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<blockquote>C69: The taste of happiness (part 1)

Feng Zhiyao still did not bring Zi Yun with her to the Quhe House, and had instead gone there alone in the carriage driven by Wan Sanzi.

Feng Zhiyao felt that this person, Wan Sanzi, was honest and straightforward. He did not want to gossip, which made her feel very at ease with him. Therefore, every few times when they went to the Quhe House, she would let him drive the carriage there.

Passing by the noisy market, Feng Zhiyao saw a bunch of pink, crystal clear Tang Hulu. She was especially eager to get them, so she called over Wan Sanzi to buy two.

Feng Zhiyao picked up the muslin handkerchief and wrapped it around Tang Hulu.

A sweet smile rippled across her beautiful face. She thought, I can share it with Li Jingran later.

It happened to be noon when she arrived at the Quhu House.

Feng Zhiyao walked into the Qinglian Building, familiar with the route.

Li Jingran was wearing a green robe embroidered with cherry blossoms. The swirling white hibiscus flowers landed on his shoulders.

The cool breeze blew his black hair into disarray, as if it was a painting drawn out in ink. It was delicate, pretty, and ethereal; it was distant and tranquil.

"Jinran, why are you daydreaming by yourself by the lake?" Feng Zhiyao could not understand what he had to look at from Moon Lake.

"Zhiyao, you're here." Li Jingran looked at her with excitement. He missed her more and more, and under the sunlight, she appeared even more enchanting.

"Yesterday, I had an accident and was delayed. I'm very sorry!" Feng Zhiyao smiled apologetically.

"It's fine." Li Jingran felt that since she was able to come today and even apologized to him, it meant that she was still very concerned about him and he couldn't force her to do more.

"What about that kid Ban Xia?" Feng Zhiyao stretched out her tiny head and looked around the room.

"He's busy cooking for me in the kitchen." Li Jingran was a little surprised, why would she ask about Ban Xia.

"Oh? Ban Xia can cook for you? " Feng Zhiyao was a little stunned upon hearing this.

"Yes, I'm not picky with food." Li Jingran explained.

"No wonder." That means the food cooked by Ban Xia must be very ordinary.

"Jiran, this is a Tang Hulu. I bought it on the way here, I'll give you one as well." Feng Zhiyao slowly lifted up her muslin handkerchief, taking out two crystal clear, very alluring Tang Hulu.

She ate one for herself and passed the other to Li Jingran.

"Take it, don't be polite with me." Feng Zhiyao laughed.

"Alright." This was Li Jingran's first time eating a Tang Hulu. His lips curled up into a faint smile, making him look very happy.

The two of them were reflected on the clear lake surface, one is sitting while another is standing . The smile on their faces was sincere yet bright.

Li Jingran thought about how good it would be if he could freeze time. His gaze towards Feng Zhiyao gradually became passionate.

"Jinran, why are you looking at me like that? Is it because the Tang Hulus are not tasty? " Feng Zhiyao asked with a sweet smile.

"Delicious, thank you." Li Jingran deliberately shifted his gaze away and elegantly licked the Tang Hulu. He carefully savored the taste, because it was the taste of happiness.

"Thank me for what? It's just a Tang Hulu! You might make it a little more realistic. For example, accompanying me for an entire night" She playfully blinked her beautiful eyes as she thought to herself in her heart.

"Second Young Master, lunch is ready." It was the voice of Ban Xia.

"Do you have one for me?" She was a little hungry.

"Miss Feng, I … I thought you wouldn't be here today, so..." Ban Xia through his words, hesitates.

"It doesn't matter, I can cook myself. Sigh, I might not like the food you cook anyway." Feng Zhiyao covered her mouth as she laughed. It was better to do it herself..

Ban Xia was speechless. He walked directly behind Li Jingran and pushed Li Jingran, who was sitting on a wooden wheelchair, into the house.

Just when Li Jingran and Ban Xia were about to eat it, the tip of his nose smelled a dense, fragrance.

"Second Young Master, it's very fragrant!" Ban Xia rubbed his nose.

"Yeah, I smell it too!" Li Jingran raised his head to look at Feng Zhiyao who was walking towards him with a bowl of noodles in her hands.

"Such a big bowl of noodles, can Zhiyao eat it?" Li Jingran saw the big bowl, and three black lines hung on his handsome face that was as fair as snow.

"I find the two of you pleasing to my eyes, so I cooked some for you as well!" With a smile, Feng Zhiyao divided the dishes and poured the water for them.

"The soup is rich and fragrant, and smooth and refreshing. It tastes great!" After eating it, Li Jingran lightly smiled as he praised.

Hearing this, Feng Zhiyao smiled without saying a word, laughing inwardly. Li Jingran's words were rather similar to an advertisement of the twenty-first century.

"Miss Feng, your cooking skills are really good." Surprise flashed across the depths of his eyes, as his heart felt warm.

Feng Zhiyao also sat down, eating the noodles she cooked like a whirlwind. Because she was too hungry.

After lunch, Feng Zhiyao and Li Jingran were still alone as before.

"Zhiyao, this sort of thing can be done by Ban xia." Li Jingran said with a pained heart.

"Jingran, he didn't do as well as I did." Feng Zhiyao smiled merrily as she applied the medicine for him.

