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C69 part2

<blockquote>chapter 69 The taste of happiness (part 2)

As the sun set, Feng Zhiyao thought about how she didn't have much time left to make her contraceptive pill and wanted to go to the medicine store to take a look.

Unexpectedly, near the medicine store, she met Feng Zhiqiong's cousin, Su Muyan.

"Cousin Zhiyao, where are you going!" But seeing Su Muyan jumping down from a steed, with his handsome and graceful appearance, he landed beside her. Although their conversation last time wasn't very pleasant, he still spoke first.

"I'm not familiar with you! Don't shout so affectionately!" Feng Zhiyao squinted her eyes and scolded. Damn it, her mood was better after so much difficulty, how could she be so unlucky to have met him again!

"Are you going to the medicine store? Did you get that disease again? " Su Muyan nervously looked at her expression, and asked worriedly. His big hand even grabbed her arm.

"I... It has nothing to do with you! Don't touch me! " When Feng Zhiyao thought about the past, he immediately felt displeased. So she pushed him away.

"How could it be unrelated to me? I promised to protect you thoroughly last time!" Although Su Muyan was furious, the thirst in his heart for her made him restrain his desire to be angry.

"I don't need it!" Feng Zhiyao ignored him and replied coldly.

The four words were simple and straightforward, yet they were like ice blades stabbing into his heart. So her ice-cold attitude towards him was actually so painful!

"Aiya, Brother Su, long time no see. What are you guys doing?" An enchanting red robed Linghu Ziche appeared in front of Su Muyan.

When Feng Zhiyao saw that Linghu Ziche had appeared, he felt like he had grabbed onto a lifesaving straw.

"Big brother Ziche, why are you here?" Feng Zhiyao had a face full of familiarity with Linghu Zhiche, as he immediately hugged him, grinning.

Oh god, oh god, a man's skin is so good, this Linghu Ziche is really a disaster, a monster!

Linghu Zi Che was stupefied. This … What was going on?

She … She … Feng Zhiyao was his good friend Wen Xingyuan's fiancee, why did she call him so intimately the second time they met? The goosebumps on his body almost all over.

"Brother Linghu, when did you become so familiar with my cousin Zhiyao?" Su Muyan glared at Linghu Ziche.

"What are you thinking about? She and I —" Linghu Zhiche bitterly tried to explain.

Who would have thought that Feng Zhiyao would say it even faster, "Big Brother Zi Che, didn't we agree to go to the Great Jade Lake to enjoy the pleasure together? What took you so long? " She gripped his waist and wouldn't let go.

When Linghu Ziche heard Feng Zhiyao's soft and charming voice, his heart immediately started to feel at ease. However, in the next second, his head was filled with black lines.

"Wait, that's not the case! "She and I —"

"Big brother Ziche, I already have one. Don't tell me you want to be irresponsible?" Feng Zhiyao suddenly became serious. Seeing that the surrounding crowd gradually increased, he immediately sighed in grief and asked while tightly hugging Linghu Ziche. A trace of craftiness flashed past his eyes.

Su Muyan heard her words. "I already have one, don't you want to be responsible?" His first reaction was to be very angry, and he wanted to rush over to hug Feng Zhiyao.

"Linghu Ziche, is what she said true?" When Su Muyan thought about his fiancé, Feng Zhiqiong, he immediately got angry. Why is it that all his cousins are women that ruin my family's reputation, this is too embarrassing!

"I... Don't believe her, she's talking nonsense! " He wasn't familiar with her at all, okay?

"Sure, eldest senior brother. So this is the reason why you avoided me. When were you and this girl together?" Suddenly, a pretty girl in a goose-yellow dress swung a nine-section whip at Linghu Ziche!

Feng Zhiyao raised her head and looked at him. She saw that her black hair had been tied up with a colorful bun, and on the bun was a unique peach blossom hairpin with purple tassels hanging down. She had a white, clean face and soft, thin skin.

His eyebrows were slender like a painting, and his eyes flickered like the stars. There was a small mouth under the small bridge of his nose. His lips were thin, and the corners of his mouth were slightly curved upwards. He had a sweet smile on his face.

Her whole face was exquisite and beautiful. She was so cute. She was a lovely girl! After a closer look, her eyes suddenly turned cold.

F * * k, that junior sister of his appeared! Then, should she continue acting?

Linghu Ziche seemed to have seen the changes in Feng Zhiyao's eyes. He smiled playfully and blocked the attack of the nine-section whip, quickly reaching out his iron arm to hold Feng Zhiyao tightly. "You want to escape after borrowing everything? "Hmm?"

Thinking about how Linghu Ziche had painstakingly ridden eight horses to death, only to be used up by her in the end, she kicked him away. How beautiful!

"Big brother Ziche, I just don't want to become an obstacle between you and your junior. What I've said is the truth, so I'd rather take the initiative to leave." Feng Zhiyao's eyes were filled with smoke, which made it difficult to see anything clearly.

"Eldest Senior Brother, is this girl really pregnant with your child?" That girl seemed to believe him because she knew that her eldest senior brother hated women touching his body the most. Yet now, that girl was being tightly embraced by him. Her heart was a little sour and astringent, but she did not feel like she was suffering a fate worse than death.

Second Senior Sister said that if you really loved Eldest Senior Brother and saw him together with the other girls, would your heart be in pain, or would you feel as if you were living a life worse than death?

Then what sort of feelings did she have for Eldest Brother? She was confused.

