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C68 part1

<blockquote>Chapter 68 Plot Against Scumbag part 1

After a charming kiss on the carriage, Wen Xingyuanyuan took Feng Zhiyao to the main entrance of the Prime Minister's Mansion.

Feng Zhiyao, who got off the carriage, never thought Feng Wucai stood there with his hands behind his back. At this moment, he was waiting for her at the gate, slowly and gently the night wind, blowing his long sleeves to fly, with a smile that didn't seem to a smile.

"Father, it's so late. Why haven't you rested yet?" Feng Zhiyao was stunned for a moment. Had her father seen the scene of Wen Xingyuanyuan carrying her off the carriage just now?

"Yao'er, do you know how late it is?" Feng Wucai glared at her in annoyance, while inwardly sighing at the fact that she was old enough to marry.

"Father, I...I didn't mean it!" Feng Zhiyao lowered her head in defense.

"Zhiyao, Wen Xingyuan isn't bad. If you've already fallen for him, then your father will agree with you. However, you've already provoked the King of Jing Highness. I'm worried about you." Feng Wucai said with a sincere and earnest tone.

"Dad, I'm not afraid!" Feng Zhiyao shook her head. Although Xuanyuan Haoyu was troublesome, but Mei Xi, herself, had not reached the point of being very afraid of him.

"Silly child, you are a girl after all, sooner or later you will be married off! I don't know how many times is Wen Xingyuan better than King of Qi Highness!" Feng Wucai shouted.

"Father, Yao'er doesn't want to get married! Even if Yao'er wants to marry, it's not right now! " Feng Zhiyao said while smiling while holding Feng Wudai's sleeve in a spoiled manner.

"Alright, but don't come back so late. Wen Xingyuan is still a gentleman. If it's anyone else, then that's hard to say. Yao'er must know what I mean!" Feng Wucai's words carried a message of warning.

"Father, your daughter will not be at a disadvantage. You can rest assured! Hurry back to your room and go to bed. Father's Fifth Madame should be anxious from waiting!" Feng Zhiyao immediately thought when she saw that Feng Wucai had nothing to say to her. She remembered her father's favorite, Fifth Madame, so she smiled and teased him.

Feng Wucai had many concubines, but the only one he doted upon the childless Fifth Concubine. This was simply a myth in the Feng Mansion.

Feng Zhiyao had never seen Fifth Concubine before, and those rumors were also what the four maidservants talked about at times when they were chatting.

Some people said that Shui Xin was the singer, and she was gave by a disciple of Feng Wucai, she had got beautiful appearance and got favouritism when she performed the Dance with Caiyi.

Sure enough, when Feng Zhiyao mentioned Shui Xin, Father's old face was a little embarrassed.

"Yao'er, go back and rest. You won't return home late just like tonight!" Feng Wucai's expression was extremely unnatural. He gave her another fierce glare, then he turned around and walked into the mansion with his hands behind his back.

Feng Zhiyao followed in embarrassedly.

As soon as Feng Zhiyao returned to the Begonia Garden, she had Zi Yun and the others prepare the fragrant bath soup.

"Miss, do you think this water temperature is suitable?" Zi Yun asked, lowering her eyes. She was a little worried that Feng Zhiyao would notice her thoughts.

"En, that's enough. Zi Yun, you may leave! All of you can leave now!" When Feng Zhiyao was bathing, she didn't like being watched over, so she told them to quickly leave.

"Yes, Miss, this servant will take her leave!" When they heard this, they quickly excused themselves.

Feng Zhiyao took off her dress, her underwear, and slowly stepped into the bath barrel barefooted.

Amidst the misty mist, the fragrance of petals and water assaulted her nose. Her black hair, which reached to her waist, hung on the surface of the water.

This body was getting more and more beautiful, so it didn't waste her time crossing to here.

While Feng Zhiyao was lost in her thoughts.

A familiar voice reached her ears, clear and melodious like beads falling on a jade plate!

"Yao'er, you took it all off this time. Hehe, I saw it all." Situ Yelei smiled evilly.

"You …How did you get in?" Feng Zhiyao was dumbfounded.

"Except your personal maid, who has some Kung Fu, the rest of the servants' acupoint have been blocked by my subordinate. It's no problem for me to sleep here." After Situ Yelei had explained everything clearly to Xuanyuan Lingxi, he went to the Songhe Restaurant. Who would have thought that he would miss her too much? So he tried every ways to be the thief who picked up Feng Zhiyao as a flower.

Feng Zhiyao smiled and cast a sidelong glance at him. It turned out that he acted a thief in the middle of the night!

Feng Zhiyao hurriedly pulled out a peach colored dress from the cutting screen and quickly wrapped it around herself to prevent herself from catching a cold.

"Wait, what did you say? What do you mean my servant has some Kung Fu?" Although Feng Zhiyao was skeptical, she still didn't dare to be sure.

"It is that little girl Zi Yun who is often by your side. She seems to know a bit of Kung Fu, but her acupoints were still blocked by my subordinate. Right now, the two of them are staring at each other.

What? Zi Yun really knew Kung Fu? It was no wonder that on the way to Suyang, there was a surprise attack. Her expression was strange. She had only suspected it back then, but now after what Situ Yelei said, she was certain that someone was watching her.

When she thought about how she was being stared at, she couldn't help but shiver.

No, no, she couldn't just sit still and wait for death. She had to find a way to lure the person behind Zi Yun out.

