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C68 part2

<blockquote>Chapter 68 Plot Against Scumbag part 2

He wanted her beautiful is only for him alone.

At this moment, he and she felt as if they were so thirsty enjoying the sweet spring water to their heart's content.

"Yao'er, I can't take it anymore!" "He thinks he's just kissing her. He'll be driven crazy by his own burning lust.

"I'll torture you first." "Feng Zhiyao pushed him away with a smile. She suddenly jumped down from his arms with her little feet bare, looking at his embarrassed expression evilly.

Aloe grows high, It seemed to be very funny. Feng Zhiyao was indeed very evil, She wrapped her arms around his neck and quickly jumped away.

"Yao'er, you are not allowed to torture me." "He thinks that he must have been poisoned by this little girl. Otherwise, why is it that other beautiful women can't enter his eyes?"

"Who tortured you? If you can catch me, then it's a different story! Hee hee. "Feng Zhiyao's playful heart is up, and she doesn't care about his aloe standing tall.

"Evil little imp!" "Situ Yelei only feels that he will become the first foolish man to die under the heat of lust!"

This time, he lowered his head roughly, covering her delicate lips. He unrestrainedly plundered her enchanting charm, his slender fingers inspecting every snowy fragrance on her body. Although there was the cloth, the feeling of touching would break out of his bones.

Sensing the tension on his body, Feng Zhiyao smiled.

"Yao'er, I like you. I like everything about you …" "Murmuring, with all sorts of feelings."

Everything that happened next went as a matter of course. The light purple gauze on top of the bed slid down, covering the entire room's charming spring sight!

The thin, soft, white underwear and skin could be faintly discernible. Tonight two of them were laughing and interwining!

Even though the night was as cold as water, it still could not stop the perfect and intense combination within the room!

And cut the image to the back of the Quhu House, the Qinglian Building.

In the fresh night, the hibiscus flower slowly fell down, becoming a dancing white elf in the dark night, covering the ground like snow, elegant and peerless.

"Second Young Master, it's already so late, Miss Feng definitely won't come!" Ban Xia thought in his heart, "It's already so late, she must have gone to sleep. If you continue to wait like this, isn't it all for nothing?"

"Ban Xia, she must have something on, so she can't come. I believe she will definitely come tomorrow! She promised me! "Li Jingran firmly said as he stretched out both his hands to receive the gently falling White Hibiscus Flower.

"Second Young Master, the wind by the lake is too strong, let's go back to the room first!" "Ban Xia went to the room to retrieve a black cloak and draped it over Li Jingran's body.

"Ban Xia, if you want to sleep, you can go rest first. I still want to stay under this hibiscus flower for a while." "Li Jingran closed his eyes and recalled the conversation between he and Feng Zhiyao under the hibiscus flower yesterday afternoon.

"Eldest Young Master told me to take good care of you. Second Young Master, if you were at the Jiu Yin Temple, you would have gone to bed a long time ago. "The meaning behind his words is, hurry up and sleep, I beg of you, Second Young Master."

"Push me into the house, Ban Xia." "Li Jingran let out a faint sigh. He had been thinking about her all day and even remembered the enchantment under her breasts. At this moment, he missed her even more.

If not for the obstruction of the night, Ban Xia would have definitely seen the blush on Li Jingran's face.

After two hours, Situ Yelei and Feng Zhiyao finally smiled at each other.

"Yelei, I didn't expect that you do this well for the first time!" "Feng Zhiyao said that without fear."

"Yao'er, what do you mean by this?" "As sensitive as Situ Yelei, he immediately recognized the hidden meaning behind the words spoken.

"I don't mean anything." "When she said those words, Feng Zhiyao realized that she had said the wrong thing. She was so angry that she almost bit her tongue."

"That's best, it's just Yao'er, why don't you have the Shou Gongsha on your arm?" "After Situ Yelei finished, he discovered a very important issue."

"I don't want to answer!" "Feng Zhiyao thought that the pretty man has already eaten by her, she didn't want to answer those boring questions at all.

