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C64 part1

<blockquote><p>Chapter 64 Su Muyan Got Jealous part 1</p>

<p>“This purple pill, if a woman takes it, her internal energy and beauty will increase. If a man takes this pill, his internal energy will backlash. Even worse, his features will become that of a woman, and his meridians will explode and die! That would be suicidal for me!” Tao Zhixian quickly explained.</p>

<p>“Oh, so it’s like that. It has the effect of keeping you beautiful. Then I — Then I’ll eat it!” Of course, she hoped that her beauty would attract more pretty men. Otherwise, how could she realize her dream of eating all the pretty men in the world!</p>

<p>At the moment when Tao Zhixian was stunned, Feng Zhiyao had already taken the purple pill without hesitation and swallowed it.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss?” Noticing that she had eaten it and her face was filled with pain, Tao Zhixian hurriedly shouted out.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao was sweating profusely, she was in extreme distress.</p>

<p>“Uncle Xian, is here a place to bathe. Pick a reliable maidservant to serve me!” Feng Zhiyao quickly ordered.</p>

<p>“By the way, Uncle Xian, is there really no problem with the pill?” She was a little afraid now, so she asked.</p>

<p>“No, it’s said that there’s also a miracle ingredient for Purifying the spinal in there. There definitely won’t be any problems! Eldest Miss, please hold on!” Tao Zhixian hurriedly retreated and called for a reliable maidservant. The maidservant was thick-browed, large-eyed, and had a muscular back. She looked very sturdy and valiant.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, this little girl’s name is Lv Zhu. She’s strong, so how about letting her carry you to the Flower Stream Pool for a bath?” Peach string said quickly, and gave Lv Zhu a hint.</p>

<p>“En!” At this moment, her only thought was to take a bath. Her body was wet, and it was really too uncomfortable.</p>

<p>After Lv Zhu received the order, she immediately smiled and said, “Eldest Miss, this servant has knelt down.” Then she bent down and waited for Feng Zhiyao to climb on her back. As expected, this girl was born with great power, so she easily carried her to the Flower Stream Pool.</p>

<p>The Flower Stream Pool was located behind the building. It was a huge natural outdoor hot spring in the shape of a fan in front of the Moon Lake. As the wind blew past, crabapple blossoms began to fall, some pink or white crabapple blossoms floated down, floating above the steaming hot spring. The white mist rising from the pool water was like immortal smoke. It was so beautiful that it made one feel relaxed and happy.</p>

<p>However, Feng Zhiyao didn’t have the mood to look at this beautiful scene. She ordered Lv Zhu to turn around, “Lv Zhu, no one will come here, right?”</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, please rest assured. This place is secluded, so no one will come here. Besides, I will guard this place wholeheartedly!” Lv Zhu answered in a neither haughty nor humble manner, then she lowered her hands to her sides, her entire body entering a state of vigilance.</p>

<p>“Thank you, Lv Zhu.” Feng Zhiyao thanked with her modern habits, then quickly took off her clothes that were drenched in sweat.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, this is something that a servant should do!” When Lv Zhu heard this, a warm feeling flashed through her heart, but her face remained indifferent.</p>

<p>An hour later, Feng Zhiyao was dumbfounded!</p>

<p>She looked at the perspiration that kept oozing out from her body, and it was murky sweat. It caused the entire Flower Stream Pool to change from crystal clear to gray, causing her to be petrified!</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, why are you so quiet?” Seeing that it had been quite some time since she last heard the sound of the Eldest Miss’s bath, Lv Zhu asked worriedly.</p>

<p>“Lv… Lv Zhu… Turn around and help me!” When Uncle Xian had called her over to carry her, Lv Zhu had prepared a large moonlight silk yarn in advance, ready to be used at any moment.</p>

<p>“Ah… eldest miss …” As soon as Lv Zhu turned around, she wanted to give Feng Zhiyao the white silk, but stopped the next second. The white silk she held in her hands fell to the ground as well, her mouth opened several times and became even bigger, before finally saying, “Miss, you’re so beautiful!”</p>

<p>But now, Feng Zhiyao’s facial features was like being meticulously sculpted. Her skin was delicate and pink like soft water, and her jade-white body was like a porcelain of high quality. She was as beautiful as silk, exuding a kind of exquisite and pure beauty.</p>

<p>Amidst the lingering steam, it added a sense of mysteriousness to the flower in the fog, as if it were a hibiscus in water, blended together with a myriad of elegance, making it a magnificent sight to behold.</p>

