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C65 part1

<blockquote>Chapter 65 Alluring part 1

In the end, Su Muyan left in a huff. However, his heart became more depressed and the gloominess on his face became deeper. He felt that there were too many differences between the current Feng Zhiyao and the previous Feng Zhiyao. He even had the absurd idea of marrying her, and he even thought of the day when he inadvertently broke into her inner room and saw her slender and plump body, which made his memories still fresh, and he even dream of it.

No, he couldn't let such a woman affect his emotions. Su Muyan gracefully leaped onto the horse and galloped into the deep night. The oncoming night wind mixed with icy cold rain, yes, it was raining, but the rain couldn't wash away the beautiful image in his mind.


The next day, the red sun rose slowly in the east, golden light covered the ground, the morning light reflected the dew on the petals of Begonia, bright, the air was very fresh.

"Eldest Miss, why did Young Master Su leave in a huff last night?" Zi Yun was baffled, so she asked with a smile.

"He's got a stroke!" Feng Zhiyao stretched her arms. She was tired from last night. She actually overcame her laziness by controlling her breathing. She even sat there for two hours and didn't sleep until the early hours of the morning. She was going to yawn now.

"Eldest Miss? Master has just gotten off the morning assembly and is currently waiting for you in the study room. Eat your breakfast and go over quickly." Zi Yun thought back to the matter of the old master sending someone to pass on the message.

"Got it. I'll eat this Jade Silk Spring Scroll before I go see Father." What would he have to say to her?

It was still in that elegant study room, the study of Feng Wucai, which was also one of the important places in Prime Minister's Mansion.

"Father, you're looking for me?" Feng Zhiyao didn't understand why Father Feng come looking for her so early in the morning.

"After the trip to Su Yang, his highness, King of Jing, praises you greatly! Furthermore, today he asked me about your birthdate, Could it be that His Highness take a liking to you as well?"

When Feng Wucaiai thought about this matter, he had a headache. The reason was the rumor of disease that Feng Zhiyao had him sent people to spread.

"Father, where did Yao'er get such charisma from? Stop guessing!"

When Feng Zhiyao heard that Xuanyuan Haoyu had asked father Feng about her birthdate, she immediately replied blandly. She didn't believe that Xuanyuan Haoyu would really fall for her just because of that one night stand.

"Her Highness the King of Jing is so handsome. Could it be that Yao'er still have feeling for the King of Qi?" Feng Wucai found it hard to believe.

"Dad, you're too muddleheaded. You already have a daughter who's already become King of Qi's concubine. How could I marry to him too? Also, Father, I don't want to be married to the royal family. If anyone asks about my birthdate, just say it. Also, Yao'er wants to stay at home to play for a few more years! You can't throw me out! "

She had already decided that freedom was more important than anything.

Seeing how Father Feng had already handed the Quhe House over to her, it seemed that she still held a very important position in his heart.

"You are my good daughter, how could I bear to chase you out?"

Looking at his devastatingly beautiful daughter, Feng Wucai's thoughts flew far away, as if he was looking at another girl through Feng Zhiyao. Finally, he let out a long sigh, which could be counted as a promise.

"Dad, my business in Su Yang is doing very well. It's quite profitable." Feng Zhiyao indirectly told him that she was a very capable daughter.

"Yao'er, Father knows that you are capable. Right, on the day of Blue Festival, do you want to go?" Feng Wucai raised his head and look at her with a smile.

"Dad, it is rumoured that I am suffering from a vicious disease. Therefore, it's best if I don't go. You can let little sister Zhilin participate."

She couldn't do two things at the same time, uncle Xian had said that he wanted her to attend the annual Blue Festival as the master of Quhe House.

"Sigh, look at my memory. How about this, you take care of things of Quhe House. No matter what decision you make, I will support you!"

Feng Wucai looked at the lotus painting hanging on the wall, and a trace of tenderness flashed across his eyes. Die'er, your daughter had grown up.

"Father, I will be participating as the Master of the Quhe House. Do you think it's possible?" Feng Zhiyao gently smiled, her smile as elegant as an orchid, her eyes as warm as the spring breeze.

"That's good!" Feng Wucai nodded happily.

"Father, I'll be going to Quhe House now."

Feng Zhiyao remembered that she had promised Li Jinran that she would treat him for his leg disease, and she also wanted to practice martial arts. She thought that from today onwards, she would definitely be very busy.

She didn't know how Li Mincan was doing. Ever since he left Bao Xin Town, she had never seen him again. This time, she had unexpectedly missed him a little, but she missed Ye Weiyang even more. Did he find the clue of his mother?

"En, go! Don't come back too late. Do you want Father to send you a few guards?" Feng Wucai remembered that Feng Zhiyao was always being outside, it's not appropriate. Thus, he asked with concern.

"Dad, there's no need. I can deal with it myself!" Feng Zhiyao thought that it would be more convenient for her to come and go alone. More importantly, it would be more convenient for her to hunt the pretty boys.

"Yao'er, have you opened up your two meridians? You seem to be much more relaxed when you walk around!" When Feng Wucai looked at her closely, he could already see some clues.

"Yes, Father, uncle Xian helped me open the Ren and Du meridians." Feng Zhiyao told the truth.

