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C64 part2

<blockquote><p>Chapter 64 Su Muyan Got Jealous part 2</p>

<p>On the open space outside Quhe House, the driver, Wan Sanzi, stared at Feng Zhiyao’s figure from afar, but he didn’t dare to call out.</p>

<p>Why? Of course, it was because Feng Zhiyao had changed too much.</p>

<p>“Yes…Eldest Miss?” Wan Sanzi was even stuttering.</p>

<p>“Of course it’s your eldest miss. Sanzi, I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. You must be hungry! This was a osmanthus cake that I took from Quhe House just now. It’s still hot, quickly eat it!” Seeing him standing there foolishly, Feng Zhiyao naturally heard the sound of his stomach growling. She quickly handed the remaining osmanthus cake to Wan Sanzi.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, you’re such a nice person.” Wan Sanzi was indeed hungry and honest, so he took it, gave his thanks and wolfed down his food.</p>

<p>Opposite the building was the Three Flavors Library of the Beitang Family. Currently, within the room by the window on the second floor, Beitang Ziqian was playing chess with Su Muyan.</p>

<p>“Muyan, I’ve won another one!” Beitang Ziqian’s slender fingers gently pinched the white chess in his hand. With his other hand, he elegantly held the white jade teacup, took a sip and chuckled.</p>

<p>"Ziqian, your chess skills have improved a lot recently? Did you get a lot of rare chess book? " Su Muyan asked with a smile.</p>

<p>"How do you know I’ve got a rare chess book? Wait, is that Feng Zhiyao? It seemed like after days, she had grown even more beautiful. She’s talking and laughing with a young driver! " He turned his head to the side for a moment and a teasing look appeared on his face. However, the black chess in his hand was still chasing closely after the white chess. The moment his gaze landed outside the window, he saw Feng Zhiyao, who was talking to Wan Sanzi.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao? When Su Muyan heard this name, his eyes flashed slightly. However, when he heard Beitang Ziqian mention that Feng Zhiyao and a young driver were talking, a trace of gloominess flashed across his face. Seriously, who wouldn’t be easy to hook up with? Why does it have to be a lowly underling?</p>

<p>Originally, Su Muyan was not in a good mood after losing the chess game. Now, seeing Feng Zhiyao happily sitting in the carriage, he became even more furious. However, his face remained calm.</p>

<p>“Ziqian, what do you mean by this?” Su Muyan was a smart person, after hearing what Beitang Ziqian said, he immediately guessed that there was a hidden meaning behind his words. He turned his head to look outside the window, but Feng Zhiyao was already nowhere to be seen. It was most likely dinner time. She must have gone back to the Prime Minister’s mansion in the carriage!</p>

<p>“Muyan, you still don’t know, right? There is no virgin mark on your cousin’s arm. Why are you looking at me like that? Of course, I saw it, my sister saw it too. She saw it that day by the Great Jade Lake, as well as King of Qi and Situ Yelei, including an assassin by her side.” When Beitang Ziqian saw that Su Muyan’s expression had turned slightly cold, he couldn’t help but shiver.</p>

<p>Feng Zhiyao didn’t have the virgin mark? Then who did she give her virginity to? After thinking about this, Su Muyan no longer had the interest to quietly sit down and play a game with Beitang Ziqian.</p>

<p>Ever since his cousin Qiong’er became Xuanyuan Haofei’s concubine, he rarely went to the Prime Minister’s Mansion. Could it be that … This time, should he go there to see Feng Zhiyao?</p>

<p>See or not?</p>

<p>Wait, Ziqian just said something about an assassin. Assassin?</p>

<p>“Muyan, why aren’t you saying anything? You have something on your mind?” Beitang Ziqian was curious. Why was it that when Feng Zhiyao had just been mentioned, Su Muyan became wierd?</p>

<p>“Ziqian, it’s almost dinnertime, I should take my leave, I’ll ask you to play chess with me some other day!” Su Muyan smiled as he stood up to take his leave.</p>

