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C68 part3

<blockquote>Chapter 68 Plot Against Scumbag part 3

After greeting, Feng Zhiyao hurriedly made an excuse for her body to feel unwell before quickly withdrawing from the Jusong Hall.

However, by the time she returned to Begonia Garden, Xuanyuan Haofei had arrived even faster than her.

"Why did you come to my Begonia Garden?" Naturally, Feng Zhiyao would not give him any face at all.

"Yao'er, have you gotten any better recently?" Xuanyuan Haofei turned around and walked towards her, his tone seemingly concerned.

However, Feng Zhiyao did not need it.

"Your Highness, we do not welcome you here. Please leave!" This kind of scum, she wouldn't even take a glance at him.

"Yao'er, you've changed!" He seemed to sigh.

"What did I become?" Feng Zhiyao still had a Haitang flower that she had snapped off as she gently lifted it up to her nose and sniffed it.

"It's becoming more and more beautiful." There was a kind of passionate infatuation in his eyes. The seductive beauty at the tip of her brows was like a flower falling and rain in the gentle breeze when she smiled. It brought a refreshing and faint fragrance to one's heart.

"So what if it's beautiful? Didn't you hand over the Marriage Annulment Certificate to me in public that night? Marry my sister!" Feng Zhiyao did not show any signs of being angry at all. Her tone of voice sounded as light as the clouds in the sky.

"Yao'er, can I understand that you are still angry with me?" Xuanyuan Haofei was so excited that he wanted to block her sweet shoulder.

"If I don't love, I will naturally have no hate! King of Qi, I'm tired, please go back. Little Sister Qiong'er is waiting for you in the Jusong Hall!" Feng Zhiyao waved her hands as if shooing away flies.

"You're lying. When you say that, you don't even dare to look me in the eye!" The flames of anger in Xuanyuan Haofei's heart gradually intensified. There were several times when he was sleeping with his concubine, he had always been calling her Yao'er . Therefore, when he heard that she didn't love him, naturally, without any hatred, he felt a surge of pain in his heart.

Hearing his arrogant words, Feng Zhiyao laughed heartily.

"Your Highness the King of Qi, don't lie to yourself! Since you are already had a beautiful woman, why are you saying these words to me? Don't forget, our fates have already ended!" At this moment, Feng Zhiyao had the impulse to twist his neck.

He was the one who didn't want this body before, but now he was going back on his word. What happened?

Who would want such a scum.

At this moment, Feng Zhiyao felt rather sympathetic towards Feng Zhiqiong. She followed such a scum, her days would probably not be too good either.

"Yao'er, I have already regretted what I had done before. Are you willing to give me a chance to start anew?" Xuanyuan Haofei asked with great strength as he pressed down on her delicate shoulders.

"What are you doing?" At the entrance of Begonia Garden, Feng Zhiqiong had rushed over in a hurry. When she saw Xuanyuan Haofei place his hands on Feng Zhiyao, her first reaction was that Feng Zhiyao had seduced the King of Qi, Xuanyuan Haofei.

Feng Zhiyao snickered inwardly. This time, the two of you will not be able to bear the consequences.

"King of Qi, is that true?" Because of this, Feng Zhiyao pitifully raised her head to look into the eyes of the King of Qi Xuanyuan Haofei.

"Of course it's true." Right now, Xuanyuan Haofei only had eyes for Feng Zhiyao. All that gaze drifted towards Feng Zhiyao.

"But I'm afraid it's not good for your side concubine to know!" Feng Zhiyao smiled charmingly at him, the powder from her little hand's fingernails sprinkling onto his neck, than she carefully kneaded it, making it look a little more seductive.

"Who cares what she does? In my heart, there will always be a place for Yao'er!" Xuanyuan Haofei raised his hand and grabbed Feng Zhiyao's delicate little hand.

"Big brother Hao, you can't grab her hand." Feng Zhiqiong furiously charged over, wanting to slap Feng Zhiyao.

Feng Zhiyao lightly dodged, dodging the attack as her palm landed right on Xuanyuan Haofei's chest.

"Qiong'er, as the side concubine of King Qi, you must know your limits and not lose face for the King of Qi's Mansion!" Xuanyuan Haofei glanced at his empty hands in disappointment, secretly shocked. Feng Zhiyao seemed to have some foundation in Kung Fu, so why was she so light and quiet as she walked?

He raised his hand and lightly pressed it against his chest, infuriating Feng Zhiqiong, "Get back! Otherwise, do not blame me for being heartless! "

"Big brother Hao, didn't you say you didn't want her anymore? Why are you so close to her?" Feng Zhiqiong cursed out like a shrew, her gentle temperament had vanished into thin air.

Xuanyuan Haofei shook his head and clapped three times in the air, signaling the hidden guards to throw this noisy woman back to the King of Qi's Mansion.

"How heartless! At that time, you were all sweet, but now you are willing to give the order to throw her back!" Upon hearing his order, Feng Zhiyao curled her lips into a smile.

As expected, this man was the most hypocritical! Because he had simply never loved any woman, including the Feng Zhiyao from before, as well as the Feng Zhiqiong who had been cursing just now.

He should love the throne under the old Emperor's butt!

"Yao'er, I did it for you! She made you frown!" Xuanyuan Haofei seemed to be considering for her and said.

"Is that so?" Feng Zhiyao smiled without saying a word, letting him make up whatever he wanted. Six hours later, waiting for him to feel all the itchiness on his body, let's see how he would continue to sleep with a woman! Just thinking about it made her extremely happy!

"I don't need it, you... can scram now!" Since the people who were watching the show had already left, she didn't want to play the role anymore.

