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C67 part3

<blockquote>Chapter 67 Linghu Ziche, Intoxication Part 3

On the third floor, in Sky No. 1 Room, Feng Zhiyao saw the young and promising Young Master of Medicine King Valley mentioned by Wen Xingyuan. It was Linghu Ziche, who was known in the Kung Fu world as the "Miracle Hand Godly Doctor".

"Xingyuan, she is...? My patient?" As soon as Feng Zhiyao entered the room, that person only took a glance at her before turning his eyes away, looking at Wen Xingyuan, who stood beside Feng Zhiyao.

"Yes, she is going to be my fiancee. I'll have to trouble Brother Linghu to check her pulse." Wen Xingyuan's smile was faint, but upon closer inspection, there were traces of nervousness in his eyes.

It could be seen that he was still very worried about Feng Zhiyao's illness.

While they were talking, Feng Zhiyao also took a glance at Linghu Ziche.

His face was as beautiful as a puddle of fat, his eyebrows as beautiful as a painting, and his beautiful eyes were squinted slightly. They were as deep and serene as a lake, and his gown as red as blood tightly wrapped around his tall and straight body.

His hair was tied high in a red satin ribbon, and his handsome features, straight and beautiful nose, and his lips, which were not dyed red, were adorned with a bewitching aura.

His wide sleeves fluttered in the wind, slightly revealing his fair skin that was incomparable to that of a girl's. She might even be able to pinch out water out of his skin.

The charm man's face was white and tender, she really wanted to touch it.

Feng Zhiyao stared at Linghu Ziche for a long time, when Wen Xingyuan see her his heart sank, than he thought to himself, 'Yao'er, how can you look at other men?' Furthermore, that man was his good friend.

Therefore, he couldn't bear it anymore.

"Yao'er, what's wrong?" The words that Wen Xingyuan seemed to care about were sent to Feng Zhiyao's ears. He hoped that in front of his friend, she would give him some face.

"I … I didn't do anything. When are we going back? ' At this moment, Feng Zhiyao was still thinking about the agreement between her and Li Jingran, so she asked worriedly.

"Yao'er, don't be in such a hurry. Can you wait for Ziche taking your pulse before making a decision?" Wen Xingyuan raised his eyebrows and smiled.

In her heart, Feng Zhiyao was thinking about how she would lie once when her lie was exposed later.

"Please, Ziche, please..." Wen Xingyuan made a gesture of invitation.

Following that, Linghu Ziche glanced at Wen Xingyuan indifferently, then his gaze fell on Feng Zhiyao again. With a swoosh, an extremely thin golden thread wrapped around Feng Zhiyao's slender wrist.

Wen Xingyuan closely stared at Linghu Ziche's movements, not daring to miss the slightest change in his expression. He wanted to see the answer from his expression.

However, the corner of Linghu Ziche's lips curled up as if to express his surprise. However, his pair of peach blossom eyes didn't change in the slightest. This made Wen Xingyuan's heart skip a beat.

With a slight movement of his hand, the golden silk thread on Feng Zhiyao's wrist suddenly disappeared. With a teasing voice, he said, "Xingyuan, she's not sick!"

With that, he looked at Feng Zhiyao with interest. He didn't understand why this woman would tell his good friend Wen Xingyuan that she was suffering from a vicious disease and that she didn't have many days left. so that his good friend send a letter to Medicine King Valley to invite him to come to the Feng Yun Inn to check out her pulse.

"How is that possible? Even the Imperial Physician said that Yao'er was suffering from a vicious disease. The disease is impossible to be cure? Could it be that those old fellows from the Imperial Hospital are all muddleheaded? " Naturally, Wen Xingyuan didn't believe him, so he asked him with a frown.

"There is a drug that can change a person's pulse! You asked her if she had taken it? " Linghu Ziche ruthlessly revealed the truth.

"Yao`er, is what he said true?" Wen Xingyuan asked in disbelief after he heard Linghu Ziche's definite conjecture.

"This …" Feng Zhiyao bit her lower lip, nodding gloomily. 'Forget it, it was just a lie. So be it!

In her heart, she thought to herself, this young master from Medicine King Valley is indeed capable.

"Yao'er, it's great that you didn't suffer from any illness!" When Wen Xingyuan saw Feng Zhiyao slowly nod her head, he felt very happy in his heart. He suddenly felt that he and she would have a very long and happy life.

"Well, Xingyuan, Let's go back!" Feng Zhiyao wanted to leave the Feng Yun Inn as soon as possible, for no other reason but to see Li Jingran as soon as possible.

"Alright, I'll send you back later." Wen Xingyuan nodded his head in agreement.

"Ziche, I'm really sorry for making you go all this way for nothing, but I hope you can keep this a secret." Wen Xingyuan cupped his hands towards Linghu Ziche apologetically.

"No worries, just buy me a drink when the time comes." After he finished speaking, Linghu Ziche's gaze landed on Feng Zhiyao's face. This kind of peerless beauty indeed made Wen Xingyuan crazy for her.

