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C66 part3

<blockquote>Chapter 66 Intense Desire, Falling part 3

Perhaps it was due to the excruciating pain just now, the ice-cold water was no longer as painful as it was before when it had soaked his knees. After it cooled down, there was a burning sensation.

"Does it hurt?" Feng Zhiyao gently pressed her jade-like fingers on his knee and asked with concern.

"It's not as painful as before." Li Jinran felt that he might be able to stand up one day, and he was full of confidence in her.

"Right, from today, you will not be able to eat any stimulating food, Don't ask me why. " When Feng Zhiyao saw him open his mouth, she quickly smiled and stopped him from asking her.

She was not a real doctor, so how could she know so much? If he asked her how to treat poisons, she was pretty sure of herself.

She wasn't even allowed to ask! How tyrannical she was!

Li Jinran shook his head, but seemed to agree with her words. He smiled and nodded.

"Jinran, you are so obedient! Hehe …" Feng Zhiyao jokingly teased him, making him laugh.

Only then did Li Jinran realize that he hadn't coughed in the short time he had been with her. Could it be that the environment here was too good, or that this illness was related to his mood?

With a smile, she wiped off the droplets of water for him, then leisurely stood up and poured him a cup of tea.

"The weather is very hot. After such a long time, you must be thirsty. Hurry up and drink. This tea is alright."

"You worked harder than I did. You can drink too." Li Jinran helped himself to a wooden wheelchair and glided over to the table. He took the initiative to pour a cup of tea for Feng Zhiyao with a smile on his face as he personally handed it over to her.

"Alright, let's drink together." The two of them smiled at each other. At this moment, there was a warm current flowing through the air.

"Right, your asthma should be treated with a meal. This is the prescription to treat your asthma. Just keep it safe and let Ban Xia take note of it." Feng Zhiyao seemed to have thought of something as she took out the prescription to treat his asthma from the scented bag hanging on her waist.

"Alright, thank you, Zhiyao!" Li Jinran happily received the prescription.

"I've finished drinking the tea, I should leave now. I'll call Ban Xia to come and serve you. I'll come back to see you tomorrow." Feng Zhiyao thought that she still had some martial arts to practice, so she said goodbye to Li Jinran.

"Mm, be careful." Li Jinran watched her graceful back move further and further away.

"Second Young Master, will Miss Feng's treatment have any effect?" However, he looked at the beautiful figure that was gradually disappearing into the distance, and a complicated look flashed across his eyes.

"It's not clear yet, but I want to believe her, I want to bet. Ban Xia, do you have something on your mind?" Li Jinran's keen senses made him think that Ban Xia is absent-minded. Thus, he used the tone of a master who was concerned about his servant as he asked with a smile.

"No, maybe it's because I just woke up from a nap. Second Young Master, can I go down and throw away that basin of dirty water, then I subordinate to play a game with you?" Ban Xia bit his lower lip and shook his head gently and asked with a smile.

"Alright." Li Jinran nodded and agreed. He only lowered his head and a trace of a happy smile inadvertently slipped across the corner of his mouth.

After Feng Zhiyao left the small building, she saw Tao Zhixian waiting under the apricot tree with his hands behind his back.

"Uncle Xian? Did I delay your time? " Feng Zhiyao asked embarrassedly.

"No, I just don't know how Eldest Miss and that Young Master Li got to know each other." Tao Zhixian only felt that Young Master Li Jinran was very much like someone in his memories.

"I met him by chance." Feng Zhiyao said two words to him with a smile.

"It's best for the Eldest Miss to be careful." Tao Zhixian paused for a moment before he bravely persuaded.

"Thank you Uncle Xian. I know my limits. Oh , when I came to the Quhe House today, it was exactly the time for lunch. Why are there so few customers here?" After Feng Zhiyao's explanation, she quickly and intelligently changed the topic.

