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C69 part3

<blockquote>chapter 69 The taste of happiness (part 3)

"Eldest Senior Brother, that girl is really pretty." Shen Qing Han's nose was a little sour, sparkling and translucent tears flowed down from her eyes.

"Little Junior Sister, you're also very pretty." Zongzheng Shaoqing said, "Right, eldest senior brother? " His gaze shifted to Linghu Zhizhi.

"Each has their own merits!" Linghu Ziche elegantly patted off the dust on his red robe. With a charming gaze, he turned around and left without a single wave of alarm.

Zongzheng, Shaoqing, and Shen Qing Han looked at each other in dismay. Whenever their Senior Brother does such slutty actions, it means that he is very angry. It is better for them to not provoke their Senior Brother, lest they get messed with.

The eldest senior brother said that they each had their own good points and bad points, so he would be embarrassed to say that she was not as pretty as that girl. However, that girl is really pretty.

"Junior Martial Sister, what are you thinking about?" Zongzheng Shaoqing looked at the little girl they liked. He knew that she was definitely troubled by her feelings, but it didn't matter. He was willing to wait for the day she woke up.

"I... What am I thinking? Third Senior Brother, how did you know that I was also in Xian Yang? " Shen Qing Han was suspicious of this matter. Third senior brother was the second prince of Xi Liang Kingdom, how could he be so free? He actually came to visit the Xianyang City like her.

She just wanted to find Senior Brother and explain some of the things that were buried in her heart. It was just that she did not have the time to explain it, but the Eldest Brother said that the devastatingly beautiful girl was actually his fiancée, how could she endure that?

"Ugh …" I heard that the Nan Shao Kingdom's yearly Blue Festival is about to begin. "Junior, you know that I, your Third Senior Brother, love to join in the fun, so I came here. I just didn't expect to meet you and Eldest Senior Brother here." Zongzheng Shaoqing's words didn't make him blush at all, but in reality, he had received a message from his eldest senior brother, asking him to keep an eye on his junior sister. Naturally, he wouldn't leak any secrets.

"What a coincidence." Shen Qing Han believed that this Blue Festival, she had heard of before, was a grand festival in the Nan Shao, attended by many young masters from various families, and even the emperor and various princes' consort selection banquet.

"Big Senior, are you here to join the Blue Festival?" According to the status of the eldest senior brother, it would also be reasonable for him to participate in the Blue Festival s.

Linghu Ziche's peach blossom eyes glowed. "Let's wait and see!" If Wen Xingyuan and Feng Zhiyao would go, then he would naturally go as well.

On that day in Blue Festival, would Big Brother Crown Prince be here?

Then, he shook his head. Since Big Brother Crown Prince was so busy, he definitely wouldn't come!

Third Junior, I suddenly thought of something urgent. Bring Junior Sister to the Feng Yun Hotel first and wait for me there. As for the specific room, you can ask the shopkeeper. Linghu Ziche didn't want him to obstruct the fates of his third junior brother and junior sister, so he fled far away.

Zongzheng Shaoqing threw him a grateful glance. Probably everyone knew that he liked his Junior Sister, but only this little fool in front of him had no idea! He smiled helplessly and said, "Alright."

"Young junior sister, follow Third senior brother to the Feng Yun Hotel." Zongzheng Shaoqing hoped that Shen Qing Han would take another look at him and spend more time alone with him.

"Alright, alright! The eldest senior brother went to do some work. Let's begin the competition now. Whoever loses will have their face painted with a tortoise, alright? " Shen Qing Han was a child, she would be sad to the point that she didn't want to think about it anymore. When she heard Zongzheng's words, she immediately became happy.

"Junior Sister, what did that girl just say to your ear? Are you that happy?" His lips curled up into a smile as he looked at Shen Qing Han's cute little face with a burning gaze.

"I... Can I not tell you? " Shen Qing Han felt a little embarrassed to hear Zongzheng Shaoqing's question, and lowered her head with a thin face.

"You should say it, I won't mock my junior sister!" "What did that girl say?" She made her junior sister so happy, and now she was so shy.

