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C65 part2

<blockquote>Chapter 65 Alluring part 2

"Emm, I won't be going then. I don't think Blue Festival will be fun!"

Although Feng Zhiyao said so, she was extremely pleased with herself. Of course she wanted to go, but as the master of Quhe House, she had changed her identity.

"That's fine." In order to avoid being chosen by other men and snatching her away, he would naturally not tell Feng Zhiyao that the royal sons and grandsons of other countries would also come to the Blue Festival. It would be even more lively than the Five Mountains Poetry Meet.

Anyway, in Xuanyuan Haoyu's opinion, Feng Zhiyao not attending the Blue Festival was the best good thing that could happen.

"You … Why are you following me?"

Dammit, she had made an appointment with the fairy pretty boy. Now that Xuanyuan Haoyu came out of nowhere, how could she find an excuse? What a headache!

"Yao'er, I have specially arranged this matter in advance so that I can find the time to accompany you! Don't you welcome me? "

uanyuan Haoyu drew close to her, his two hands embracing her soft waist. His words were soft and gentle, carrying seventy percent affection and thirty percent bitterness.

He was indeed unwelcoming! She was especially dressed up to meet the fairy pretty boy! Now that she had been delayed by him, she was really worried that she might have missed her appointment with Li Jinran.

"Your Highness King of Jing, will you let me go?" When Feng Zhiyao heard his words, her heart was a bit shocked. Did he really fall for her?

No! Definitely not!

She still remembered the phrase, "Most heartless, the royal family!"

So everything he did was an illusion. His goal must be the power behind the Prime Minister's Mansion!

That must be it!

Hearing these words, Xuanyuan Haoyu's bright red lips curved up in a smile. His mood was surprisingly good!

"Yao'er, it's not that I don't want to let you go, but my heart has already fallen onto you! I'm afraid I won't be able to take it back!" He sighed.

Tch, how is this possible? A one-night stand would make him fall in love with her? She wouldn't believe it!

"Your Highness King of Jing, we've never had any feelings for each other! You don't have to say it so beautifully!"

In other words, "I am stone-hearted, you, stand aside!"

"You're in such a hurry, are you going to see Li Mincan? Or are you going to see my seventh brother? " When Xuanyuan Haoyu saw her indifferent expression without the slightest bit of emotion, his good mood immediately turned bitter. He hated that she didn't have him in her heart.

"Let go of me, I'm going to meet someone. It's my freedom!"

"Also, this carriage is my carriage. Immediately, now, scram! Scram as far away as you can!"

Wasn't he doing this for the power of Prime Minister?

"Yao'er, you can let me scram, but …" Those words "Scram as far away as you can" made Xuanyuan Haoyu feel bitter, and he instantly felt the ice-cold sensation of the Arctic Icecap.

Xuanyuan Haoyu's handsome face suddenly froze. These words strongly provoked him, and he, who was angry from embarrassment, immediately laughed coldly. He stretched out his slender fingers and ruthlessly stroked Feng Zhiyao's delicate chin, neck, and walked all the way to her chest.

"Xuanyuan Haoyu, don't anger me!" She's also got a temper!

She stared at him without fear of death as she scolded him. What kind of person did he think she was?

"Yao'er, I want to kiss you!"

Then he did what he said. Embarrassed, Feng Zhiyao hurriedly pushed against his chest to stop his kiss, but he remained unmoved. Instead, when she opened her mouth to explain, he successfully took hold of her lips and kissed her deeply. He then pressed his entire weight onto her body, not giving her the slightest chance to dodge, wrapping one hand around her waist, one hand on her head.

Let her taste his kiss deeply.

Forget it, it's fine to just kiss him. Anyway, he's already done it!

She couldn't help but laugh inwardly. Why did she seem more and more like a simple and unadorned woman from the ancient era?

Finally, the deep kiss was over. Both of them were panting heavily.

Feng Zhiyao gracefully raised her hand to wipe her lips with a silk handkerchief that she carried with her.

"Your Highness King of Jing, I have arrived." Feng Zhiyao opened the curtains and saw it was close to Songhe Restaurant. She couldn't help but speak coldly.

"You came to the Songhe Restaurant? To see Situ Yelei?" Because the Songhe Restaurant was a business owned by the Situ Family!

"You're only half right!" Feng Zhiyao nodded and then shook her head.

"You really came to see Situ Yelei?" He was angry.

"No! What do you think?! How could the dignified second Patriarch of the family be as free as you? He is very busy, he has to accompany Princess Lingxi, and he has to busy doing business! How could he have the time to see me!" Feng Zhiyao deliberately cracked her fingers and smiled.

Seeing her playful actions, Xuanyuan Haoyu turned angry into a smile. He knew why he liked her. She was a fickle woman, one moment pure, one moment coquettish, one moment enchanting, one moment tender, one moment cold, undeniable. It was probably at the first time he saw her, he had already be attracted to her! It was just that at that time, he was not very sure of his intentions!

"Better not!"

Xuanyuan Haoyu grabbed her wrist, picked her up by the waist, and carried her off the carriage. His movements were very gentle, causing Feng Zhiyao to be confused.

"Where are you taking me?" Feng Zhiyao was very puzzled.

"Do you remember the cooperation you told me about your seven and my three?" Xuanyuan Haoyu sighed, reminding her.

As expected, she didn't care about what happened between her and him at all. She didn't care at all.

"Oh, that's true. What's the matter? What are you trying to tell me? Or where do you want to take me now?" Seeing him finally put her down, Feng Zhiyao responded to his question.