"In recent years, Quhe House's business is not as good as before. Even the most capable chef has been dug up by the people from the Songhu House." At this point, Uncle Xian's tone was a little annoyed.

"Can't you keep the pay up?" Feng Zhiyao asked in confusion.

"We've temporarily retained two of them. The other two are already at the Songhe House!" said the Tao Zhixian.

"Then we might as well nurture our own talents, sign contracts with them, and give them some preferential benefits. Or we might even attract the chefs of other restaurants to come here." Remembering the modern business philosophy, Feng Zhiyao subconsciously said lightly.

"Eldest Miss, you have such a good idea! But what was a contract? What kind of preferential benefits?" After Feng Zhiyao had explained everything, Tao Zhixian kept nodding. He was very satisfied with this young lady's intelligence!

The speaker had no heart, the listener was interested, Tao Zhixian heard while the smile on the old face as if a flower bloomed.

"How about this, we'll develop some new dishes or dessert pastries to attract customers. Uncle Xian, how about this?" Feng Zhiyao mentioned it casually.

The more he heard, the more it made sense.

"Eldest Miss, your subordinate knows about the pastries, but what is a dessert?" With a look of confusion, Tao Zhixian asked with a smile.

"How about this, since I'm hungry, you can lead me to the kitchen. I'll make you a sweet dish myself." Feng Zhiyao suggested with a smile, so she urged him.

"Alright, Eldest Miss, this way please!" Tao Zhixian led the way, and after about half an incense's journey, they arrived at the kitchen built by the blue brick Dewar.

"This is none of your business, you may leave!" Tao Zhixian signaled the cooks and the kitchen maids in the kitchen to step back.

"Uncle Xian, since you've called them out, I can only ask for your help!" When Feng Zhiyao saw Tao Zhixian making them avoid it, so she joked with a smile.

"I'm happy to, but I'm afraid that Eldest Miss won't be satisfied!" Tao Zhixian laughed heartily.

"How can I not be satisfied? definitely not. Sorry for bothering Uncle Xian to scatter those two eggs and prepare a glass of fresh milk. I'm digging for oranges, the oranges here are very fresh." Feng Zhiyao picked up a fragrant orange and smilingly sniffed its fragrance.

"Eldest Miss, this orange is very rare and expensive. It would be too expensive to make sweets with this." Tao Xuan looked at Feng Zhiyao who was happily picking up the fragrant orange, smiled and reminded her.

"So be it! We'll just sell it for a sky-high price. People with status will not care about how expensive it is! There was a saying that If you don't choose the right one, you will only choose the most expensive one!"

Half an hour later, Feng Zhiyao finally took out the finished product. She saw three pieces of crispy orange tarts on a porcelain plate with a white background, which was very attractive.

"Uncle Xian, try one. It's called the Fragrant Orange Egg Tart! It's delicious. Eat one, I'll eat the other two myself." Feng Zhiyao washed her small hands, grabbed an Orange Egg Tart and ate it with relish. Soon, she finished the other one.

"Eldest Miss, not only is this Fragrant Orange egg Tart pleasant to hear, it also looks very fragrant. This subordinate is a little reluctant to eat it." After staring blankly for a long time at the Orange-Fragrant Egg Tart on the plate, Tao Zhixian finally said something that made Feng Zhiyao spit out blood.

"Stop looking, hurry up and eat it! Next time, I'll make it for Uncle Xian to eat." Feng Zhiyao urged with a smile on her face. Although the kitchen equipment here couldn't compare to the oven of the twenty-first century, the finished products were already quite good!

"Okay, okay." Tao Zhixian immediately and elegantly ate the Fragrant Orange Egg Tart. He had an elegant demeanor and didn't look like a restaurant owner at all.

He was filled with the desire to eat. He thought to himself, Eldest Miss is so smart that she can definitely make Quhe House flourish.

Then, Feng Zhiyao followed Tao Zhixian and went to the luxurious study room. When a large map of galloping horses opened up in the study room, she saw a small mechanism, and when the mechanism opened, it was a secret room. Several huge South Sea Night Pearls shone brightly inside, and she discovered that everything was set up inside.