"Then I really did say it! she said. She said that Eldest Senior Brother likes me and she also said that they were just playing on the spot and not taking it seriously. That child is not Eldest Senior Brother's! She called me to work hard to pursue her eldest senior brother, and she said that she was chasing after a man with a veil over her head. "

What? That damned woman! To dare to instigate his junior sister to seduce her eldest senior brother, she really deserved a beating!

Zongzheng Shaoqing's anger was boiling, and his fists were making cracking noises.

"Third senior brother, why are you staring at me so fiercely?" Shen Qing Han blinked her eyes at Bambi and asked pitifully.

"No …." Let's compete in Qing Gong first! " Zongzheng Shaoqing did his best to suppress the anger in his heart. Looking at the charming and charming Shen Qing Han, he really doted on her, so he was naturally reluctant to speak to her.

"Sure, sure!" Shen Qing Han was elated, as if she didn't care about the angry expression on his face just now. It was clear that she was a girl with a rough line.

… ….

"Young Lord Su, you can let go now!" Feng Zhiyao thought that since he had escaped, he would immediately destroy the bridge after crossing the river.

"Didn't you call me cousin just now? "Why did your attitude become so fast?" Su Muyan was stunned for a long time at the three hundred and sixty degrees of change.

"There was a reason for what happened just now. I don't want to directly clash with Shen Qing Han, so hurry up and bring me away." Feng Zhiyao was not stupid and hurriedly said. She did not want to be alone with him, since she could not do it, she could only save herself.

"I won't let go. You haven't answered my question yet! Is that Linghu Ziche the man who took your sandstone?! " Su Muyan's envious and confused expression mixed together, the current tone of the question was extremely cold.

"Tsk, so what if I am? So what if it wasn't? I don't have the time to chat with you, I'm very busy! I'm really busy! " Now that Feng Zhiyao's Ren and Du meridians had been broken through, his body seemed even more graceful like a swallow. After using his strength, he actually managed to break free from Su Muyan's imprisonment.

"When did you learn Qing Gong?" Su Muyan turned pale with fright. He saw that her steps were beautiful and she moved extremely quickly, so this indication indicated that Feng Zhiyao was definitely practicing his Qing Gong.

"No comment!" She didn't want to waste words with him, so she naturally wanted to say goodbye.

"No comment?" Originally, Su Muyan was angry because she said that she had Linghu Zhizhi's flesh and blood. But now that she was unwilling to say anything, he naturally did not have a nice expression on his face towards Feng Zhiyao.

He wanted to once again grab Feng Zhiyao's arm, but Feng Zhiyao was like an arrow that had left the bow, her movement was so fast that it was hard to take in, and very quickly, Feng Zhiyao disappeared from his sight.

"Hahaha!" Brother Su's martial arts are also mediocre. You and I haven't met in two years, but your martial arts hasn't improved by much! " The laughter was clear and enchanting, and in a flash, she was already standing in front of Su Muyan.

This person was Linghu Zhizhi, who had just bid farewell to Zongzheng Shaoqing.

"What are you doing here?" Seeing himself being mocked, Su Muyan naturally did not have a good attitude and shouted.

"Watch the show!" On the other hand, Linghu Ziche's personality was similar to Feng Zhiyao's that little girl. Both of them did not play cards according to common sense, and yet, just by saying two words, he had angered Su Muyan to the point that he almost sharpened his blade.

"You, brother Linghu, don't make fun of me!" Su Muyan's eyes were sinister and his handsome brows were deeply knitted.

"Alright, since we have a bit of a relationship, I won't talk about you!" However, I am really curious. Was that girl with outstanding Qing Gong your cousin? " It was really strange, she was clearly Xingyuan's fiancee, how could she have become so intimate with her cousin in the blink of an eye?

"Why do you ask?" Su Muyan looked at him warily. That was right, he did not want to answer this question.

"Let's go, have a drink. Once we've finished, let's have a match. It's been a long time since we've last fought. Let's have a good time tonight!" Linghu Zhe's crisp voice entered his ears.

"En!" Su Muyan also did not want the relationship between the Mighty Heavenly Castle and the Pill King Valley to be so close, so he nodded his head in agreement.

… ….

Feng Zhiyao never thought that he would actually explode with potential just now. In an instant, his steps flew exceptionally fast, as if he was performing a movement art.