"Yao'er, this is good. You are not the same as before, moreover, there will be a day when things will change. You have martial arts to protect yourself, so your father can rest assured. Sigh, it will always be beneficial for you to listen to uncle Xian!"

Feng Wucai recalled the increasingly fierce battle between the parties in the imperial court today. It was likely that the sky would soon change.

The Emperor was old, the Crown Prince was lustful. Only the King of Qin, King of Qi and King of Jing could be matched. But now, it seemed that he didn't know which side to choose.

"Dad, who are you supporting?" Feng Zhiyao whispered in Feng Wucai's ear with low voice.

"Yao'er, it's very difficult for me!" Feng Wucai was currently considering the situation, so he would not spout nonsense.

"Oh!" Feng Zhiyao was speechless. Father Feng, who was as shrewd as an old fox, could actually say "difficult"! She had to stop asking.

"Father, if there's nothing else, I'll go to the Quhe House to find Uncle Xian now." Seeing his tired face, Feng Zhiyao wanted to leave.

Feng Wucai smiled and nodded, then waved his hand at her to indicate that she could take her leave.


Just as Feng Zhiyao was about to leave, she bumped into someone she didn't want to see.

This person was the King of Jing, Xuanyuan Haoyu.

"You came to find my father, right?" Feng Zhiyao used these words to send him away with a faint smile on her face, but the smile hadn't reached her eyes yet.

"I came for you!" After getting off his horse, Xuanyuan Haoyu rapidly walked in front of her, his left hand firmly grasping her wrist as he spoke.

When Feng Zhiyao heard this, the corner of her mouth twitched. What did he mean by coming for her? He was so hypocritically, then she tilted her head and smiled at him, "Don't praise me so highly. I can't bear your kindness. Alright, I have some business to attend to, so please do as you please!"

He did want to go in or not, it had nothing to do with her.

The naked him was more adorable, after all, he was still a pretty boy!

"Your Highness, King of Jing, bye-bye!" Feng Zhiyao inadvertently revealed the modern farewell message, causing Xuanyuan Haoyu to feel completely confused.

In a split-second, his expression returned to normal as an elegant smile appeared on his lips. "Yao'er, after that day we came back, I haven't seen you for two days. I …I miss you. "

"But I don't miss you." Feng Zhiyao didn't say anything else. At the same time, the driver, Wan Sanzi, drove the carriage out from the door of Prime Minister's Mansion. She waved at Xuanyuan Haoyu and said, "I won't talk to you anymore. I'm going out to take care of my business!"

After saying this, Feng Zhiyao got into the carriage without looking back.

However, Xuanyuan Haoyu jump onto her carriage even faster than she did, his gaze lazily landing on Feng Zhiyao's face.

Feng Zhiyao really wanted to push him away, but she only felt a dangerous aura pressing down on her. Her eyes fell on his slender fingers, not daring to look at his face.

But she could clearly feel the fiery gaze from his eyes.

Her heart pounded violently, as if she was worried or nervous. Her delicate forehead was covered with a layer of beads of sweat.

"What? Scared of me?" The corners of Xuanyuan Haoyu's lips curled up, revealing a faintly discernible smile.

Feng Zhiyao smiled embarrassedly, then ignored him, thinking about how to get rid of him later.

"If you're not afraid of me, why are you sweating all over your forehead? Do you really want to do bad things behind my back?"

Xuanyuan Haoyu's slender fingers seemed to be touching her perspiring forehead, and an electric current entered her heart from his fingertips. She was suddenly startled, how could her own emotions be affected by him?

Feng Zhiyao slightly tilted her head back, wanting to stay far away from him. The wind was blowing the curtain, slowly blowing up the inky black hair on his forehead, adding handsome to his face.

She couldn't help but be fascinated by it!

Xuanyuan Haoyuu's eyes were deep and serene. Sunlight seeped through the curtains of the carriage and poured over. His handsome face was like a masterpiece of heaven, noble and graceful. He lowered his phoenix eyes and stared at Feng Zhiyao while his straight eyelashes drew a perfect arc under his cheeks.

"Ur … I didn't do anything bad!"

What a beautiful man!

She was almost infatuated. Fortunately, she was still conscious. That night at Feng Yun Hotel in Bao Xin Town was just casual affair, what did she be afraid of him for?

"Yao'er, will you be there on the day of Blue Festival?" When he had finished, he did not want her to go to the annual Blue Festival.

"Do you think I can go to the Blue Festival with my illness?" Feng Zhiyao snapped back at him.

Dammit, this man looked even more like a fairy than she did. He was not bad looking, but how could he was still a virgin in this age? She didn't know if she was lucky or not to become his first woman!

But why did he come from the royal family?

Hate! Hate! Hate!

"If you don't want to go, then don't go. It's good to recuperate at home!"

Hopefully she will give birth to his son one day, he thought, with a faint smile of hope on his lips. But would she accept his sincerity?

He stared at her for a long time. He hadn't seen her for two days, and she looked even more ice-cold and flirtatious.

White clothes, delicate face, skin whiter than snow, picturesque eyebrows, lips like a cherry, cicada eyelashes lightly trembling, and between her gaze, they were like butterflies, extremely moving.

But what made his heart palpitate the most was those clear, watery eyes.

It was as if the essence of all living things in the world was gathered together. It was unconcealable and magnificent, shining with boundless radiance.

Her change was great, as if she had been reborn!</blockquote>

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