<p>The silky black hair that was like a waterfall with a few slivers of mischief slid past her round and fragrant shoulders. The moisture was mixed with an infinite amount of sex appeal. She was so beautiful to shook one’s soul!</p>

<p>“Lv Zhu! Lv Zhu! How did you stutter?” Didn’t this girl talk fast just now?</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, I … I saw you were too beautiful, so …” Lv Zhu mumbled as it bit its lower lip.</p>

<p>“Really? I’ve become more beautiful? Could it be that that lousy pill really has a Face Preserving effect?” Feng Zhiyao mumbled to herself. Seeing Lv Zhu nodding, she quickly asked, “Lv Zhu, did you see the water turn black?!”</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss? Why didn’t I see it? Isn’t the water clear?” Lv Zhu looked towards the direction Feng Zhiyao pointed, glanced at it for a few times, then slightly shook his head.</p>

<p>“Huh? God! How did the water become clean again?” Feng Zhiyao couldn’t figure out how the water became crystal clear again, but her heart was filled with doubts. All of this proved that this Quhe House was a bit strange, which also aroused her interest. Okay, since she was now the owner of this Quhe House, she wanted to clarify these things.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, don’t catch a cold. Quickly put it on.” Seeing that Feng Zhiyao had ungracefully let out a sneeze, Lv Zhu hurriedly picked up the moonlight silk from the ground that she had just dropped.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao raised her hand and took it, put it around her body.</p>

<p>After Lv Zhu took Feng Zhiyao to the study room of Tao Zhixian, he looked at Feng Zhiyao who was dressed in this way and opened his mouth wide in surprise.</p>

<p>“It’s amazing! Eldest Miss, you’ve become so beautiful!” Excitement could be seen in his eyes. He could even see another she through Feng Zhiyao.</p>

<p>“That’s right, thank you, Uncle Xian! Can you let Lv Zhu buy me a dress at the clothing store? I can’t leave with this after a while, can I?” If she did wear it, it would be truly astounding!</p>

<p>Tao Zhixian then remembered, “Eldest Miss, that cabinet is full of the previous owner’s dress. If you don’t mind, you can put it on first. You can change it when Lv Zhu bought back the clothes!”</p>

<p>Pointing with his finger, Feng Zhiyao took the initiative to open the buckle of an exquisite box inlaid with ruby-colored agate. Inside, there were various clothing sets, each of which was exquisite and elegant, each with its own characteristics. Feng Zhiyao nodded, she was very satisfied with it.</p>

<p>“Then there’s no need for Lv Zhu to buy. The clothes here look very new. I’ll wear one first!” Anyway, the Prime Minister’s Begonia Garden had a lot of clothes. In this regard, Feng Zhiyao didn’t pay too much attention to it. As long as her clothes were beautiful, it was fine.</p>

<p>“Yes, Miss!” Tao Zhixian and Lv Zhu both nodded.</p>

<p>With the help of Lv Zhu, Feng Zhiyao put on a crimson dress with butterflies and swallows, she walked out of the white jade carving of the Hibiscus screen.</p>

<p>“It’s simply tailor-made for Eldest Miss!” Tao Zhixian smiled, a flash of trance between her eyebrows. The eldest young lady really did look like her.</p>

<p>“Beautiful? Hehe?” Feng Zhiyao laughed happily. She didn’t expect that her clothes had the fragrance of a butterfly orchid on them.</p>

<p>Tao Zhixian and Lv Zhu both nodded and laughed.</p>

<p>“Lv Zhu, you can leave first.” Tao Zhixian then remembered that Eldest Miss had taken the purple pill. He had to open her Ren and Du meridians in order to allow Eldest Miss’s inner strength to be fully integrated.</p>

<p>After Lv Zhu left, Tao Zhixian said, “Eldest Miss, do you feel completely comfortable?”</p>

<p>“En, I feel that my body has become much lighter! Uncle Xian, the water in the Flower Stream Pool even changed color before. It’s actually so dark that it’s scary.” Feng Zhiyao explained to Tao Zhixian what had just happened.</p>

<p>“Congratulations to Eldest Miss for your rebirth! After the Ren and Du meridians are opened, Eldest Miss can start practicing martial arts!” Hearing this, Tao Zhixian immediately knelt down happily. He was overjoyed.</p>

<p>“Uncle Xian, don’t kneel to me anymore, I won’t get blessed!” Feng Zhiyao unhappily rolled her eyes.</p>