"Junior Sister!" Wait for me! " Suddenly, a brown figure jumped down from the sky. It was a beautiful man who didn't lose to Linzi Che.

He had a handsome face with two slanted eyebrows, a pair of eagle-like eyes looking forward to life. His nose was high and straight, his lips were tightly closed, his shiny black hair was loose at his shoulders, and his navy blue robe was fluttering in the wind. He was indescribably free and at ease.

It was probably because he had been wandering in the martial arts world for a long time that he looked pale and haggard. However, his handsomeness was no less than his handsomeness. It gave him a sense of vicissitudes, making people feel that he was not an ordinary person.

"Who is this?" "She's really pretty." Feng Zhiyao did not look at Su Muyan who was burning with jealousy, instead, she looked at Zongzheng Shaoqing with a glint of interest in her eyes.

"He's my Third Junior Brother Zongzheng Shaoing. That's my Junior Sister Shen Qing Han." Linghu Zhiche whispered into her ear. She was so close that one could smell the fragrance of roses in her hair and the faint fragrance of honey in the distance.

"Eldest Senior Brother, who is this lady you're carrying?" Zongzheng Shaoqing cupped his hands in a greeting as he held his treasured sword in his hand.

"My fiancée!" Linghu Zhiche learned very quickly, even using this kind of excuse to make Feng Zhiyao look soft inside.

"Cousin Zhiyao, what are you and him doing?" How is this possible? "Don't tell me he's that man!" Fiancée? The man who made the censer on her arm disappear! In front of such a large crowd, Su Muyan did not make it very clear what he meant, but what he meant by those words was naturally clear to Feng Zhiyao.

When Feng Zhiyao saw that Linghu Zhiche wanted to use her to force back his junior sister, she immediately thought of something and called out to Shen Qing Han, "Miss Shen, don't misunderstand, I won't fight over him with you! If you want it, take it. My cousin and I will be taking our leave first! "

Of course, Linghu Ziche had to push himself down. However, she did not want any trouble. She had to first stabilize his junior sister, and she also did not want to become sworn brothers with someone of the same gender!

She could sleep well, but she would not be responsible! Thinking like this, she wanted to break free from the shackles of Linghu Zhiche's iron arms.

Therefore, she gave Su Muyan a flirtatious glance, and shouted in a tender voice, "Cousin, please send me back to my residence first!"

When the furious Su Muyan heard Feng Zhiyao's words, his face turned dark and he immediately wanted to reach out and pull Feng Zhiyao away.

Linghu Ziche almost vomited blood in anger when he heard her words. This woman's words were simply too unpleasant to listen to. What kind of thing was he? What do you mean you want it?

"Brother Su, your cousin has already decided to marry me. Don't get entangled with him!" Linghu Ziche shot a glance at Shaoqing, signalling him to quickly bring his junior sister, Shen Qing Han, away.

"Third senior brother, don't worry about me." Shen Qing Han felt that the woman in Eldest Senior Brother Linghu Zhiche's embrace had a strange expression. She was worried that she would harm Linghu Ziche, so she raised her voice to stop Third Senior Brother ZongZheng Shaoqing's actions. She would not return with Third Senior Brother.

"Qinghan, Elder Senior-apprentice Brother already has a woman he likes. Why must you be so stubborn?" Zongzheng Shaoqing glanced at Feng Zhiyao, and a trace of amazement flashed past his eyes.

She was indeed a charming and charming woman. It turned out that Eldest Senior Brother liked this type of woman!

"Eldest Senior Brother, are you really going to marry her?" Shen Qing Han glanced at her, a little curious and jealous at Feng Zhiyao.

"En!" Linghu Ziche began to tell lies with his eyes wide open.

It was only then that Feng Zhiyao realised that she was surrounded by Linghu Zizhe, but she was not an ordinary person. She hurriedly stepped forward to say a few words to Shen Qing Han, who immediately beamed with joy and thanked her. They seemed like good friends, causing Linghu Zizhe to be extremely angry!

"Cousin, now that the problem has been resolved, let's go." I'll see you guys later. " Feng Zhiyao walked to Su Muyan's side, as he also bid farewell amiably to Linghu Ziche and Shaoqing.

How could Linghu Ziche let her go so quickly? "Hey, what did you say to my little junior sister?"

"I won't tell you!" Feng Zhiyao was very evil, she played with the hair in front of her forehead with her eyebrows raised up as she laughed lightly.

"Brother Hu, my cousin is tired. I will send her back! "Farewell!" After Su Muyan finished speaking, he carried Feng Zhiyao and flew in the direction of the Prime Minister Feng's residence.

Seeing Su Muyan quickly leaving with Feng Zhiyao, the corner of Linghu Ziche's mouth raised into a smile that was almost non-existent.

When Zongzheng Shaoqing saw Linghu Ziche, a faint smile appeared in the depths of his eyes. A hint of playfulness flashed in his eyes!

Eldest senior brother doesn't like his Junior Sister? This meant that he had the chance to catch her.

"Junior Sister, let's return to the inn first!" He had to take care of her at all costs. Furthermore, Third Junior Brother was there too, and he knew that Zongzheng Shaoqing liked the little Junior Sister a long time ago, so he was happy to see her do it. He often gave them opportunities, but the little Junior Sister always pestered him, and on the contrary, she rarely talked to him.

"Yes." Shen Qing Han nodded her head.</blockquote>

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