"Yao'er, were you using me to enraged Qiong'er just now?" After he discovered this fact, a trace of a nameless fire appeared in his chest.

The flames burned so fiercely that the servants in the surroundings felt his rage, hiding far away from him.

"If you really want to believe that, then I can say yes!" Feng Zhiyao was not someone to be scared off.

"Yao'er, since you have provoked my interest, how can I let you escape unscathed?" Xuanyuan Haofei tyrannically grabbed her head, his thin lips suddenly covering her tender cherry lips.

"Ah, get away!" Feng Zhiyao cried out in her heart, Not good! It couldn't be that this man had taken a fancy to her now!

"Why do you have a love bite? Tell me, who did it!" Xuanyuan Haofei hadn't expected that the woman, who was as beautiful as a clear lotus, whom he hadn't even touched before, would now have tiny love bite all over her collarbone. It was a bit blue, a bit purple.

"What I want has nothing to do with your majesty the King of Qi, Get away!" Feng Zhiyao ignored him. The fact that she had slept with a hundred beautiful men had nothing to do with him, Xuanyuan Haofei, at all!

"Tell me, what is going on here?" Xuanyuan Haofei's current attitude was like a jealous man as he asked sternly.

"What else can I say? I don't think I need to explain it to you!" Feng Zhiyao yawned lazily. Sigh, it was probably because the love affair last night had been too intense. She was really tired. Right now, she especially wanted to sleep.

"Rip!"After a sound, Xuanyuan Haofei actually tore open her front lapel, revealing snow-white tender skin at once. However, the layers of extremely fine purple love bite caused Xuanyuan Haofei to be enraged to the extreme.

"Bastard, you ruined my clothes!" This time, Feng Zhiyao could no longer remain calm and collected. Her pretty face was stiff as she tightly clenched her fists.

"Do you only feel sorry for your clothes? Why don't you feel sorry for me?" Xuanyuan Haofei tightly held onto her small hand as he stared at her delicate face with eyes as sharp as a cheetah's.

"you deserve it!" Seeing that she was unable to pull back her small hand, Feng Zhiyao's other hand clenched into a fist and punched towards his crotch at lightning speed.

"Ah!" Xuanyuan Haofei flew into a rage. He was completely furious. His eyes were bloodshot as he cursed.

"Right, you're the one being beaten!" Feng Zhiyao took out the cloud silk handkerchief that she always carried with her, and carefully wiped her small hands.

"Slut! Today, if This King does not get you, then the situation will not rest! " As a King, he naturally had a teacher who taught riding as well. His Kung Fu could not be considered to be at the peak of perfection, but it was not lacking either.

Now, he was so angry that he even called himself This King!

"Let me go!"Feng Zhiyao regreted that the medicine she had given him was a little lighter now.

"Let go of you so that you can beat This King again?" Xuanyuan Haofei didn't think that she would obediently follow his orders.

Zi Yun watched from the corner as Xuanyuan Haofei ripped apart his Young Miss's outer garment and even ripped off the clothes covering her body. She immediately bit her lips and began to struggle.

Should she go and dissuade him?

She remembered that Eldest Miss had treated her well, so she bent down and picked up a few stones, then she attacked Xuanyuan Haofei's waist.

"Who is throwing pebbles at This King? If you have the guts, then get out here for This King! " Xuanyuan Haofei hit towards Feng Zhiyao's acupoints and lifted his hand to pick up his clothes.

As soon as his voice fell, another stone was shot towards him. Coincidentally, he quickly intercepted it.

If this continued, he wouldn't be able to get her body, but he had plenty of time. He wanted her, so he wasn't in a hurry.

Having thought of this, he got up and glanced at Feng Zhiyao, forcefully suppressing his agitated emotions as he turned and walked out of the Begonia Garden.

Zi Yun only walked out from the corner after seeing Xuanyuan Haofei go away, she quickly went to support Feng Zhiyao.

Feng Zhiyao silently opened her mouth.

Zi Yun was smart and immediately opened her acupoints.

"Zi Yun, thank you." Feng Zhiyao consoled herself inwardly. Zi Yun was not as wicked as she had imagined. At least, she was willing to help her out.

Just keep Zi Yun by for a while, If the person behind her really wanted to do something to her, Feng Zhiyao could prevent it.

The further the danger, the more dangerous it was for her. If she kept the danger by her side, then she would be able to avoid it if there was any wind or grass rustling.

"It's good that you're fine, Eldest Miss." Zi Yun smiled. Damn it, since Eldest Miss is so smart, she would definitely ask how she knows Kung Fu.

"Zi Yun, you know how to hit at certain acupoints, but why haven't I heard you mention it before?" Feng Zhiyao elegantly changed into the new clothes Zi Yun had gone to bring.

"I once learned a little bit about self-defense!" Zi Yun said indifferently. She lowered her gaze, not daring to look Feng Zhiyao in the eye.

"Alright, in the future, I will depend on you for my safety!" Feng Zhiyao raised a sun-like smile. Although this method was a bit desperate, she was able to detect that Zi Yun had no ill intentions towards her. But thought about Xuanyuan Haofei, when her kung fu was better, the first thing she would do was deal with that pair of scum!

"Eldest Miss is too serious." Zi Yun smiled and began to dress her up again.

"Zi Yun, I'm going out later. You can rest after you finish what I told you to do." Feng Zhiyao remembered that she had failed to keep her promise yesterday. She had to go seeing Li Jingran today.

"Yes, Eldest miss." A dark light flashed past Zi Yun's eyes. She wasn't going to bring her with her. Could it be?</blockquote>

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