where people could sit and talk?</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, the past owners of the Quhe House must attend the annual Blue Festival, and Quhe House has been absent for 16 years!”</p>

<p>Tao Zhixian seemed to have sunk into his own deep memories. A hint of sadness flashed across his eyes, but he quickly recovered his composure.</p>

<p>“Uncle Xian, don’t tell me that you want me to attend the Blue Festival as the owner of the Quhe House?” Feng Zhiyao asked with her eyes wide open.</p>

<p>“Yes, Miss!” Tao Zhixian nodded quickly.</p>

<p>“I’m going to participate anyway, it’s just a change of identity! Even if that’s the case, there’s no need to meet in such a large study, is there?” Feng Zhiyao was still confused.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, please carefully observe this study!” Tao Zhixian didn’t immediately answer her, but instead pointed around with a smile at Feng Zhiyao.</p>

<p>“Oh!” Feng Zhiyao gave a faint “oh”, thinking to herself, “What did he mean?”</p>

<p>The interior of the study was luxurious and grand. There were bookshelves lined up on both sides. Under them were antique jade artifacts and ancient, yellowing books. On the walls, there were all sorts of martial arts techniques painting.</p>

<p>“Uncle Xian, don’t tell me you want me to learn martial arts now? I’m already 16 years old, I’m afraid I won’t make it in time!”</p>

<p>F**k, it was said that they had already started practicing martial arts when they were still babies. Was it possible for her, Feng Zhiyao, to do so now?</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, as the owner of Quhe House, you must be well-educated with both knowledge and martial atrs! This is your mission! One day, you will definitely use it!” Tao Zhixian said with a serious face.</p>

<p>“But …” But she didn’t have any inner force. Even if She learned the moves, but still couldn’t bring out the best results. What was the use of that?</p>

<p>"Eldest Miss! Swallowing these purple pills is equivalent to having twenty years of inner force! "</p>

<p>Tao Zhixian took out a box wrapped in snow silk cloth from the secret compartment in the study room and opened it. A snow-white flower as white as jade bloomed slightly, and a shiny purple pill laid on the flower bud.</p>

<p>“Just a small pill, can match twenty years of inner force?” Feng Zhiyao snorted when she heard this. This was too magical!</p>

<p>“It’s true! This pill was concocted by previous owner of Quhe House. There was no doubt about it! Eldest Miss, why don’t you swallow it now and try it!” Tao Zhixian respectfully took out the pill, hoping for her to swallow it.</p>

<p>“Have you ever eaten this, then?”</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao didn’t really believe this, so she asked instead. And she was also curious, since Tao Zhixian knew about the pill, why didn’t he eat it himself?</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, please forgive me. I am a man, can not take these pills!” As soon as Tao Zhixian heard these words, he hurriedly kneeled down towards Feng Zhiyao.</p>

<p>“Huh? Taking a pill depends on the gender?” Pfft, when Feng Zhiyao heard this, she almost fell into confusion. There was actually such a weird thing?</p>

<p>“Yes, Miss. Therefore, I must not eat it. If I do, my life will be difficult to save!”</p>

<p>Tao Zhixian’s old face was red with anxiety. He was really afraid that the eldest miss would let him take the pill, so his head shook like a rattle drum!</p>

<p>“Why? Tell me!” Seeing his expression, Feng Zhiyao immediately rolled her eyes and asked unhappily.</p></blockquote>

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