"But I ..." Li Jingran turned his head away, trying his best not to look at the enchanting scene under her underwear.

"Why are you still acting like stranger to me! Of course, I'm willing to do all this for you." Of course, the most important thing for me is to pounce on you.

When Feng Zhiyao saw his fair and handsome face flushed, she was in an extremely good mood. Therefore, she leaned towards him.

"Zhiyao, why are you so close to me?" When Li Jingran smelled the fragrance that suddenly brushed against the tip of his nose, his little heart started beating non-stop.

"Jingran, you're so pretty." Feng Zhiyao looked at him coquettishly, her soft, boneless hand moving to his knee in a kneading motion.

"Ah... Zhiyao … Pain … Did you add more medicinal? " Li Jingran only felt a burning pain on his knee.

"No ….Not at all!" Of course, Feng Zhiyao would not admit it. If she did not let him hurt a little, how would she be able to do anything to him?

"Ah …" He only felt as if his bones were being torn apart.

Feng Zhiyao saw he had fainted from the pain!

She was shocked!

She quickly leaned over and drank some tea. She then covered his lips with her cherry lips. The softness and warmth made her heart beat rapidly.

"Oh …" Li Jingran swallowed the tea that she had passed through. He felt extremely comfortable. It was the feeling of suddenly seeing an oasis while walking in the desert, a sweet and blissful feeling.

The moment he opened his eyes, he felt a sense of loss because the soft and sweet feeling he had just had disappeared.

"Jingran, are you feeling better?" Feng Zhiyao was a little smug. Fortunately, she had reacted quickly just now, otherwise he would definitely have blushed, because she had kissed him while he was drinking the tea.

"I feel much better." Li Jingran lightly nodded.

"Jingran, can I ask you a question?" Feng Zhiyao suddenly asked subconsciously.

"What?" Li Jingran nodded and indicated for her to continue.

"Have you ever kissed...Kissed a girl? " After asking this question, Feng Zhiyao immediately regretted it. Damn it, she must have been so freaked out by that kiss just now.

"Zhiyao, I …I've never kissed before, and on my terms, which girl is willing to go with me. " What Li Jingran said was very realistic, but he was right.

"Did you really not kiss any other girl?" Seeing his face was red, Feng Zhiyao was ninety percent convinced in her heart. Great, Li Jingran must be a virgin.

"Really not! However, Zhiyao … Zhiyao, why did you ask me this?" Li Jingran wasn't stupid and immediately understood the meaning behind her words.

"I... I care about you! " Feng Zhiyao drooped her head, not daring to look into Li Jingran's eyes.

"Zhiyao, if … I mean if..." When Li Jingran thought of what he was going to say, he felt embarrassed, even unable to say it out loud. He even felt that he was blaspheming Feng Zhiyao.

"Jingran, what do you want to say to me?" Listening to his rambling and incoherent manner of speaking, Feng Zhiyao frowned slightly.

"I …" For the first time, Li Jingran hated himself for not being able to stand up.

"Li Jingran, don't talk about it if you don't want to." Feng Zhiyao said considerately.

"No, I want to say this, Zhiyao, if I could stand up like a normal person, would you be willing to give me the chance to take care of you for the rest of your life?" Although Li Jingran's legs were crippled, his mind was not stupid. He remembered the feelings he had towards her, no matter what, he would try it once, and Feng Zhiyao's sudden question just now had reminded him of the wonderful feeling of being feeded by tea just now. He wanted to have the feeling again.

Take care of her all her life?

Hearing this, Feng Zhiyao's eyes gradually turned moist. What a good man! She had only done a little thing for him, he had actually asked her about such a passionate wish. It was that her heart had never stopped for anyone, and she couldn't let him to take care of her for the rest of her life.

What should I tell him?

Forget it, just lie to him first. If he really was able to stand up and see other girls ,and then fall in love with her in the future, he would naturally not come and find trouble with her.

"Jaran, Er... I mean, if I am willing! " Feng Zhiyao looked up at him shyly, then lowered her head and said softly.

My god, why did she feel guilty about doing such a thing! God knows, she didn't really want to lie to him. He was simply too beautiful.

"Zhiyao, is what you said true?" Li Jingran simply couldn't believe his ears. He didn't hallucinate! She actually agreed to him!

"Of course, so you have to work hard and get better as soon as possible!" Feng Zhiyao adjusted her emotions, looking at him again with bright eyes and a smile on her face.

"Yes." Li Jingran smiled, reaching out his large hand to grab Feng Zhiyao's small hand. Lifting it gently, he stroked his chin, his eyes rippling with the radiance of blissfulness.

"Jingran, let's continue." Seeing that he was very happy, Feng Zhiyao sighed in her heart. This man was too innocent!

"Alright." He answered with a smile, but didn't want the soft hand pull away from his palm.

The two of them did not speak later, but a harmonious atmosphere permeated the room.

After leaving Li Jinran's home, Feng Zhiyao practiced her Kung Fu Qing, Uncle Xing had come to see her a few times, but had always been praised by Uncle Xian, saying that she had done very well and would be able to fly over the wall in less than half a month.

Having been praised like this by Uncle Xian, Feng Zhiyao was instantly delighted in her heart, causing her mood to improve even more.</blockquote>

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