"Eldest Miss, from now on, you will train here. What do you think?" Tao Zhixian said with a smile.

"Good, are these the quincuncial stake?" she asked, when she saw the stake. She remembered that it was called that on TV, and she wondered if it was still called Quincuncial Stake.

"Yes, Eldest Miss should first go for a horse stance. After seven days, you will be able to walk on the quincuncial stake. Within a month, I think with Eldest Miss's intelligence, Eldest Miss will definitely be able to learn the Lingbo Steps!" Tao Zhixian nodded, then said.

"Alright, I'll start practicing now then!" When Feng Zhiyao thought about Su Yang's trip, she was nearly killed. Therefore, she felt it was necessary to learn about kung Fu in this era of cold weapons!

"En!" Uncle Xian also agreed with Feng Zhiyao, so he nodded. He watched her recite the mnemonic and waited for her to explain and demonstrate when she didn't understand it …

However, what surprised the Tao Zhixian was that Feng Zhiyao had only used seven days to learn the top-notch Lingbo Steps.

Situ Family's Garden.

Situ Yelei practiced under the osmanthus tree alone. Xuanyuan Lingxi obtained Madam Yan's approval and arrived at the back garden of the Situ Mansion on a hot afternoon.

Xuanyuan Lingxi looked at the sword wielding man under the beautiful golden laurel flowers. She gazed dazedly, but her heart was full of questions. She didn't know what was wrong with him. Recently, he had been looking for an excuse not to see her, so she had followed Madam Yan and coquettishly met with Situ Yelei.

Her little heart was pounding, and she wished he would stop and look at her, like the first time they'd met under the osmanthus tree.

She would always remember that day when she was carrying a bunch of fragrant and yellow daisies, and he was slowly walking towards her. She only knew that her heart had completely fallen at that moment!

But now, his determined and faraway brows were still as black as ink, his eyes as black as spots still exuded an enchanting charm, his straight nose and slightly pursed lips seemed to lack a smile when she saw him again. She vaguely remembered that every time he saw her, he would always smile happily, and that smile under the sunlight would always cause her heart to beat faster, like a poem or a dream.

Situ Yelei finally stopped, no longer brandishing the sword.

"Lingxi, it's such a hot day, what are you doing here?" After Situ Yelei had confirmed his feelings for Feng Zhiyao, his attitude towards Xuanyuan Lingxi became much worse than before.

"Brother Lei, I missed you. That's why I came here to see you." At that instant, Xuanyuan Lingxi took the initiative to let go of the princess' nobility and the young female's modesty. She slightly raised her head, shyly speaking with a reddened face.

"Didn't we meet at the Songhe House three days ago?" These words were filled with resentment and disgust, but the foolish and infatuated Xuanyuan Lingxi still ignored this point.

"Three days ago, that they held a welcoming banquet for you when you came back from Su Yang. With so many people here, it's not like we'll meet privately. brother Lei, don't you like me anymore?" Xuanyuan Lingxi guessed carefully as she spoke. At this moment, it was as if she was being pressed by a huge rock, making it impossible for her to breathe.

"Lingxi, you have always been my little sister in my heart." Situ Yelei felt that if Xuanyuan Lingxi took the initiative to end the engagement, then it would have no effect on the Situ Family.

But why would Xuanyuan Lingxi do as he wished?

"Brother Lei, we can nurture our relationship. We can get married first. Really, brother Lei, I've always been so loyal to you that I can't bear another man in my heart! Please, brother Lei, please don't snub me, okay? " Xuanyuan Lingxi felt her heart aching so much that she couldn't breathe. Therefore, she hurriedly picked up her dress and walked towards him with small steps. Her delicate and boneless hands wrapped around his well-built waist. Her words were filled with lingering bitterness and pity.</blockquote>

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