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C67 part2

<blockquote>Chapter 67 Linghu Ziche Intoxication Part 2

"I'm already in the carriage, why don't you open my acupoints?" Feng Zhiyao glared at him.

Wen Xingyuan opened her acupoints apologetically and naturally received a resounding slap on his face.

"Wen Xingyuan, don't think that I will be grateful to you for doing this!" Seeing that she could move her four limbs, Feng Zhiyao immediately slapped Wen Xingyuan's handsome face.

"Yao'er, after you went to Su Yang, seem to have changed your personality!" Even though Wen Xingyuan was a bit angry from her slap, his love for her was too deep. He was unwilling to curse her or fight her back.

"It's not that I've changed my personality, it's just that someone has become tyrannical. Remember, Wen Xingyuan, you're the head of the First family in Nan Shao Kingdom, but you don't have the qualifications to force me to do something I don't want to do! So what if he was a pretty boy? It was only natural for her to be annoyed if he let her do something she didn't like to do. Even if he was a beautiful man, she didn't hesitate to beat him up.

How dare she call him tyrannical?

Was he authoritarian? Was he overbearing?

Wen Xingyuan's emotions sank back into his memory. That's right, he was the head of the First Family. If he kept on using this way to deal with his family's affairs, how could he convince all the merchants and shopkeepers?

Perhaps Yao'er was right, he was truly tyrannical and tyrannical.

"Yao'er, I'm doing this for your own good. I hope that your body will be healthy and not be tormented by that illness. Do you understand?" Wen Xingyuan forced a smile as he extended his arm to wrap her soft body in his hands and tightened his arms. It had been a long time since he had smelled the fresh scent of her body. He took out the Snow Cream that had been placed in the hidden compartment of the carriage and neatly smeared it on the face that had been beaten. Such a smear really covered quite a bit of his face

"Wen Xingyuan, I want to get off the carriage!" After seeing him apply the medicine, Wen Xingyuan didn't showed any signs of being slapped. She suddenly smiled with her red lips, which was so cold.

"I won't let you get off. I've made an appointment with him. We can't just miss the appointment again and again!" Wen Xingyuan shook his head and raised his hand to stop her from jumping out of the car.

"Wen Xingyuan, do you really have to take me to the doctor?" Feng Zhiyao simply couldn't bear it anymore; she didn't need to endure anymore.

"Of course, I've already said it." Wen Xingyuan chuckled lightly. The smile on his face intensified. He hoped that she would be able to be gentle once more.

"I won't go! Scram!" Feng Zhiyao quickly kicked her long, slender legs, causing him to stagger down.

Unfortunately, Wen Xingyuan was extremely skilled in Kung Fu. Naturally, he was more than qualified to deal with Feng Zhiyao who had bad Kung Fu.

"Yao'er, I wasn't paying attention just now. That doesn't mean I can't beat you! Be good, the Feng Yun Inn is about to arrive. Seeing that good friend of mine, it's not too late for you to kick me." He was angry, and his voice rose a little higher.

"That's right. All of you Kung Fu experts will bully a weak girl. Wuuuu..." The more Feng Zhiyao thought about it, the angrier she became. Her pretty face was as cold as ice. Fuck, Li Mincan had pressed her acupoint. Wen Xingyuan had also just done the same thing to her, so how could she be so unlucky?

"Yao'er, what did you just say? What kind of Kung Fu experts that you talking about? Do you think I would bully you? Why don't you explain to me? Could it be that there were still men who coveted his woman? Wen Xingyuan became suspicious.

"No comment!" Feng Zhiyao had finally figured it out. It was meaningless for her to fight against a man like Wen Xingyuan, so she might as well pretend to be a little weaker.

There was silence in the carriage for a long time. The two of them stared at each other, neither paying attention to the other.

"Yao'er, actually, I missed you very much when you went to Su Yang!" Wen Xingyuan looked at the gorgeous beauty in front of him. His admiration for her increased by quite a bit. Thus, he eased up his emotions and spoke with a gentle smile on his handsome face.

"Do you really miss me?" Her smile became deeper, and her ice sculptures suddenly became soft, like tens of thousands of pear blossoms at the same time. Her bright eyes reflected countless bewitching charm, captivating souls, and her voice was as soft as the rain in the south.

When Wen Xingyuan saw her bewitching expression, he knew that she was doing it on purpose, but his heart still couldn't help but beat wildly. He couldn't help but lightly pinch her nose and tease her.