<p>“It’s better if you hurry up and open my Ren and Du meridians!” If she need to learn, then learn. At least, in the future, she could save some energy when pouncing on a pretty boy.</p>

<p>If Tao Zhixian knew what Feng Zhiyao meant by that, he would most likely be angered to death. He worked so hard to help her open up the Ren and Du meridians, but the eldest miss was actually trying to pounce on the pretty boy!</p>

<p>“Yes, Miss.” Hearing her words, Tao Zhixian immediately sat cross-legged on the ground, asked Feng Zhiyao to do it too.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao imagined herself practicing yoga at this moment. She could only endure the pain and still hear the sound of her bones cracking. After wasting half an hour, she Ren and Du meridians were opened.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss’s bones are already extraordinary, you are a rare martial arts genius!” Tao Zhixian nodded repeatedly in praise.</p>

<p>“Those are all kinds of martial arts manuals collected by the previous master. May I ask what kind of martial arts do you want to practice?” he added.</p>

<p>“What kind of martial arts manuals do you have for me?” When Feng Zhiyao saw all the traditional Chinese characters, she was immediately confused. She thought for a while and then smiled lightly.</p>

<p>“There’s the King Kong Finger, Rippling Steps, Shadow Shifting Sword…” He spent the time of burning an incense to read through the yellowed ancient books.</p>

<p>"That …Uncle Xian, can I pick two books at random? " Feng Zhiyao yawned. She was too tired today, plus, she hadn’t eaten lunch yet, so her mood was a little dejected.</p>

<p>“Of course you can!” Tao Zhixian nodded, “In the future, these ancient books will all belong to Eldest Miss. Naturally, Eldest Miss could do as your wish.”</p>

<p>“Strange, why don’t you look at the books?” Feng Zhiyao was confused. If she was the one guarding so many martial arts manuals, she would have secretly practiced it herself. But why was he so honest?</p>

<p>"Eldest Miss, I had already taken Clear Crane Powder. If I learn other martial arts, I can only learn moves. When facing an enemy, I will not be able to use any of their abilities. It’s a waste! This is why the previous master entrusted this place to me to manage without worry. " He narrated the whole story.</p>

<p>“What? Clear Crane Powder?” It can’t be… There are so many secrets in this building? Feng Zhiyao was completely confused. Suddenly, she felt that the command in her arms was very hot.</p>

<p>“Yes, when my master let me learn that skill, he fed a Clear Crane Powder to me. Thus, I cannot betray the sect, and must not learn other martial arts.” There was no resentment in his eyes towards his master, but deep sense of nostalgia.</p>

<p>“It’s like that! Oh, then I will first learn light skill!” Feng Zhiyao thought about how Ye Weiyang and the others could fly like airplanes, so she was very envious. Naturally, she had to learn light skill first.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, this is the ‘Ripple Steps’, the so-called ‘light skill’ that Eldest Miss talked about.” Tao Zhixian handed “RippleSteps” to Feng Zhiyao.</p>

<p>“Uncle Xian, why don’t you read it to me.” Reading these words seemed to be tired, so let him read them!</p>

<p>After he had finished reading, Feng Zhiyao actually memorized it without missing a word.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss is sure a remembers!” Tao Zhixian’s face was full of admiration.</p>

<p>“Hehe, not at all!” Feng Zhiyao giggled happily.</p>

<p>“From tomorrow, officially practice. What do you think, Eldest Miss?” Hearing Feng Zhiyao’s stomach growl, Tao Zhixian thought to himself, It’s too difficult for Eldest Miss. It’s almost dinnertime.</p>

<p>“Alright, I’ll go back first. I’ll come back tomorrow morning.” Feng Zhiyao smiled and agreed. She thought to herself that the driver, Wan Sanzi, must be anxious.</p>

<p>“Won’t you leave after dinner?” Tao Zhixian asked, distressed that the eldest young lady was hungry.</p>

<p>“Thank you, Uncle Xian. It’s better to be a little hungry. Keep my slim figure!” Feng Zhiyao was more optimistic. However, she had not reached her limit of hunger. The limit was if she could swallow a cow.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss is so humorous.” Tao Zhixian held his beard and smiled, then switched on the mechanism and left the luxurious study with Feng Zhiyao. Before bidding farewell, he also handed Feng Zhiyao two pieces of osmanthus cake.</p></blockquote>

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