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C70 part1

<blockquote>Chapter 70 Surpress part1

That's not right, it had been three days since he last visited the Lichun Courtyard. Then how did he get this Flowery Willow Disease?

The more Xuanyuan Haofei thought about it, the more he couldn't sleep, and the more itchy it felt.

&quot;Master, do you want me to serve you?&quot; If she was lucky enough to be pregnant with the prince's son, then she could become the principal wife of the King of Qi, and not have to look at his dead face anymore.

&quot;Scram — —&quot; Xuanyuan Haofei did not even think about it, and coldly scolded Xiao Xiang, his eyes cold to the extreme.

&quot;I …&quot; &quot;I …&quot; Ever since she followed King of Qi, Ning Xiang had always been cautious and didn't dare to disobey him. Now that he rebuked her, she immediately started to sob uncontrollably.

&quot;Alright, if you don't scram, This King will leave!&quot; &quot;Humph!&quot; Xuanyuan Haofei was extremely angry about the Flower Willow Disease, and now Xiao Xiang had become his punching bag.

&quot;Master, don't go …&quot; Please don't go … &quot; Ning Xiang's naked body crawled out of the bed, hugging Xuanyuan Haofei's legs, she looked at him in anticipation.

Xuanyuan Haofei kicked her away and walked towards the door with large strides.

… ….

Furthermore, Feng Zhiyao had smoothly exited the house Xuanyuan Haochen had left outside of the palace, and was rushing towards Prime Minister's Mansion, only that she had left in too much of a hurry, and was still wearing the pink, cicada's wings dress.

It was almost midnight.

The Prime Minister's Mansion was brightly lit.

Feng Zhiyao shouted, Not good! Lowering her eyes to look at her pink-colored cloud dress that was as thin as a cicada's wing, her eyebrows were tightly creased.

Damn it, if she were to return with this set of clothes and let her father and that Third Wife see it, what would they say about her? How could he curse himself?

Forget it, it's better not to go back to the Begonia Garden.

Just as Feng Zhiyao wanted to turn around and leave, Feng Zhilin arrogantly appeared in front of him.

&quot;Big Sister Zhiyao, why are you wearing such revealing clothes?&quot; Feng Zhilin waved his fan, covering his mouth and laughing.

&quot;Little sister Zhilan, could it be that you're here to wait for me?&quot; Since this was an attack from a woman, she was not afraid of it. She would act when the time came and first observe the situation.

&quot;So what if I am? Mom and Dad are waiting in the back room! &quot; Feng Zhilin's lips curled up into a disdainful smile. She thought to herself, it was most likely that the King of Qi had rejected the marriage, so she must be looking for a man at the Little Chrysanthemum Temple right?

&quot;Alright, sister Zhilan, let's go see your parents!&quot; She was going to laugh. She was going to laugh so arrogantly. She was going to laugh until you died without a burial ground! She, Meixi, had wanted to go to sleep early, but it looks like there was still a fight to be fought!

So confident? Feng Zhilin scoffed, she did not believe it!

It was strange that he was going to Third Madam's Smoke Pine Pavilion.

&quot;Little sister Zhilin, is dad really inside?&quot; Feng Zhiyao did not quite believe it. She was so sensitive as she detected a strange flash across the bottom of Feng Zhilin's eyes.

&quot;Yeah, dad and mom still haven't returned to the manor when they saw you. They even sent me to the manor entrance to wait for you!&quot; Feng Zhilin smiled gently.

&quot;Oh!&quot; Damn, the storm at home came so soon?

The maid, Ji Yu, who was standing in front of the third wife, smiled as she stood at the door and lifted the curtain made of pearl jade for them.

However, there was only Third Wife Bai Wan Ting sitting on the main seat. When she saw Feng Zhiyao and Feng Zhilin enter the room together, a hint of anger flashed across her face.

&quot;Feng Zhiyao, as the legitimate daughter, why are you returning to the Palace so late, wearing clothes that are so unsightly?! Where is the face do you want our Prime Minister's Mansion to have? &quot; Bai Wan Ting smashed his hand on the mahogany table beside him.

&quot;Mother, calm down. Look, didn't Big Sister Zhiyao come back?&quot; Feng Zhilin advised fakely, but these words were undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire.

&quot;Hmph, you still want to come back? So late! Ji Yu, it's time! &quot; Bai Wan Ting glanced at Ji Yu, intentionally asking about the time.