"Yao'er, what are you thinking about? Why aren't you speaking? "Situ Yelei asked curiously.

"No, why are you spying?" "This time, Feng Zhiyao didn't get angry at him which was out of his expectation, and made him feel a little flattered."

"No, I was thinking of you. That's why I came here. By the way, why you're taking a shower so late? "Situ Ye Lei frowned and asked.

"You know how late it is, and you're still coming to my room? Are you in need of repairs? "Feng Zhiyao teased him with a smile.

"Yao'er, you clearly know my feelings for you, so why are you speaking so harshly?" "Situ Yelei's smile was extremely unnatural. He raised his eyebrows and felt a little annoyed with himself for doing all sorts of things to a sudden beauty."

"Ye Lei, are you taking the initiative to warm the bed for me?" "Feng Zhiyao laid down on the comfortable Beauties' Bed with a slight smile.

She looked up at him.

"If Yao'er is so kind as to invite me, Yelei will definitely do his best to please my Yao'er!" "

Hearing this, Feng Zhiyao giggled while her bright eyes glanced at him.

White jade crown hair, brocade orange robe, along with the breeze slightly flying, gently flying, endless luxurious and handsome.

When his pitch-black eyes locked onto her, a bright smile could be seen at the corners of his eyes. It was as if the sun had melted the ice, and the morning light broke through the dawn. It seemed as if it could contain everything.

He had enough capital to be a disaster, with his natural disposition and handsome looks. If this sort of disaster man was placed in the modern world, he would definitely attract a lot of people. Naturally, there would be many young ladies who would go crazy for him, right?

"Disaster!" "Feng Zhiyao could not help but say what was in her heart.

How was he a disaster ? After a slight pause, he extended his hand to her with a smile.

"Then let me see if I am really as Yao'er said, and whether I am qualified to become a disaster. "If he could bring disaster to her, that would be his greatest hope in this life!"

Looking at his outstretched hand, Feng Zhiyao sighed. Why was his hand also so beautiful?

She stretched out her slender and delicate hands and gently touched them. Her jade-like fingers seemed to dance a round on top of them. She smiled brightly, and saw the thin callus on his fingertips. Perhaps it was because he was practicing Kung Fu.

Situ Yelei raised an eyebrow. 'Why does this little girl have new tricks? Didn't she just talk about warm bed? Why did she look at his palm in the blink of an eye? Could it be that she could analyze and understand my palm.

Thus, he held her hand and tenderly pulled her into his embrace, his gaze sweeping across her tender cheeks. since the day of Su Yang's departure, she seemed to be full and charming.

She threw herself into his arms. A fresh and pleasant fragrance wafted through the air. The warmth of his body carried with it a faintly discernable fragrance, making one want to be intoxicated by it.

Feng Zhiyao comfortably nestled in his arms, raising her head up and looking at him.

"You seem to have lost weight recently?" "Feng Zhiyao's slightly concerned tone.

"Is that so? Perhaps I miss you too much, the ancients said that withered for lover? Isn't that my best portrait? "Situ Yelei greedily lowered his head to smell the faint fragrance on her neck.

"If you really like me that much, then what about Princess Lingxi?" Could it be that you are willing to give up the position of Prince Consort in the future? "Feng Zhiyao laughed.

You don't even need to make a draft to lie?

Feng Zhiyao didn't take these words to heart. She continued to play with his palm and fingers with a focused expression.

"Yao'er, give me some time. Xuanyuan Lingxi won't be our obstacle!" "Situ Yelei said confidently.

"It's up to you." All I know is that at this moment you can be my lover to warm bed for me! "Feng Zhiyao's eyebrows were dyed with smiles. In just a few decades of life, who knows if she will strangely return to the modern world after sleeping again?"

Forget it, she didn't want to bother with his question. All she wanted was to be happy in this world!

She didn't want to let go of such a pretty boy.

Thus, Feng Zhiyao's pink lips curved into a coquettish smile. She raised her head and bit his lower lip, with a vague and ambiguous hint, "Good night is short, Yelei, We? "

Situ Yelei's beautiful eyes turned dark. Danger –

"Yao'er, I understand." "

him, one arm around her waist, the other around the back of her head, bright thin and beautiful lips, biting into her sensitive ears, even her tiny earlobes being sucked in and out of his mouth.

After a long and lingering kiss, Feng Zhiyao teased with a coquettish smile, "Continue with your question! What do you know? "

"Yao'er, I specially spent a sum of money to go to the Lichun Courtyard to observe and learn." "Situ Yelei said this with a red face."

"Huh? Did you do such an outrageous thing? How funny! "When Feng Zhiyao heard this, she smiled so much that she shrugged her shoulders.

"Yao'er, I will definitely make you feel comfortable later." "When Situ Yelei thought of the real-life version that he saw in the Lichun Courtyard at a night, he couldn't help but feel a little impatient."

"Really? "Feng Zhiyao remembered that the pretty boy wanted to give himself to her, so she didn't have anything to be afraid of."

Situ Yelei listened to her hoarse and seductive mutterings. His dark eyes stared at her enchanting face that was suffused with lust.

His lips curled into a small smile, joyful and expectant. From this moment, he didn't want to give up her.

A slender and strong hand tightly gripped her head, his thin lips tightly pressed against her delicate lips. Opening them, he silently seduced and stirred them. He was trying his best to take her beauty into his eyes, his heart, and the depths of his soul.</blockquote>

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