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<blockquote>Chapter 66 Intense Desire, Falling part1

"Jinran, why are you blushing?" Feng Zhiyao asked in confusion.

"No … No …" It was Li Jinran's first time stuttering. He tried his best to avert his gaze, but his heart was pounding like a drum and his face was flushed red.

"Oh, isn't the preserves good?" Feng Zhiyao giggled after she took one out and ate it.

"Yes, it's very good. You're very considerate." How could Li Jinran secretly despise his impure thoughts?

Just now, he actually had the thought of pressing Feng Zhiyao under his body. He shook his head vigorously. No, he couldn't think like that. Zhiyao was such a kind and beautiful girl, how could he imagine her like that?

"Hehe, if it's good, I'll buy it for you to eat next time. Don't be polite with me, it's just a small matter. Haha, Ban Xia, your speed just like light, you've already sorted it out so quickly!" Feng Zhiyao was just about to turn around and help Ban Xia clean up, but when she saw that Ban Xia had already finished, she smiled in admiration.

"Miss Feng, this is what I should do!" Miss Feng was so approachable. She didn't have the slightest sense of nobility that a noble lady would have, which made him instantly feel good about her.

"Eldest Miss, this servant has brought all the dishes here. You can enjoy it while it's still hot." It was the Lv Zhu's voice. She was indeed very strong. She was holding two trays with both hands.

"Lv Zhu, you're so capable. You brought all these dishes here by yourself." Feng Zhiyao's eyes revealed a look of worship. Oh my god, this girl was born with great power. If she had been born in the modern age, perhaps she would have been able to participate in the Japan sumo wrestling competition.

"Eldest Miss, it's just a small trick, not worth mentioning!" Lv Zhu smiled. She was very happy that the Eldest Miss had praised her.

"Jinran, Ban Xia, let's eat together!" "Lv Zhu, if you haven't eaten, let's eat together!" Feng Zhiyao pointed at the stool and ordered without any respect.

"Eldest Miss, this servant has already eaten ." Lv Zhu smiled and walked out. Eldest Miss was really a nice person. She was lucky to serve her.

"Miss Feng, Ban Xia is a servant, I can't eat with the Second Young Master and Miss Feng!" Ban Xia was happy, but thinking about his status as a servant, he replied neither humbly nor arrogantly.

"This is my territory, there aren't that many rules. Hurry up and eat. You was really busy just now, you must be very hungry!" "Don't be so polite with me. Eat more. Jinran, eat more. Hurry up and eat!" Feng Zhiyao took the initiative to pick up a chicken leg with her chopsticks and gave it to Li Jinran to eat. She also picked up a cherry red braised pork and gave it to Ban Xia to eat.

"Thank you, Miss Feng." This was the first time since he had entered the Zhui Hun Villa as an assassin that the person besides Second Young Master had thought of being kind to him. Therefore, he would remember this heart of her.

"Why are you saying that? Eat, eat more." Feng Zhiyao scoffed at the etiquette of the feudal society, then she smiled and persuaded Ban Xia to eat it quickly.

"Zhiyao, eat more yourself." Li Jinran elegantly gnawed on the chicken leg. In his heart, he only felt that it was as sweet as honey. when he looked at Feng Zhiyao,The look in his eyes became even gentler.

"Alright, I will eat more. I so hungry that my five visceral temples are gurgling?" Feng Zhiyao playfully smiled. She didn't pay attention to his fervent gaze, because those who were hungry naturally couldn't resist the temptation of those delicacies.

When Li Jinran heard this, he and Feng Zhiyao looked at each other and smiled. His handsome face was suffused with a faint lustre, and his bangs were fluttering in the breeze.

The warm sunlight passed through the stately windows of the sculptures, shining down on his body. His sword-like brows were like paintings, his lips were the color of cherry, and his skin was the color of snow.

Feng Zhiyao's heart was beating rapidly as she looked at Li Jinran like this. She couldn't help but to raise her eyes and look at him a few more times.

Seeing his young master and Miss Feng looking at each other, he felt a sense of inferiority in his heart. Why was he a lowly servant? He slightly furrowed his brows, concealing his thoughts extremely well.

Feng Zhiyao and Li Jinran were sitting opposite each other, chatting happily. They looked very much like a newly married couple; this was naturally Feng Zhiyao's own impression.

"The food is not bad. Jin Ran, I'm full." Feng Zhiyao said with a smile while gently wiping her lips with the handkerchief.

"Why is it not bad? This dish tastes great." Li Jinran felt that the food on this table was much better than the ones at the Jiu Yin Temple.

"You haven't eaten my cooking!" Feng Zhiyao proudly glanced at him and boasted.

"Zhiyao knows how to cook?" Li Jinran was very surprised to hear this. The hands of the woman in front of him had ten pointed fingertips, and were as white as jade. How could she be a woman drenched in water? His face was filled with disbelief.

"En! I'll cook for you some other day." Feng Zhiyao raised her red lips with a smile.

Li Jinran hurriedly shifted his gaze away. He only felt that his gaze had been fixated on this woman for a very long time.

"Alright." He subconsciously said yes.

After a while, Lv Zhu came over to clear the dishes.