<p>“Alright, I’m really sorry about what happened just now. You’re in a bad mood because I mentioned that woman’s name. Hehe …” Beitang Ziqian smiled. He did not know why, but when he saw Feng Zhiyao talking and laughing with the young driver, he felt an indescribable discomfort in his heart. In the end, he attributed it to that woman being nasty, a type he hated. That was why he felt uncomfortable when he saw her.</p>

<p>Yes, that must be it! Beitang Ziqian was trying to convince himself.</p>

<p>Su Muyan went downstairs and walked out of the entrance of the Three Flavors Library. He was hesitating whether he should go to the Prime Minister’s Mansion to meet Feng Zhiyao.</p>

<p>At last, he remembered that Feng Zhiyao had a girl who cooked delicious food. After thinking about it, he mounted his mount Snow Flake and whipped in the direction of the Prime Minister’s Mansion.</p>

<p>At the Begonia Garden.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss! You’re back! This servant is worried that you have not eaten outside! The food we just cooked has been heated up a few times already.” When Zi Yun saw Feng Zhiyao come back, she was the happiest. After she was done, she realized that Feng Zhiyao was a little different.</p>

<p>“Zi Yun, I’ll eat it now. Quickly bring out all the good food and wine!” Feng Zhiyao was hungry. Naturally, she had to urge for food.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, you changed your clothes? Oh, how beautiful your skin is! It’s just like how you usually say it’s as delicate as a flower petal. It’s like a baby’s snowy skin or something!” Zi Yun spoke up in an awkward manner. In the end, that little girl was extremely happy.</p>

<p>“Hehe, these clothes are newly bought. Regarding skin issues, that’s because I’m good at caring myself!” Feng Zhiyao remembered Uncle Xian’s words and smiled embarrassedly, then she casually gave an excuse and replied.</p>

<p>Very quickly, the four maidservants brought all four dishes and soup that Zi Yun had prepared.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, these dishes were made according to the specifications you mentioned. Why don’t you try it and see if it suits your taste?” Zi Yun gave the delicate silver chopsticks to Feng Zhiyao with a smile.</p>

<p>“Normally, the dishes you cook are too many and too tasty, so I control myself and don’t dare to eat too much. Those days in Su Yang, I ate big fish and big meat every day. Look, I got fat!” Feng Zhiyao thought about Su Yang’s trip and realized that she had become a little fat.</p>

<p>“Although these are ordinary dishes, they are very exquisite. I like them very much. Thank you girls, you are truly considerate.” Feng Zhiyao was so moved that her eyes almost filled with tears when she saw the simplest winter melon soup. God, she could finally live a carefree life again.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, the gatekeeper came to report that Young Master Cousin from the Mighty Heavenly Castle wants to see you. Do you want to see him?” Chun’er, one of the four maidservants, heard the knocks on the door. She hurriedly walked to the front courtyard, took a look, and came back to report.</p>

<p>“No! Let him go away!” Feng Zhiyao thought about her past with Feng Zhiqiong and the day he asked her to break her own tendons. She didn’t forget that she was a very vengeful person.</p>

<p>“Eldest Miss, this isn’t good. You see that the old master did not blame the second young master for the matter with the Second Madam. It can be seen that the old master thinks highly of him. Perhaps he has some urgent business to discuss with Eldest Miss at this time?” Zi Yun thought back to how Mighty Heavenly Castle was playing a very important role in the Nan Shao Kingdom. He came in this hours, it was really curious, so she boldly went up to persuade her.</p>

<p>“Then Chun’er, why don’t you invite him into the guest hall!” Feng Zhiyao looked at Zi Yun for a while, then slowly smiled. Okay! At this moment, she was full to the brim with food and wine. If someone came looking for her, then don’t blame her for being vicious.</p>

<p>Su Muyan stood with his hands behind his back within the elegant guest hall as his heart spun a thousand times.</p>

<p>Only when a faintly discernible fragrance passed through his nose did he turn around and look towards the door.</p>