"Where else can I take you? Of course the best soup restaurant in Xian Yang that you mentioned. I've already chosen the location for you, can I take you there? "

Then, Xuanyuan Haoyu told the driver to wait in the empty yard while he himself wrapped his slender palm around her small hand, dragging her along step by step. In the end, of course, Feng Zhiyao voluntarily walked, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand.

Why did Feng Zhiyao agree to let him hold her hand? Because her wrist was hurting from his tugging, she had no choice but to follow him a little.

"Yao'er, did I hurt you just now?" He looked a little embarrassed as he asked in concern.

"Hurry up and take me! I'm so good that I have to make a seventy percent profit as a majority shareholder!" Feng Zhiyao coldly glanced at him and said.

He didn't know how much money she owed Xuanyuan Haoyu in her previous life, yet he insisted on treating her like this. Aiya, this wrist really hurts! Thinking up to here, Feng Zhiyao rolled her eyes at him again.

"Yao'er, are you trying to flirt with me?" Xuanyuan Haoyu didn't understand what Feng Zhiyao meant at all. What he cared about was that she was finally willing to give him a proper look, so he pretended that she was sending him a secret favor.

"The best soup Restaurant in Xian Yang?" The font was really nice. "Did you write it?" Feng Zhiyao asked.

"Yes, I wrote it. Do you like it?" Seeing the corners of Feng Zhiyao's lips slightly curled up, Xuanyuan Haoyu's mood improved greatly. Therefore, he asked with hope.

"It's not bad! Better than mine! Right, why didn't you ask your father for an inscription? If he write the name for this restaurant, then our business will be flourishing. It will spread across the entire continent!" The more Feng Zhiyao thought about it, the more ambitious she became!

"I haven't told my father about this, I did it in secret!" Xuanyuan Haoyu wrinkled his brows upon hearing this.

"Then forget it. Anyway, your words are rather fitting." Feng Zhiyao nodded in satisfaction, and she followed Xuanyuan Haoyu into the main entrance.

Then, Xuanyuan Haoyu introduced the restaurant. "Yao'er, this shop was originally a restaurant which can't be run any longer, so the owner sold it to my subordinates cheaply. If you are okay with this, let's talk about how to decorate it? "

Xuanyuan Haoyuu greedily looked at Feng Zhiyao's picturesque face, feeling even more infatuated in his heart.

"Okay." Feng Zhiyao nodded. Since she had the chance to earn money, she wouldn't miss it.

One could have nothing, but could not be without money. Without money, one could do nothing! Who knew if war and chaos would break out in this era? Money was stronger than anything! She wouldn't depend on man! She had to stand on her own!

Very quickly, Xuanyuan Haoyu ordered the servants in charge of this restaurant to fetch the Four Treasures of the study room. Then, Feng Zhiyao painted on the white paper for half an hour. Finally, she was done. She playfully blew on the ink, and then began to tell him about them one by one.

"For decoration, elegance is the main point! This is the second floor, right? The first floor is for the mass business, the second floor is for the aristocratic business. This is a brochure. Tomorrow, go to the brothel and get some women to join in the fun." Feng Zhiyao said each and every one of them seriously.

Seeing her being so serious, the corners of Xuanyuan Haoyu's lips slowly rose. She was far more enchanting than he had imagined.

Yes, how could his woman be bad! One day, he would definitely move her and make her willing to be his wife!

"Hey! Xuanyuan Haoyu, are you listening? "

Feng Zhiyao had just raised her head to look at him, but he was blankly staring at her profile. She didn't know whether he was in a daze or if he was having a stroke, so she shouted loudly, startling the servants by her side. This girl was so valiant, she actually dared to call His Highness, the King of Jing, by his name!

"Of course I'm listening. Yao'er, you said it very well! Don't look at me like that, I really think you're right! " Xuanyuan Haoyu hurriedly nodded, confirming that his wife's words were definitely true!

"Well then, you, Xuanyuan Haoyu, repeat it to me. Say it word for word!" Feng Zhiyao's was angry. Was he listening or not?! That's why, when she thought about it, her eyes rolled and she asked the difficult question.

"You just said …" Xuanyuan Haoyu said it word for word, and with a slight inflection, he shocked Feng Zhiyao. Could this person really be dual-minded? Or his memory was so good? Right now, she had the thought of smacking her forehead with a piece of tofu!

"Yao'er, why is it your turn to be stunned?" Xuanyuan Haoyu raised his hand to rub it against her fair and delicate face before asking.

"Pfft, that's because you're in a daze! Alright, you're right. If you have no objections, then send someone to do as I say!" After being touched by him, Feng Zhiyao quickly regained her wits. She immediately slapped away his hands and said blandly.

"But Yao'er, why did you let the brothel ladies come here?" Xuanyuan Haoyu asked in a puzzled tone. A lady from a brothel was a lowly and despicable person. How could she possibly want to do that? Why?

"You know this is a soup shop? That's food, right? As the saying goes, food, sex, that's human nature! If we invited a few ladies from the brothel here to play and sing, wouldn't that attract people's attention? Oh, don't look at things with pedantic eyes. Can you use the opposite way of thinking and think about it?"

Feng Zhiyao was like a political teacher, diligently lecturing Xuanyuan Haoyu.

On the other hand, Xuanyuan Haoyu wasn't angry at all. Of course, he didn't want to be angry at all. Facing this woman whom he fancied, he only have the time to care for her, so how could he bear to say anything else?</blockquote>

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