"Eldest Miss, are you satisfied with the food?" The Lv Zhu asked.

"Not bad, please come over later with a bucket of hot water, I'm going use." When Feng Zhiyao's gaze landed on Li Jinran's legs, which were unable to stand up, a trace of sadness and regret flashed across the bottom of her eyes.

If the legs of this fairy-like man could not be healed, what should he do?

Forget it, let's not think about this. She must do her best to heal his legs. She must win.

"Ban Xia, this is the prescription I prepared. Follow Lv Zhu and go to the nearby shops to buy the herbs on the prescription." With a smile, Feng Zhiyao handed over the prescription with the Peach Blossom Fragrance.

He looked up into Feng Zhiyao's bright and intelligent eyes, not daring to look at her for a moment. He lowered his eyes, and received it with trembling hands.

"Ban Xia, hurry up and come back." Feng Zhiyao urged with a smile.

"Then, Second Young Master, your subordinate will go now, is that alright?" Bian Xia lowered his head and asked in a pleasing manner.

"Yes." Nodding his head, Li Jinran signaled Ban Xia and Lv Zhu to leave together. His line of sight landed on the white hibiscus at the entrance.

At this moment, the lake wind blew past, and the white petals gently descended. Thousands and thousands of petals covered the ground in several layers. It was as if snow had just begun to fall, and it was elegant and pure.

"The white hibiscus is beautiful!" Feng Zhiyao leaned against the door and slightly mischievously smiled.

"It's different from the pear blossom!" "Thank you, Zhiyao." Li Jinran was thanking her.

"It's good that you like it, haha … Oh, right. It would be great if there was a swing between these two white hibiscus trees. At that time, it would be November when the maple leaf would turn red. While looking at the picturesque scenery, eating delicacies!" Feng Zhiyao closed her eyes, thinking as she spoke.

The chilly lake breeze blew against her moon-white dress. The train of her dress fluttered, her hair flying in the wind. Her plain white clothes contrasted with her refined temperament, making her extremely beautiful. He couldn't help but look at her with infatuation.

"Weird, I've said so much, why can't you say a word about it to me?" Feng Zhiyao opened her eyes and unexpectedly met Li Jinran's burning eyes. A faint blush suddenly appeared on her handsome face, then he hurriedly looked away, making Feng Zhiyao think that he was strange.

"Er … Zhiyao, you're right." He wanted to make her a beautiful swing by himself when his legs were better.

"Hmm, you see, Ban Xia is quite nimble. It's good that he came back so quickly." Feng Zhiyao clapped her hands, stepped out of the door and quickly took all the herbs she needed.

"Ban Xia, you've worked hard. Go over there and drink some cold tea." Feng Zhiyao smiled. Fortunately, the Lv Zhu had prepared some tea.

"Well, thank you, Miss Feng." Ban Xia through with a smile on his face, he glanced at Li Jinran. After Li Jinran nodded, he quickly ran into the room to drink some tea.

"Jinran, let's go to the back room. I want to do some necessary steps to heal you. Look, Lv Zhu has also brought hot water." Feng Zhiyao raised her hand and pointed in the direction of Lv Zhu.

"Lv Zhu, you're the best." Li Jinran said with a slight smile.

"Of course, she's my servant." Feng Zhiyao was smiling complacently.

"Let's go, I'll push you into the back room." Feng Zhiyao slowly pushed the wooden wheelchair forward with both hands.

Feng Zhiyao ordered Lv Zhu to put the hot water into the wooden basin. After filling the basin with water, she asked Lv Zhu to temporarily leave.

"Miss Feng, what about Ban Xia? Do you also want me to leave?" After he finished drinking the tea, he asked.

"That's right, your family's second young master let you take an hour off. You can take an afternoon nap in the room next door." Feng Zhiyao's tone was one of pure ridicule.

"Okay." "Then Second Young Master, I'll take a nap first." Although he didn't know why Feng Zhiyao had pushed him and that stocky girl away, he didn't ask. After some thought, he turned around and went to his earroom.

Feng Zhiyao was very happy when she saw the people who stood in her way leaving. Now, she could be alone with the beautiful young man.

Thus, only Li Jinran and Feng Zhiyao were left in the exquisite room.

"Jinran, you wash your calves first. I'm going to crush these herbs. Alright, let's split up!" After Feng Zhiyao said this, she began to meticulously crush the herbs.

Inside the quiet room, the only sound was the sound of running water and the sound of Feng Zhiyao making medicine.

"Aiya, why have you been in a daze for so long? Why aren't you washing?" Feng Zhiyao almost fell down.

"That … Zhiyao, I've been waiting all this time, so I … I won't." Li Jinran embarrassedly opened his mouth. He felt very inferior in his heart. He couldn't even take care of such a simple matter. How could he match up to such a beautiful and moving woman?

That's right, young lady from ancient families and young masters of noble families had all been taken care of by others. It was only natural that they wouldn't wash themselves, not to mention Li Jinran's special circumstances. She really didn't think much of it.

If only she had known earlier, she wouldn't have gotten rid of Ban Xia.

This time, she had no choice but to do by herself!</blockquote>

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