"Who is that man?" "Of course Situ Yelei knows that Xuanyuan Haofei used the reason that Feng Zhiyao had lost her virginity to reject his marriage with Feng Zhiyao. But that's not true. She didn't lose her virginity before that!"

Then why did Yao'er's Shou Gongsha not exist?

"No comment!" "She just doesn't want to tell him because she doesn't think it's necessary!"

"You'd better get out of here! I'm tired, I'm going to bed! "Since she didn't want to explain, then she just treated it coldly!"

"You — Yao'er, why are you so heartless! I like you so much, love you so much, you just say you want to let me off when you want to sleep? "Situ Yelei felt like he fell from heaven into a glacier.

What answered him was the sound of Feng Zhiyao sleeping soundly!

"Yao'er, Yao'er – did you really fall asleep?" "Situ Yelei is speechless. She actually slept so deeply."

Forget it! He might as well return to his mansion first! It would be inconvenient for him to leave in the morning. After thinking about it, Situ Yelei lowered his head and kissed Feng Zhiyao on her shoulder, then he hurriedly got up and put on his clothes.

On a street not far from the Prime Minister's Palace, a figure lightly jumped down from the tall Xiangzhang tree.

"Young master, have you finished your business?" "A black-haired youth wearing a black tights landed gracefully in front of Situ Yelei.

"Of course, is your young master such an insidious person?" "Situ Yelei smiled. Yao'er's taste is too good. He still wants to come tomorrow night."

"Dou Qiong, how did you deal with that little girl Zi Yun?" Suddenly Situ Yelei asked.

"She will not wake up until eight hours later. However, I really can't know her Kung Fu and what sect it come from? "Dou Qiong said after he tilted his head thinking for a moment and cupping his hands in salute.

"How about this, you send someone to keep an eye on the servant called Zi Yun. We can't let the future master of the Situ Family be ambushed by others. Did you know, Dou Qiong? "Situ Yelei has already thought of bringing that plan forward."

"Young master, what about Princess Ling Xi and Old Madam? "Dou Qiong naturally knows of Xuanyuan Lingxi's obsession with Situ Yelei."

"Sooner or later, the Old Madame will find out. If she asks, just say it!" "Situ Yelei doesn't want to hide the fact that he likes Feng Zhiyao from his own mother at all. Like is like, there's no need to hide it!"

No matter how good Xuanyuan Lingxi was, he only treated her as his little sister! What did his mother think? That was about his mother. The person who wanted to get married was him, and the person who wanted to spend a lifetime with Yao'er was him as well. Thus, the matter that his mother liked Xuanyuan Lingxi was simply not within his scope of consideration.

"Yes, young master!" "Dou Qiong lightly nodded his head, thinking to himself, Young Master is becoming increasingly wise. This is a good thing!"

"Dou Qiong, go back." "Situ Yelei turned to look at the direction of the Begonia Garden with a slight smile on his lips. He finally got her. Although he wasn't her first man, he hoped that he would be her last.

"Young master, is it the wedding that's going to be taken in our mansion?" Dou Qiong asked with a smile.

However, Situ Yelei didn't say anything. He didn't know if she would agree to his visit.

Quickly, the two figures disappeared into the boundless night sky.

When Feng Zhiyao woke up, it was already dawn.

She lazily opened her eyes and looked at the traces of intense love that covered her body. The corners of her lips curled up into a satisfied smile.

At this time, Zi Yun gently knocked on the door.

"Eldest Miss, today the side concubine returned to visit her family. She wants everyone to meet her in the front hall. It was an order from the Matriarch. "The concubine who Zi Yun talked about was naturally Feng Zhiqiong. The current Prime Minister'sMatriarch of the Prime Minister's Mansion is Feng Zhilqiong's mother, Bai Wan Ting, who used to be the third wife." Third Wife Bai Wanting had her position only after Second Wife Su Qiaoyin was taken away.