When he thought that his eight precious Hanxue Horses had died for the sake of her, he was angered.

"Naturally. I will definitely invite you when the time comes, haha …" Wen Xingyuan's face was full of smiles.

"Right, it's almost the Bilan Festival. Why don't you stay in Xian Yang for a few more days? What do you think?" When Wen Xingyuan recalled that it was going to be the Bilan Festival, he warmly invited him.

"Alright." Linghu Ziche was naturally happy to agree, as he just so happened to be able to avoid the entanglement of his little junior sister.

"You've agreed so readily. Could it be that little junior sister of yours is worried about you?" Wen Xingyuan teased with a smile.

"Xingyuan, please don't mention that little girl." Linghu Ziche supported his forehead as if he had a headache and hurriedly stopped him from mentioning his junior sister.

"Stop calling her 'little girl'. You will marry her sooner or later!" Wen Xingyuan patted him on the shoulder with a smile.

When Feng Zhiyao heard that the pretty boy was pestered by his little Junior Sister, and Wen Xingyuan had said that sooner or later Linghu Ziche would marry her, she immediately came up with a good idea.

If she ate Linghu Ziche, then she wouldn't be responsible! Thinking about it, it seemed like a good idea.

While the two beautiful men were chatting passionately, they didn't realize that Feng Zhiyao had her head bowed as she was thinking about how to eat the beautiful man.

"She's too young, she's only twelve years old. I'm eight years older than she is." Linghu Ziche always felt like he was more or less her older brother. In his eyes, a twelve-year-old junior sister was really too young, so he violently shook his head.

"Ahh, I won't say any more about your matter. I'll send her back now." Wen Xingyuan recalled Feng Zhiyao saying that she wanted to go back, so he bid farewell to Linghu Ziche.

Unexpectedly, Feng Zhiyao suddenly changed her mind.

"Er, Xingyuan, your friend come all the way to Xian Yang to treat my illness. I'm very sorry. How about treating him to a meal?" Feng Zhiyao said with a gentle smile sincerity in her eyes, making it impossible for others to see what she was thinking.

Wen Xingyuan was stunned for a moment when he heard this. He then smiled and asked Linghu Ziche, "Ziche, how about we set up a table of good wine and dishes in your room? How about we have a drink?"

That's true, he came all the way from the Medicine King Valley, so he should treat him to a good meal.

When Linghu Ziche heard Feng Zhiyao and Wen Xingyuan's words, his eyes flashed with a trace of confusion. Strange, this woman clearly wanted to leave, why did she suddenly want to invite him for a meal?

Feng Zhiyao thought for a moment. It seemed that the difficulty of get the pretty boy with good medical skill had increased a lot!

If she gave him some medicine, which might be discovered by Linghu Ziche, would she lose face very much?

Ah, yes, drink!

After thinking about it, the smile on Feng Zhiyao's face became even more charming.

"How about this, I'll personally cook for you and cook some snacks for you. You can consider this as my apology." Feng Zhiyao immediately came up with a reason, which quickly gained Wen Xingyuan's approval.

"Yao'er, this suggestion isn't bad. However... can you cook?" When Wen Xingyuan heard her words about making snacks, the corner of his mouth twitched. She, Feng Zhiyao, the dignified daughter of the Prime Minister, how could she possibly cook? Why didn't he know? Could it be that she had been tortured to the point that even her cook skills were good after the marriage annulment of King of Qi, Xuanyuan Haofei?

At this moment, Wen Xingyuan's hatred for Xuanyuan Haofei grew even greater.

"Of course! If you don't believe me, just wait and see! " Feng Zhiyao said confidently.

Feng Zhiyao's words were filled with confidence and calmness, but in his heart, he believed them a little.

Thus, he instructed the waiter to bring Feng Zhiyao to the kitchen while he played a board game with Linghu Ziche.

When Feng Zhiyao looked at the ingredients in the kitchen of the Feng Yun Inn, she quickly thought, what kind of snack should she order?

Why not just slack off a little and make the dumplings! Because everybody knew that she is lazy!

After some thought, she decided to make the steamed dumplings.

When she was finished, she saw the two of them sitting on either side of the board, quietly playing, as if they hadn't heard her footsteps.

Perhaps the fragrance of the steamed dumplings was simply too tempting, both of them simultaneously looked towards the tray Feng Zhiyao was carrying.

"Yao'er, in the future, just instruct the servants to do these things." Wen Xing's heart ached as he glanced at her jade-white hands.

"Xingyuan, this is all part of my heart. Perhaps, Young Master Linghu has already arrived at Xian Yang so quickly and has even exhausted several of horses!" Anyway, she knew the ancient traffic conditions, and it was very backward!

What a clever girl! She didn't seem to only stay in her room at all. Her clear and spirited eyes seemed to see through past and present life, shining with a bright and intelligent light.

She knew how many fast horses he had exhausted!

"Yao'er, this snack tastes good. What's the name?" Wen Xingyuan was the first to taste it.