It was just that because she walked too quickly, she bumped into the wall, and with a "bang", her forehead was bleeding. If not for the fact that she was afraid that Su Muyan would chase after her, she would not have been so anxious to fly past the wall!

Crap! Where is this?

This family was beautifully decorated, probably a large family in Xian Yang!

Feng Zhiyao looked around, only to see beautiful trees and green flowers. There was a clear stream flowing around, and from the depths of the flowers and trees, it trickled down into the crevices between the rocks.

A few more steps, gradually northward, flat and wide, both sides of the flying buildings empty, carved and embroidered threshold, all hidden between the col trees.

If one looked down, they would see the clear stream and the white snow. The stone steps pierced the clouds. The white stone acted as a railing, wrapping itself around the edge of the pond. The stone bridge was three ports, and the beast's face was vomiting.

This place is very particular!

Who was the owner?

"Heh heh... Hehe... [Master can't catch me …] "Young master, please stay here..." A woman's clear and sweet voice suddenly came from the birdsong and fragrant flowers.

"Elegant, elegant …" A white-robed man covered in a veil chased after a purple-clothed woman while calling out to her.

Wait a minute, this man's voice sounded so familiar! He … Could he be him!?

No way, he should be living in the East Palace! How could he be in this house?

The expression on Feng Zhiyao's face changed unpredictably.

He accidentally stepped on a rock, startling the man with the veil over his face.

"Who dares to eavesdrop here!" The young man tore off the veil covering his face. His handsome face was gloomy, his eyes were sharp, and his voice was ice-cold.

Feng Zhiyao thought back to what the King of Qin had told him at that time, and immediately scolded himself that he hadn't looked at the calendar when he went out today. Now, he had met the lecherous crown prince.

If he didn't leave now, then when would he!

Seeing that she had made a move, the man immediately waved his hand, causing the mechanism to move. A huge net covered Feng Zhiyao with speed of light.

"I didn't mean to peep! I was just passing by! It really is just passing by! " Feng Zhiyao scolded Su Muyan no less than a hundred times in his heart, as he was thinking about how to escape this predicament.

Although she liked good-looking men, this man wasn't her type! So what if it was the crown prince? Perhaps, in a few days, the old emperor would cripple him!

"Someone come!" Search her body, see if this little girl is a virgin! " The man gracefully squatted down, his eyes squinted, looking at Feng Zhiyao with a beast-like gaze.

Hence, two strong and burly wives quickly walked up. One of them removed the net, while the other tore apart Feng Zhiyao's white jade wrist to examine it.

"My lord, this woman is not a virgin!" He was no longer a virgin without the protection of the palace!

"Alright, bring her to this lord's room. Later, let her serve this lord!" Although she was not a virgin, she was still extremely beautiful, surpassing royal father's three thousand year old makeup.

"Young master, what about this servant?" She thought that this house was bought by her master after he helped her to redeem her body! Now, an unfamiliar woman had come in and robbed her master of his sight. Although she was unwilling, she didn't dare to show it.

"Elegant, remember your duty!" After he finished speaking, Xuanyuan Haochen walked in the direction of his room without even turning his head back.

An hour passed, and Feng Zhiyao was washed clean by the two women.

Feng Zhiyao originally wanted to resist, but after thinking about the net just now, he did not dare to escape easily, so he decided that he would rather think of a way to let the crown prince let him go!

Thinking of this, she also lazily struggled. She consoled herself in her heart and decided to take this trip for a day!

Feng Zhiyao looked at the two madams who had changed him into a pink dress that was as thin as a cicada's wing and cursed in his heart that lecherous crown prince actually had a pink complex!

At this time, Xuanyuan Haochen had also just finished showering, and was leaning on his bed. His waist-length black hair was still hanging down his chest with crystal clear drops of water, and the tip of his eyebrows were slightly moved as he clung to the wine cup in his hand, looking extremely charming.

At this moment, he was wearing very little clothes. Under the glow of the fist-sized Night Pearls, he could clearly see two drops of red beneath his clothes. As he looked down, he realized that the man from the Xuanyuan family was … Then … The sizes seemed to be quite big!</blockquote>

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