<p>A figure slowly walked over while carrying a light behind her back. Su Muyan couldn’t help but hold hi breath as he watched her walk in. At that instant, it was as though he saw the fairy that was in the wind.</p>

<p>Transparent silver silk, crimson red butterfly dress, a strand of black hair hanging by her ears, only the top of her head was tied with a white crystal jade hairpin with a simple and elegant bun, and her back was also covered by inky black hair.</p>

<p>Her face was as exquisite as jade, and she didn’t put on any makeup. Her captivating red lips and thick eyelashes accentuated her pair of mesmerizing eyes, making others feel as if they were sucked into a bottomless abyss and couldn’t help but sink deeper and deeper into the pit.</p>

<p>Su Muyan couldn’t help but stare blankly at Feng Zhiyao. This was the first time he felt like he couldn’t breathe.</p>

<p>He felt that there was a beauty in front of him that had been reborn, an absolute beauty that transcended the mortal world!</p>

<p>“Young Master Su, why did you come to the garden late at night to meet me?” Feng Zhiyao watched his eyes fall on her face. Thus, she coughed a few times to remind him before she asked indifferently.</p>

<p>“Since when did you and I become so unfamiliar, Cousin Zhiyao?” When Su Muyan heard Feng Zhiyao call him Young Master Su, a trace of displeasure flashed across his face. If she could chat happily with a low level carriage driver, why wasn’t she smiling at him at all?</p>

<p>“You are Feng Zhiqiong’s cousin, not mine! I hope you can figure this out!” Feng Zhiyao said with a faint smile.</p>

<p>Why did he come to her at this time?</p>

<p>“What exactly do you want to tell me? Please hurry up, my time is of the highest value!” Feng Zhiyao said with raised eyebrows.</p>

<p>Zi Yun stood at the entrance. When she heard her eldest miss speaking so arrogantly, she couldn’t help but feel a bit worried for her.</p>

<p>“Last time, I saw this girl’s porridge was very delicious, so — can you give this girl to me so that she can go to our Mighty Heavenly Castle?” Seeing that she was asking him, he explained the excuse he had come up with earlier.</p>

<p>“No!” It was Feng Zhiyao and Zi Yun who said it together.</p>

<p>"Hey, Young Master Su, if Zi Yun goes to the Mighty Heavenly Castle with you, then I’ll have to nurture another girl with good cooking skills. To me, that would be a huge loss! Besides, I’m not the only one who decides this matter. You can ask this girl yourself if she’s willing to follow you to your Mighty HeavenlyCastle! " Feng Zhiyao didn’t immediately agree. Instead, she glanced at Zi Yun who was standing outside and called her in.</p>

<p>"Zi Yun, are you willing to go to the Mighty Heavenly Castle? If you want to go there, I won’t stop you! " Feng Zhiyao asked with a smile. She didn’t want to force anyone, giving her a choice.</p>

<p>“Reporting to Eldest Miss, this servant doesn’t want to go to Mighty Heavenly Castle! This servant only wishes to stay by Eldest Miss’s side and cook delicacies for Eldest Miss!” Zi Yun hurriedly knelt down and refused.</p>

<p>Zi Yun was secretly surprised. She didn’t expect that her good culinary skills would attract the favor of the young lord of the Mighty Heavenly Castle.</p>

<p>Fortunately, it was food, otherwise she would be in trouble.</p>

<p>“Young Master Su, did you hear that? Zi Yun doesn’t want to go. I didn’t mean to stop her!” What Feng Zhiyao meant was, “My girl doesn’t want to go to your house with you. If you have nothing to do, just get the hell out of here!”</p>

<p>“This …” Su Muyan didn’t expect a little girl to reject him without any hesitation. His face was a bit ugly and his heart couldn’t help feeling a little gloomy.</p>

<p>“Young Master Su, it’s late, you should go back!” Feng Zhiyao wanted to chase him away like a fly.</p>

<p>“Zi Yun, please leave. I have a few important questions to ask your young miss, is that okay?” Su Muyan recalled the turmoil in his mind and gently smiled to tell Zi Yun to leave.</p></blockquote>

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