"Seven Apertures Dumplings!" Feng Zhiyao deliberately chose a nice and pleasant name. She thought that this era's food wasn't very delicate, and eating enough was already pretty good, but for a noble like Wen Xingyuan, she naturally had to use a nice and pleasant name to explain her lazy masterpiece. In fact, it was just an ordinary steamed dumpling!

"Miss Feng's craftsmanship is good!" Linghu Ziche also picked one up with his chopsticks. After tasting it, he couldn't help but look at Feng Zhiyao in a new light.

This Seven Apertures Dumplings was very beautiful and exquisite, small, its skin was very thin, white like snow, translucent like pink stuffing, it tasted smooth and fresh, its fragrance assailed the nose, it was truly a delicacy of the human world!

"Thank you for your praise!" Feng Zhiyao openly accepted Linghu Ziche's praise.

"Xingyuan, good fortune!" Linghu Ziche's eyes couldn't help but reveal a trace of envy.

"Of course, my Yao'er is the best!" The bottom of Wen Xingyuan's eyes sparkled with happiness as his doting gaze landed on Feng Zhiyao's face.

At this moment, the dishes previously ordered by Wen Xingyuan were almost ready to be served.

So they stopped playing and went to dinner.

"Which of you won and lost?" Feng Zhiyao was very curious about their chess skills. Who did win?

"It's a draw!" Linghu Ziche looked at Feng Zhiyao and replying lightly.

"It's a draw. Then the two of you sure are equally matched!" Feng Zhiyao smiled.

At the banquet hall, Feng Zhiyao herself did not drink; she desperately tried to make Wen Xingyuan and Linghu Ziche drink.

"Yao'er, are you alright today? Why do you keep asking me to toast the wine? " As shrewd as Wen Xingyuan, he seemed to have caught Feng Zhiyao's unusual thoughts.

"I … I... It's not easy for him to travel all the way to Xian Yang!" Feng Zhiyao thought to herself. Wen Xingyuan was too smart, her mind was actually known by him!

"Yao'er, is this really the case?" Wen Xingyuan looked out of the window at the dark night.

"Of course." Feng Zhiyao gulped and thought to herself. She could returned later, she would take advantage of night to practice her Qing Gong.

Wen Xingyuan and Linghu Ziche hadn't met for a long time. The two of them chatted as they drank. They talked and drank a lot, but there weren't any signs of drunkenness!

"Weird, why are they still chatting happily after drinking a few jugs of wine?" Feng Zhiyao gently shook her head while she whispered in confusion.

"Ha ha-ha, Miss Feng, Xingyuan and I are on a thousand-cup draw!" It was rare for Linghu Ziche to explain. His hearing must have been extremely good. After hearing Feng Zhiyao's muttering, he specifically pointed at Wen Xingyuan and joked with her.

What? The two of them wouldn't be drunk even after a thousand cups of wine!

F**k! It was useless for her to be so busy!

"Why didn't you say so earlier?" She was angry, and the consequences were severe!

"Yao'er, you didn't ask us." Wen Xingyuan was surprised by her reaction.

"Sigh, that's right! How could she ask!

After Wen Xingyuan had eaten and drank his fill, he wanted to bring Feng Zhiyao back to the Begonia Garden.

Along the way, Feng Zhiyao lazily leaned against Wen Xingyuan's chest, not wanting to say a word.

"Yao'er, are you really asleep? Or are you angry with me? " Wen Xingyuan gently caressed her delicate skin with his clean and white fingers.

Feng Zhiyao didn't reply. She only yawned, changed her posture and continued sleeping.

"Yao'er, it is true that Ziche is not drunk, but I am not. I forced wine that I drank out of my body with my Energy . You just didn't pay attention to me!" When Wen Xing thought of this, his eyes dimmed. The eyes of the girl he adored had been fixed on his good friend Linghu Ziche all the time. How could this not cause him to feel depressed and heartache?

Ah? After so much trouble, this was the key to a draw!

"Xingyuan, don't be angry, I only thought that his alcohol tolerance was good, that's why I gave him a few glances." Feng Zhiyao quickly opened her eyes and explained with a coy smile.

"F**ck, that pretty Doctor didn't have a chance to be taken care of , then I'll at least take care of this pretty man in front of me!

"Yao'er, what you said is true ?" After hearing these words, Wen Xingyuan felt a bit of excitement in his heart. Yao'er had already explained it to him. Did this mean that she already had a place for him in her heart?

"Yes, of course!" "Xingyuan, right, the thing that I was afflicted with an evil illness. Back then, I only wanted to find someone to stir up rumors because I didn't want to marry the royal family." She explained the cause of the disease.

"I know, I know. That's the only way you can avoid marrying into the royal family!" Wen Xing nodded and smiled reasonably.

"Xingyuan, it's good as long as you know!" Feng Zhiyao happily stretched out her tender, lilac tongue and quickly kissed on his right cheek.

Wen Xingyuan was stunned for a moment before turning passive. He could not help but slowly sink into a deep slumber as his hot thin lips danced passionately. He finally caught sight of her sweet and tender mouth, and the faint fragrance of the wine was eagerly absorbed by him.</blockquote>

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