&quot;Mother, Yao'er previously could not sleep after eating dinner, so he went out to take a walk!&quot; Feng Zhiyao casually said. How did the Third Madam know that she wasn't in Begonia Garden at this time of day? Could it be that her Begonia Garden had been set up by her?

&quot;Right, where's father?&quot; Strange, why isn't father here?

&quot;Big Sister Zhiyao, you still don't know, right? Dad's had a relapse today and has already gone to the outskirts of the village to recuperate. He'll be back in a few days!&quot; Otherwise, how would he find the fault of her direct daughter, Feng Zhiyao?

Feng Zhilin laughed complacently as he played with the long pink armor in a good mood.

Damn, the Father Feng has already had a relapse, and the mother and daughter are still so happy.

&quot;Oh, that manor has good scenery and good air, making it suitable for recuperation.&quot; Of course it's more suitable for you two to plot against me.

Alright, since Father Feng isn't here, then she doesn't mind if he doesn't clean up the mess!

&quot;You're really going out for a walk?&quot; Bai Wan Ting sneered, then clapped three times, summoning all four maidservants of Spring, Orchid, and Autumn.

&quot;Mistress, please answer her question carefully. If you are wrong, please be careful of your skin!&quot; Ji Yu gave them a serious look and reprimanded them.

&quot;Please question me, Madam!&quot; The four of them did not even dare to look at Feng Zhiyao's face.

&quot;When did Eldest Miss leave? When did she return to the residence?&quot; Bai Wan Ting looked at Feng Zhiyao with a cold smile. He was infected and yet he went out to roam around so late?

However, as long as she was the first daughter, then Lin'er could forget about marrying into the imperial family as the first wife.

The girl he loved was like her! Of course she didn't want her daughter to be a concubine for the rest of her life.

How could Feng Zhiyao have thought that the difference in power from ancient times was so important!

&quot;Eldest Miss, she …&quot; Chun'er did not dare say anything, thus she glanced at Feng Zhiyao, a little afraid.

&quot;Feel free to speak!&quot; Then, she waved the silver hairpin in her hand.

Amongst the four maidservants of Spring, Spring was the most experienced. Thus, when the matriarch asked, she was naturally the first to ask her.

&quot;Eldest Miss … &quot;She …&quot; Chun'er looked apologetically towards the direction of Eldest Miss Feng Zhiyao. After seeing the silver hairpin that was held by her mother, Bai Wan Ting, Chun Er's initially wavering heart, she gritted her teeth and made up her mind.

The little sister she and she were mutually dependent on was in the hands of Bai Wan Ting! Young Miss, I'm sorry, but Chun Er has to choose her younger sister!

Thus, Chun Er straightened her back and looked towards Feng Zhiyao, silently apologizing, then reporting to Bai Wan Ting, &quot;Young miss had left the Begonia Garden in the morning, and have not returned to her house since then. It was only until now that I saw her.&quot;

These words undoubtedly proved that Feng Zhiyao was suspected of not returning home overnight, and with a witness, logically speaking, he should be punished for this mistake.

&quot;Lan'er, Qiu'er, Ju'er, do you all say the same thing as Chun'er?&quot; A sarcastic smile appeared on Bai Wan Ting's face as he looked at the four maidservants of Spring, Orchid, Autumn, and Chrysanthemum.

&quot;Reporting to Mistress, indeed, it is as elder sister Chun'er said. Your servants can all be witnesses! &quot; The three of them had their weak points threatened by the mother and daughter of the Bai Clan. Naturally, they could only blindly obey their orders.

&quot;Spring Orchid Autumn Flower, am I usually good to you? They actually twisted their elbows outwards! &quot; Feng Zhiyao did not get angry but instead straightened her slim waist. Like a pine tree, her beautiful face was covered in frost and icicles.

&quot;Eldest Miss, what I said was the truth!&quot; Thinking of the words sent by Bai Wan Ting, Spring Orchid Autumn Flower hurriedly bit her lips and said.

&quot;Is it true?&quot; Feng Zhiyao unceremoniously yawned, and then coldly laughed. She quickly grabbed the white jade teacup in Feng Zhilin's hands and gracefully gripped it in her hands, causing Feng Zhilin to uncontrollably panic. What was she trying to do?

The current Feng Zhiyao, was high above them, noble and noble, with a noble aura that made one unable to ignore him, unknowingly brought about an indescribable feeling of oppression, causing one to be unable to breathe.

Everyone in the room looked strangely at Feng Zhiyao, who was standing there. They could hear the crisp sound of the white jade teacup shattering, and very quickly they could no longer hear anything, leaving only the sound of powder flying everywhere. In an instant, all of it fell onto the ground, causing everyone's hearts to palpitate in fear!