"Yao'er, this is the carriage. I really want you in the carriage, but it's better if I help you get rid of that evil illness first." A hint of heat flashed across Wen Xingyuan's black eyes. The meaning of love was very strong.

She couldn't wait to get it! It was just that... she had been displeased by the illness again!

"Don't talk about illness!" Feng Zhiyao gestured him to shut his mouth, then she directly leaned her head against the wall of the carriage.

How, she thought, would she fall on him?

"Yao'er, don't fall asleep! We've arrived at the Feng Yun Inn!" Wen Xingyuan stretched out his hand to pull at her small hand as he spoke in a soft voice.

"We're here already!" Feng Zhiyao suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes were a little nervous. What should she do? She was really going to be late again.

Would the fairy-like man blame her?

"Yes, Yao'er. If you don't want to walk on your own, I will carry you down." Wen Xingyuan humbly and gently extended his white, bony hands.

"Don't, I'll get off the carriage myself!" He wanted to hug her, the relationship with him didn't seem that close.

"Yao'er, it would be great if you were always so gentle." Wen Xingyuan still felt that it was better for a girl to be gentle and warm.

Feng Zhiyao faintly smiled without saying anything, because she didn't want to answer him.

"By the way, how does your friend look like? Male or female?" Feng Zhiyao thought to herself, she still cared more about whether that person was male or female. Thus, she lifted her gaze towards Wen Xingyuan and asked indifferently.

"Man, why is Yao'er asking this?" Then, seeing that Feng Zhiyao seemed interested in listening, he continued.

"Although he is my good friend, when it comes to age, he is three years younger than me. However, don't judge him by his age, his medical skills are extremely good. So at this age, he has already distinguished himself among the Senior Brothers and Sisters of the Medicine King Valley." Wen Xingyuan tried to explain with a smile on his face, as if he was proud to do so.

"Oh, since you said so well, then let's go in and take a look." Feng Zhiyao wanted to take a look first before deciding. Good thing it was a man, maybe another beautiful man?

If the men of the royal family couldn't be touched, then there would be less trouble in the Kung Fu world, right? At that time, she would have choice to try.

After Feng Zhiyao thought about this, her lips curved up into a charming smile, giving Wen Xingyuan a long and foolish look.

"Wen Xingyuan, why aren't you leaving? Don't tell me you don't want to go either? " Feng Zhiyao mocked indifferently.

"Er … I'm sorry. I'm a little distracted now". Wen Xingyuan smiled, then walked side by side with Feng Zhiyao to the entrance of the Feng Yun Inn.

The Feng Yun Inn was located in the western suburb of Xian Yang City. It was completely different from Baoqin Town's Feng Yun Inn.

Looking over, we can only see Lang Ya Mountain and Li Shan mountains, Yang Chun River running through the river, from afar just like a natural door, here is really beautiful mountains, water, beautiful scenery.

The Feng Yun Inn was built between these two mountains. The Yang Chun River watched as the river slowly flowed north. Around the Feng Yun Inn was a green bamboo forest. The breeze blew by and the bamboo leaves rustled.

The Feng Yun Inn was built very high. It was very similar to the four-cornered towers of the minority groups. The height of the three floors made it seem very grand. The floor was supported firmly by dozens of thick wooden rafters, supporting the building up.

The walls were covered with plant that is called Pa Shanhu. A board hung high up in the green cover, with the words "Feng Yun Inn" . It was written in bold and vigorous characters, flying in the air like flying dragons and dancing phoenixes.

"The scenery here is quite good!" Feng Zhiyao nodded and praised.

"Yao'er, if you marry me in the future, the Feng Yun Inn will be yours!" She don't know if he said it on purpose, or just casually.

Feng Zhiyao always felt that Wen Xingyuan's words were too fast. She hadn't even decided when she would be married off. He was quick to say it.

She and he were not intertwined. He had realized ahead of time that he was going to give his property to his wife. Although this man didn't seem to be very amorous, he was still pretty good. She decided to observe the situation first before deciding anything else.

"We'll talk about this later!" Feng Zhiyao faintly smiled.

They walked up the tall wooden steps.

Feng Zhiyao's finger drew across the wooden handrail. The handrail here was carved with exquisite colorful patterns, making it even more beautiful when viewed from close range.

"What is the flow of people at the inn where this place was built? Er … Is there a lot of customers? Would there be a guest in such a quiet place? "Feng Zhiyao asked curiously.

"A lot. When I'm busy, I have to book them in advance!" He walked elegantly to the side, carefully taking care of her. Perhaps he was worried that she would fall down from the stairs.</blockquote>

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