"Oh, then I'll go after my morning meal. It just so happens that I want to take a look at side concubine of King of Qi ." Or did she come back to see how she was? Feng Zhiyao would prepare some things later, and look at her. maybe she was the one who sent someone to Su Yang to get her head.

"Wait, Zi Yun, is she the only one returning home?" Feng Zhiyao asked after pondering for a while.

"The King of Qi is here too!" "Zi Yun reported."

"Okay, I know." "Feng Zhiyao laughed. They actually came to our door together so quickly."

Feng Zhiyao looked at the messy bed, hurriedly tidied up her own clothes, then opened the door and let Zi Yun bring some water for her to clean her face. Her face was flushed with rouge, and she nodded her red lips as she cleaned up properly. After breakfast, she then walked to main courtyard, raising her head to look at the sun, thinking that it was still too late.

Within the main courtyard's guest hall.

"Yao'er, look at Qiong. It's rare for her to come back. Why are you so late?" "The Matriarch of the Prime Minister, Bai Xiaoting, seems to have a pampered tone. It's obvious that she seems to be very fond of this motherless daughter."

"Mom, it's about on time. You are back? Hehe, the more you grows, the more beautiful you becomes. "Feng Zhiyao raised her eyebrows when she heard Bai Wanting's words. She then shifted her gaze to Feng Zhiqiong, who was sitting upright all this time.

She had no interest in the scheming fight between the women of the Prime Minister's Mansion, and she didn't want to participate also.

As a matriarch, she had to pretend to be kind and loving. That was her business, and it had nothing to do with her.

"Feng Zhiyao, I am side consort of the King of Qi, why don't you kneel down and pay your respects to me?" "Feng Zhiqiong's face was full of arrogance. As she spoke, she cast a glance at the silent King of Qi, Xuanyuan Haofei.

How lucky! She was actually still alive and well! Moreover, it seemed to be even more dazzling than before!

"Qiong'er …" Xuanyuan Haofei felt uncomfortable in his heart when he heard Feng Zhiqiong suddenly speak up, so he spoke up to stop her.

"It's all one family, don't worry about the rules!" "He cleared his throat and looked at Feng Zhiyao, intentionally or unintentionally.

Hearing this, the corner of Feng Zhiyao's lips slightly curved upwards, like a melodious zither string between her fingers, drawing out a charming and elegant charm. Not only did it brighten her beautiful face, it also made those who were looking at her feel dazed.

Xuanyuan Haofei stared blankly, the regret in his heart growing even more intense. Why hadn't he found out before how good she was?

He took another glance at Feng Zhiqiong and then compared her with Feng Zhiyao. It is truly a heaven and a earth. How could he not have noticed the difference between them?

However, it didn't matter. Once he ascended to the throne of his father, he would be able to have both the beautiful and the prosperous!

Sooner or later, Feng Zhiyao would be his!

Bai Wanting looked at her own daughter, Feng Zhilin who stared at Xuanyuan Haofei without blinking. She thought to herself that King of Qi was indeed one of the most outstanding princes among the princes, if Lin'er belonged to the King of Qi, then it would be fine. But it seemed that King of Qi didn't like lin'er.

Feng Zhilin's eyes were burning as she stared at Xuanyuan Haofei, her heart thumping like a little deer.

Today, Feng Zhilin was wearing a light purple brocade dress with a swallow's skirt, wearing a white dress that looked light and delicate.

She was demure, beautiful like the moon. Her skin seemed to be cream, and her breath was like orchids, and her head was covered with a white plum hairpin. Her eyes were filled with spring water, and she looked forward.

It seemed that in order to meet the King of Qi, Xuanyuan Haofei, Feng Zhilin had the intention to dress up.

Looking at her husband's shining, Feng Zhilin's heart skipped a beat. Could it be that Feng Zhilin had also fallen for her husband?

No one said anything after that. Feng Zhiyao felt that this meeting was very boring and was thinking of an excuse to leave.

Just as she was thinking this, Father Feng appeared.</blockquote>

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