Feng Zhiyao's expression sank, her beautiful little face revealing an ice-cold expression. &quot;Spring Orchid Autumn Flower, this young miss will give you one more chance! &quot;Who ordered what you did today?&quot;

When Bai Wan Ting saw Feng Zhiyao's action of breaking the teacup, he was overwhelmed with shock, this direct daughter of his was becoming more and more difficult to deal with!

Wasn't she a delicate lady in the past? When did he become so godly? And his expression made it seem as if he had come from the royal family. This caused Bai Wanting to feel fear in his heart. But now, the arrow was on the bow, and he had no choice but to shoot!

He might as well destroy this direct daughter of his and end things once and for all. If she really died at that time, he would say that her illness had broken out and she had died! By then, the old master wouldn't be able to find anything wrong with her!

Feng Zhilin still had a hint of emotion in his eyes as he hurriedly gave a look to his mother, Bai Wan Ting, &quot;Mother, let's not listen to the slut Ruoruo. Perhaps what Big Sister Zhiyao said is true!&quot;

Feng Zhilin hoped that her mother would be able to understand what he meant.

&quot;Mother, do you think little sister Zhilin is so sensible?&quot; As the mistress of the Prime Minister's Mansion, could it be that you are inferior to a junior? &quot; Feng Zhiyao lazily closed his eyes, then suddenly opened them again, and looked straight at Bai Wan Ting.

At this moment, when Bai Wan Ting caught sight of her, a hint of fear suddenly arose in his heart!

&quot;Feng — Zhi — yao — This mistress is very good. When you speak, you must force your way through!&quot; Bai Wan Ting was stuffy, but he immediately shouted for someone to come.

A group of servants swarmed forward, with ropes in hand, they wanted to tie Feng Zhiyao up.

Damn, a bunch of small fries want to kidnap her, the &quot;Night Demon&quot; 's gold medal killer? They are tired of living!

Feng Zhiyao smirked as he quickly moved through the crowd, playing with the servants around.

&quot;You bunch of idiots! Quickly capture her for me! &quot;Quickly!&quot; Bai Wan Ting shouted anxiously, losing his matriarch's dignified demeanor.

Feng Zhilin's advice didn't enter her ears at all.

Feng Zhiyao felt that it was boring to play around with this group of small fries, so she saved herself a bit of effort and quickly grabbed one of the servant's neck with her hands, breaking his neck with a kacha sound, causing blood to spurt out.

&quot;Ah — —&quot; Everyone present saw this bloody scene and all of them cried out in alarm, especially Feng Zhilin, who fell to the ground from fright. The look in her eyes when she looked at Feng Zhiyao was filled with abnormal fear, because she felt that the current Feng Zhiyao was just as terrifying as the one who had taken his life from that Asura.

&quot;Hurry up and come if you're not afraid of death!&quot; I'm bored! &quot; Feng Zhiyao smiled lazily, his smile full of cunning.

&quot;No …&quot; No …. Big Sister Zhiyao … Please let my mother and I go! &quot; Feng Zhilin actually fearfully kowtowed to her.

Even Bai Wanting was scared out of her wits by this scene. She cursed herself for being stupid. She didn't have the confidence to investigate everything clearly, so she mistook the tiger's teeth for something else.

The Spring Orchid Autumn Flowers were naturally too frightened to get up. Their faces were ashen, and their hearts were full of fear. This was the first time they had seen such a ruthless young miss!

&quot;If I let you off, then who's going to let me off!?&quot; Feng Zhiyao understood the principle of letting the tigers return to the mountains, so she laughed a few times. The cold air mixed with ridicule shot towards the mother, daughter of the Bai Family and the four maidservants of the Spring Orchid Flower.

Unexpectedly, her Begonia Garden's water is really deep, someone got four spies and set them up by her side!

&quot;Eldest Miss, Eldest Miss, all of us servants are at fault. She sent someone to capture all of our family members, using them to coerce us, and to say things that are not good for Eldest Miss!&quot; Chun'er's voice was filled with tears as she said this, hoping that Eldest Miss would let them go.

&quot;That's right, that's right, young miss, it's all because of this wicked and wicked woman!&quot; Lan'er did the same.

As for Qiu'er and Ju'er, they both nodded like chicks pecking rice.

Feng Zhiyao laughed out loud, she had not said she would kill them yet! Why were all of them so scared? This was not fun at all! However, she wouldn't let any of them off easy!</blockquote>

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